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Arthur Crichlow III is an American Saxophonist and Performing Artist who was born inBronx, New York.  From an early age, music was only around the corner, as much of his family is from Co-op City, a neighborhood familiarly known to have birthed many notable hip hop creators and performing artists.  Through being involved in numerous extracurricular activities as a young child such as tennis, chess and baseball, Art grew an interest in the recorder after encountering the instrument in an elementary school music class.  He has a very vivid memory of being a young boy and hearing an intriguing sound on the radio while in the car with his family.  Art questioned what instrument was producing that sound, and after learning it to be a saxophone, sought out to learn and develop his skills on the instrument. 


At age 10, Art’s immediate family, consisting of his parents and young brother, would move from New York to New Jersey.  This transition gave Art the ability to develop his passion for the saxophone deeper.  After expressing his growing interest, Art’s parents rented him a saxophone, then formal lessons and instruction began.  The family attended the Center of Faith Fellowship in (insert city here), and the church body would give the young sax player much encouragement, with a bit of incentive to continue playing.  The members instilled in Art that being a musician can be more than a pastime; it can be a career path. 

As he took in this new information, more opportunities to explore the depths of the saxophone would present themselves.  While attending Burlington County High School, Art would join the marching band where he would build a lasting connection with band instructor, Jeff Mastin.  Jeff, Art and the entire band would perform well enough to win a prestigious state award that would solidify a sense of confidence that propelled the developing musician forward.  Art would inspire his bandmates by playing popular songs not introduced during school lessons, and would ultimately take his skills to the next level by playing in the marching band during his freshman year of college at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. 


While in college, Art spent a great deal of time practicing, but also explored other areas of study such as computer programming. This framework would open his attention to learning about music software and other creative mediums. It wouldn’t be long before the sultry sax player would begin to meet other musicians, many of whom wanted to collaborate and create with him. Art began to play in numerous bands and sit in on studio sessions for local Philly, Jersey and Delaware artists. One of his earliest memories performing in the Philly music scene was at a Philly Sound Sessions production that took place at Voltage Lounge on 7th and Callowhill Streets. Art has been a member of several bands, such as Nadjah Nicole(N2), Astronaut Really Fly, Fortunate Youth and Cheezy and the Crackers. He has opened for and shared stages with Common, Roses, Snoop Dogg, Chance the Rapper, The Weeknd and Curren$y.


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