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We are a closely-knit family of photographers, filmakers, designers, & writers with a kindred passion for storytelling. We called our company Studio 'This Is' as a reminder: this is about relationships. Nothing in life is more important. We love photographs because they're reminders of the people and things that matter most. Your wedding is about you, your favorite person, the ones you love the most and a few that just barely made the guest list. Everyone who makes you. . . well, You. It's a really interesting story and there's never been one like it. Your wedding could be the most beautiful day we've ever photographed. And it all starts with you. Your originality, taste & style inspire everything we do. We're telling your story with our lenses, so getting to know you is the most important part of our process. You deserve photos that look & feel as authentic and fun as you are. Something new & different, but also something that will last for generations to come.


Chicago, Illinois
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