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Hello! My name is Tara Lyons, and I'm the photographer behind Pleasant Creatures Photography. I've been a photographer by profession off and on for thirteen years, specializing in portraits of all shapes and sizes. I LOVE taking pictures and connecting with spectacular humans (and maybe a dog here and there as well). I've done many different types of photography, but decided to stay away from weddings until I was 100% confident I could provide an amazing set of images for these very important days. I'm finally there and can't wait to shoot your wedding at a very affordable rate. On a non-photography note, I've been an austinite for 8 years. I'm a kinda-newly wed and a mother to a sweet little farting baby girl. We have two pugs, a cat, and aspirations to get some chickens. I love junk food and roller blading (probably not at the same time, but maybe at the same time). Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! I'd love to chat, and congratulations on your wedding!


Austin, Texas
San Antonio, Texas

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