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Austin Wedding Venues:

Everything You Need to Know

The bustling major city of Austin is home to delicious barbecue, line dancing spots galore, and so much more. So, it’s no surprise that countless engaged couples (locals and visitors alike) love to choose Austin for their weddings. Whether you are beginning your search for barn wedding venues in Austin, Texas, or planning a church wedding complete with all the traditional touches, our directory can be a great source of inspiration for you. This guide will help you find the best Austin wedding venues, along with key information that will provide inspiration for the decor, vendors, and themes that will make your wedding extra special for you and your partner.

When planning an Austin wedding, a little extra help is almost always welcome. Our comprehensive guide to Austin weddings will also provide you with information on the best times of year to get married in our area, the various types of venues available for your wedding, and the right vendors to make your celebration a success.

This guide will also help you estimate costs for an Austin wedding venue and will provide some helpful tips about the most popular attractions in the general area. Our website offers an extensive gallery of photos and relevant information to inspire your own wedding and provide you with the data you need to find Austin wedding venues that will work for your own celebration. All in all, you are looking for inspiration or the right information to plan your Austin wedding, this is a great place to start.

What's the best time of year for an Austin wedding?

Choosing a date for your wedding is the first step in the planning process. Before checking out historic and new Austin wedding venues alike, you can check out the best time of year to get married in Austin to help you and your partner make the right choice of dates for your upcoming festivities.

When deciding on the best season for Texas weddings, a few key factors will usually influence your choice:

  • Weather: Summers can be extremely hot in Texas. Conversely, chilly temperatures generally prevail during the winters in our area. For these reasons, most couples book Austin wedding venues during the spring or fall. If you are planning to marry at an outdoor Austin wedding venue, you may want to consider the possible temperature ranges for the month you are considering before making final plans for a specific date. This can help you prioritize the comfort of your guests and can promote the best possible experience for everyone who attends.
  • Tourism: Austin is a popular destination for tourists who appreciate the offbeat ambience of this Texas town. The most crowded seasons for Austin wedding venues and other attractions are also spring and fall. This can add up to higher costs for you and your invited guests because of higher demand for wedding venues in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas.
  • Your preferences: You and your partner may have specific dates that are of great importance to you and your relationship. If you have a date in mind for your wedding, be sure to check with your chosen Austin wedding venues early in the planning process. Some of the best Austin wedding venue options will fill up quickly. That being said, booking your wedding with new Austin wedding venues can sometimes allow you to have more access to spaces in this popular area. Either way, it’s still wise to book your preferred date for your Austin wedding early to avoid any unpleasant surprises and unexpected delays.

Availability and cost are other considerations to keep in mind when selecting Austin wedding venues. Many of the top Austin, Texas wedding venues, for instance, are booked for many months in advance and require a sizable deposit to reserve. Checking out some of the new Austin wedding venues that have not yet made their mark in the industry could allow you to enjoy a beautiful ceremony and reception without the extensive wait for availability.

What are the different types of Austin wedding venues?

Whether you and your partner have your hearts set on one of the popular outdoor wedding venues in Austin, Texas, or are looking for an elegant indoor venue, you can choose from some of the most popular types of wedding venues in this vibrant city. You can find some of the best large or small wedding venues Austin has to offer too, and remember that the size of your event is important when it comes to managing costs for your wedding. Here are some of the most popular options for wedding venues in Austin, Texas:

  • Private clubs and estates: Exploring the many private club wedding venues in Austin Texas can allow you and your partner to find the right venue for your reception and wedding ceremony. From elegant larger Austin wedding venues to smaller and potentially more affordable wedding venues located in or just outside the city, private clubs and estates are an excellent choice for couples seeking the best options for their wedding celebrations.
  • Event spaces: Dedicated event spaces often include decor and other amenities to make the wedding planning process easier. Whether you are looking for the small wedding venues Austin offers for couples or one of the elegant downtown spots, you can find elegant and appropriate options at event spaces throughout this city.
  • Parks and botanical gardens: With numerous botanical garden and park wedding venues in Austin, Texas, you can enjoy the great outdoors while exchanging your vows and sharing your celebration with friends and family. Choosing an Austin wedding venue in a park can also save you money on the overall cost of your wedding. Be aware, however, that park weddings may require rental of facilities like portable bathrooms, generators for electricity and other added expenses that could make these Austin wedding venues less affordable. Plus, you’ll also need to get permits to ensure that your special day will go smoothly and follow any local, state, or federal laws.
  • Museums and libraries: Some of the most interesting big and small wedding venues Austin has to offer are located in museums and libraries. If you are working with a planner, you can inquire about these options for intimate and elegant wedding venues in Austin, Texas.
  • Ranches and farms: Finding the best ranch wedding venues in Austin, Texas can be challenging. Many ranches and farms are located just outside the city limits and may offer areas designed for Austin wedding venues. Before deciding on an Austin wedding venue on a farm or ranch, be sure to check with the manager of the property to confirm that the property has all of the basics: running water, bathroom facilities, and available electricity.
  • Ballrooms: If you are planning a fairytale-inspired wedding, ballroom venues may be the right choice for you. Working with Austin florists to add even more of a “wow” factor to the space can allow you to personalize the dreamy space for you, your partner, and guests to enjoy.
  • Hotels and resorts: Hotels are among the most popular Austin, Texas wedding venues. Especially if you are considering downtown Austin wedding venues, hotels are a popular option that provide all the amenities and luxurious extras you could want. The cost of these venues for Austin weddings, however, could put them out of reach for some couples planning their wedding.
  • Courthouse weddings: For a trending, easier-to-plan wedding experience, you can opt to get married at the courthouse rather than a traditional Austin wedding venue. These venues offer Austin wedding officiants and witnesses to make your union with your partner legal. If you want to invite several friends to celebrate with you, however, you will likely need to book Austin reception venues to host the afterparty with those closest to you and your partner.
  • Restaurants: Some of the best Austin, Texas wedding venues for foodies are located in the top restaurants in this lively city. By choosing your favorite restaurant as your Austin wedding venue, you can have some of your favorite food with all of your favorite people. These types of Austin reception venues can also make catering and cleanup a breeze for you and your partner.
  • Churches, synagogues, and other religious buildings: Some of the most popular Austin, Texas wedding venues are associated with religious organizations. Some of these churches and synagogues work with those who belong to that specific establishment, while others may have an open-door policy for all couples, and there might be specific requirements you need to fulfill before booking these Austin, Texas wedding venues. There may also be restrictions on the Austin wedding officiants who will be permitted to marry couples in these venues.
  • Unusual wedding venues: You and your partner may also be able to find Austin, Texas wedding venues that are more unique or quirky. Whether you are dreaming of a drive-in wedding or considering a wedding at a fast-food restaurant or other place of business, you can often find Austin reception venues and more that will suit your tastes and help your event really stand out.

By looking at some of the large or small wedding venues Austin has to offer, you can find the best options for your punk rock wedding or wedding with a running theme (and anything in between). This can allow you to enjoy the best possible experience when planning your ceremony and reception at top Austin, Texas wedding venues.

What are the different areas of Austin?

Couples planning their Austin weddings can benefit greatly from a working knowledge of the various neighborhoods in the city. The six primary areas in which you can find Austin wedding venues are listed here:

  • Downtown: Hotels and event spaces are the most common downtown Austin wedding venues. You can also find nightclubs, theaters, museums, restaurants, and other popular options for downtown Austin wedding venues in this part of the city. When checking out your potential downtown Austin wedding venues, be sure to look at the entertainment district on Rainey Street. This historic district offers a unique look and feel and is a great place to find the best downtown Austin wedding venues for your upcoming celebrations.
  • North Austin: Many of the best new Austin wedding venues are located in the North Austin area. Characterized by breweries and restaurants, North Austin also offers shopping opportunities at the Arboretum and some of the hottest new Austin wedding venues. Whether you are looking for Austin reception venues after a small ceremony at the courthouse or avant-garde options for unique Austin weddings, this area is a great place to begin your search.
  • South Austin: For couples looking for new Austin wedding venues that offer the unique flavor of the city, South Austin has the dining opportunities, nightlife, and shopping options most people associate with the Austin area. South Congress is located in this area and boasts many of the most popular attractions, murals, landmarks, and of course, Austin, Texas wedding venues. Some of the best new Austin wedding venues are located in South Austin and can provide the most iconic backdrop for your big day.
  • East Austin: When the slogan "Keep Austin Weird" is mentioned, East Austin is the place that most frequently comes to mind. The eclectic shops and restaurants of this area can provide the backdrop for some of the most unique Austin wedding venues. If you want an unforgettable Austin wedding venue for your upcoming celebration, East Austin can provide unusual and memorable locations to start your search.
  • Central Austin: As a center for arts and education and the home of the University of Texas at Austin, Central Austin wedding venues offer a beautiful and unique setting for weddings in this area. Restaurants and museums are among the most popular options for wedding venues in Austin, Texas and can allow you to accommodate a smaller group of guests. This can ultimately lower the cost of your Austin wedding venue while ensuring the most unforgettable experience for you and your guests.
  • West Austin: West Austin wedding venues are located close to the attractions of the Hill Country area and might offer more affordable options. If you are looking for an elegant and reasonably priced Austin wedding venue, West Austin could be the right choice when selecting wedding venues in Austin, Texas.

Murals and artwork throughout the city of Austin can provide great photo opportunities close to some of the best Austin wedding venues too. Whether you are interested in new Austin wedding venues or some of the established options in this city, you can find the right venues for your upcoming wedding by exploring the various neighborhoods and communities that make up the Austin metropolitan area.

How much does a wedding cost in Austin?

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is nearly $34,000. The venue usually comprises the largest percentage of the cost of Austin weddings, which can be significantly higher. Austin wedding venues range from affordable outdoor or smaller locations to hotels and expansive indoor spaces that can cost much more. By finding an Austin wedding venue at a price you can afford, you can save money for other essential elements of your wedding day celebrations.

Once you have settled on your preferred Austin wedding venue (or venues), catering for your reception is another large expense for weddings in our area. Your options for catering at Austin wedding venues typically range from elegant plated dinners to buffets and even food trucks. You should choose catering for your Austin wedding venues that works for your budget and for your overall wedding theme. You can also combine two styles if your financial situation allows for it. For example, planning an elegant sit-down dinner for your reception followed by a visit by your favorite food truck at the end of the evening can create a fun atmosphere for you and your invited guests. Be sure to check with your Austin, Texas wedding venues to make sure that your catering plans are in line with the policies established by these locations. Some venues might offer onsite catering, so make sure to confirm with them before you consider food and drink options. 

You will also need talented vendors to provide the other services required for your Austin wedding venues. For example, choosing an Austin wedding venue located in a hotel will eliminate worries about necessary facilities (like a bathroom or kitchen) on site. Outdoor Austin Texas wedding venues, by contrast, may require generators, portable bathrooms, and temporary paths to allow easy access to the area of your ceremony or reception. Preparing yourself for unexpected expenses sometimes associated with Austin wedding venues and vendors, like gratuities or other last-minute costs, is also crucial. 

How do you find Austin wedding vendors?

With our directory, we offer information on Austin, Texas wedding venues and vendors that can help you make the right decisions about your upcoming celebration. The cost of your Austin wedding venue will typically be the major expense associated with your wedding. Reserving a public park or outdoor wedding venues in Austin, Texas will usually be less expensive but will often require much more preparation by you, your partner, and other necessary vendors who will make it happen.

Here are some of the most important vendors to keep in mind when planning your wedding this year or next:

  • Austin wedding caterers: Working with the best Austin wedding caterers can ensure that the food you serve at your reception is delicious and memorable. Searching for Austin wedding caterers on our website can allow you to narrow down your choices to help make your decision an easier one.
  • Austin wedding planners: We know that finding the right Austin wedding planners can be a challenge. We offer listings for these professionals to help you select the best Austin wedding planners to assist you with your upcoming celebrations and provide you with guidance on the right vendors for your wedding.
  • Austin wedding florists: Flowers are one of the primary ways to dress up your Austin wedding venue. Austin wedding florists specialize in providing custom floral arrangements that are precisely right for your theme and your budget. From orchids to carnations, your Austin wedding florist will set the stage for your own magical celebration. By searching our lineup of Austin wedding florists, you can find the best flowers to decorate your venue and the right look for your wedding day.
  • Austin wedding photographers: Many Austin wedding photographers offer an avant-garde look at the wedding photo experience. Others take a more traditional approach that can suit classic weddings. Letting your Austin wedding photographers know your preferences for style and shot lists can help you capture everything you want. From the work of your Austin wedding florist to your dream wedding cake, it’s important to detail everything you want prior to the big day.
  • Austin wedding videographers: When choosing Austin wedding videographers for your celebration, you may want to consult with your photographer for a recommendation to make sure that they can work effectively with these professionals. Austin wedding videographers are not only responsible for taking video of your wedding but also for editing it into a compelling short subject. Finding the right videographers can allow you to relive your wedding day whenever you choose.
  • Austin wedding cakes: Bakeries that specialize in Austin wedding cakes will often offer tasting options that can allow you to pick the perfect flavors and icing options for your celebration. When selecting Austin wedding cakes, you should inform your baker of any food allergies or restrictions among your guests or wedding party.
  • Austin wedding dresses: When selecting your Austin wedding dresses, you should look for designs that complement the work of your other vendors. Your venue, the creations made by Austin wedding florists and designs, and any other decor elements can help inform your attire decisions. In some cases, you can find Austin wedding dresses that will suit your style and that reflect the overall aesthetic of your big day to create a cohesive look for your entire celebration.
  • Austin bridesmaids dresses: You can also find Austin bridesmaids dresses that complement the color scheme you have chosen for your wedding decor. It may make sense to allow your wedding party some flexibility and a voice on the Austin bridesmaids dresses they prefer as long as they generally conform to the color scheme and overall theme of your celebration.
  • Austin wedding music: You can choose from a variety of options when selecting the music for your wedding, including Austin wedding DJs, string quartets, and taped music. Make sure the Austin wedding DJs or bands you are considering will take your requests into consideration to create the perfect atmosphere at your celebration.
  • Austin wedding rentals: Companies that offer Austin wedding rentals can provide a wide range of the necessary items for your special event. Some new Austin wedding venues or outdoor areas may require the addition of portable bathrooms, furnishings, and other items to create a comfortable environment for guests. Check with your Austin, Texas wedding venues before deciding to rent these items, however, as they may have rules or preferred vendors with whom they work to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day.
  • Austin wedding bands: When selecting your Austin wedding bands, be sure to select designs that will stand the test of time for you and your partner. Your Austin wedding bands will be tangible reminders of your commitment and should reflect both of your aesthetic tastes and preferences.
  • Austin wedding hair and makeup services: Enlisting professional help for your Austin wedding hair and makeup can help you and your wedding party to feel more confident during your once-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony and reception.

When choosing your Austin wedding venue, keep in mind the vendors you want to use for these wedding services. Some Austin wedding venues may have recommendations or restrictions about which vendors they allow. Checking with the coordinator of your Austin wedding venues will allow you to make the most practical choices about your vendors and will help your wedding day go as smoothly as possible.

What are some things for guests to do in Austin?

Creating a wedding website is a great way to provide added information for your wedding party and guests about your upcoming plans, your Austin, Texas wedding venues and other elements of your special day. A thoughtful addition to your website could be a list of things to do in Austin. This can make it easier for your guests to plan their trip to your wedding celebration.

Many of the top Austin activities and attractions are located close to popular wedding venues in Austin, Texas too. This can make it easier for your guests to plan their trip to your Austin wedding venues and to include some of the most popular attractions as part of their visit. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best things to do and see in the Austin area:

  • Festivals: Although South by Southwest is arguably the best-known and largest event in Austin, the city also hosts a number of music festivals and other events that can provide added entertainment for your wedding guests. Alerting your guests to the events taking place near your Austin, Texas wedding venues is a great way to enhance their overall experience in the city.
  • Museums and science centers: The Science Mill, located outside of the city in Johnson City, is a great place for STEM enthusiasts and offers exhibits ranging from Deep Sea Robotics to a fossil dig and educational animal experiences. Located close to many of the best wedding venues in Austin, Texas, this attraction is suitable for families with children too. Wonderspaces is another popular option and features art installations that span more than 28,000 square feet inside this facility.
  • Natural wonders: One of the iconic parts of Austin, the Congress Bridge Bats depart from this local landmark every evening to consume mosquitoes. With more than 1.5 million bats estimated to live in this area, letting your guests know about this major attraction can be a thoughtful and fun addition to your wedding website. South Congress Avenue is also at the heart of the "Keep Austin Weird" theme and can offer plenty to see and do before the lights go down and the bats come out at night.
  • Lakes and reservoirs: Lake Austin is a sizable reservoir with plenty of outdoor activities available in the area. Located just a short drive from many of the top Austin wedding venue options, Lake Austin is a popular destination for lovers of the great outdoors. Local resorts on the shore can also provide some of the most beautiful venues for your upcoming wedding celebration. Austin Duck Adventures also travels the water of Lake Austin on its floating tour of the city.
  • Dining: If you and your partner already live in Austin, you may already have favorite restaurants and dining options to recommend to your friends and family. Letting your wedding guests know about the best restaurants located close to your Austin wedding venues will help them find the food they want to eat while attending your wedding celebration. After all, you can’t go wrong with Tex-Mex or barbecue!
  • Brewery tours: Austin is rightly famous for the quality of its craft breweries and the number of options available for you and your wedding guests. If a favorite craft brewery is within easy reach of your wedding venue or the accommodations you have arranged for your guests, letting them know about these options could make their trip that much more fun.
  • Public buildings: The Texas State Capitol is a great destination for history buffs and political enthusiasts. Capture some snapshots of yourself, your partner, or your wedding guests during your trip to this landmark location.
  • Magic shows: Magic's Theater is located in the southwestern part of Austin and offers a chance to examine some of the most famous pieces from Harry Houdini's collection of magic tricks and magic shows every Friday and Saturday night. Located close to some of the most popular Austin wedding venue options, this could be the perfect activity to add a little magic to your wedding celebration.
  • Pub crawls: Austin offers a number of pub crawls and walking tours of the city that can make any trip to the area a more enjoyable one. Checking out these options and offering directions from your Austin wedding venue can often allow you to provide the best experience for your guests.
  • Public parks: Zilker Metropolitan Park is perhaps best known as the home of the Austin City Limits festival and hosts numerous other activities and concert events throughout the year. Its proximity to some of the top Austin wedding venues makes it a popular addition to any list of things to do and see in the city.
  • Haunted tours: Haunted ATX is the best-known purveyor of haunted and paranormal tours in the city. The Haunted ATX team can provide guided tours and in-depth explorations of the uncanny to make any trip just a little more eerie and unforgettable for your wedding guests in Austin.
  • Hiking and biking: Bike rentals and hiking gear are all that is required to create the perfect afternoon of entertainment for your wedding guests. For nature lovers and those with an adventurous streak, taking time out to explore Austin's greenery can be a great break from the hustle and bustle of this metropolitan area. You can also traverse the boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake for some of the most beautiful views in Austin.
  • Sixth Street: At the heart of Austin's vibrant music scene, Sixth Street offers access to some of the best up-and-coming musical talent in the area. Located close to the center of the city, Sixth Street is a popular destination for music lovers of all types and offers a little something for everyone on your guest list.

With so many things to do, it helps to consider how much time your guests have and what you recommend they do during any downtime during your wedding weekend. You can also include a number of other things to do in the entire state of Texas as part of your wedding website, which might be helpful for those traveling by car or from another part of the state. This information can be used by your guests to plan their trip for maximum fun and entertainment when heading to one of the top Austin wedding venues for your event.

Which celebrities have gotten married in Austin?

Some of the most famous people in the world have chosen to marry at Austin wedding venues, and many have gotten married right at home. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves were married in a ceremony at the couple's home, while Twenty One Pilots drummer Joshua Dun and actress Debby Ryan tied the knot in a church in the city. Plus, former tennis star Andy Roddick married model Brooklyn Decker at home in a twilight ceremony that showcased the bride's beautiful Vera Wang gown and the tranquil surroundings in this area.

When choosing among the many wedding venues in Austin, Texas, remember that hotels and resorts are also popular options for celebrities that can help your wedding feel extra special. Hosting your event at one of these venues can often help you feel like a star during your epic celebration of love.

How do you get to Austin?

The most convenient way for most of your guests to reach wedding venues in Austin, Texas is by air. In general, there are four major airports that serve Texas. Here are some of the most important facts about each of these airport options:

  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) serves about 30,000 passengers each day during peak travel seasons in the area. With more than 13.5 million passengers each year, AUS offers easy access to all areas of Austin. The South Terminal serves Frontier Airlines and Allegiant Air, while many international and national airlines fly in and out of the Barbara Jordan Terminal at AUS.
  • For guests who want to fly into Houston rather than Austin, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is one of the busiest airports in the world. More than 33.6 million passengers are served by this Houston airport each year, with nonstop service to more than 60 places in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.
  • Another option for travel in Texas is the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), which is the largest hub for American Airlines and the second-busiest airport in the world. Car rentals are available to allow your wedding guests to travel easily between Dallas and Austin on a schedule that works best for them.
  • El Paso International Airport (ELP) is located far in the west of Texas. Unless your guests are planning to enjoy a road trip across the state, one of the other airports in the Lone Star State will probably be a more appropriate choice. With more than 2.8 million passengers served each year, however, ELP is an option for guests who don't mind an extended drive to make it to your wedding.

Including directions to your Austin wedding venue and information on car rentals, taxi companies, and other transportation options on your wedding website is a thoughtful way to make it easier for your guests to attend your celebration. Your wedding website can also serve as a communications center for RSVPs, meal choices, and other vital elements of your wedding celebration.

So, how do you start your Austin wedding venue search?

We know that it can be challenging to find the best Austin wedding venues and vendors. With our directory, we hope that our extensive gallery of real Austin weddings will provide inspiration for your own unique wedding celebration. By reviewing photos and learning more about venues and vendors, you can get a better sense of your overall vision–and how to make it all happen. And when you’re ready, you can use our contact information provided to start your outreach, have those initial conversations, and schedule tours in the lead-up to your magical wedding day.