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Julie has always loved design and aesthetics. If something could be made more beautiful or imaginative, she would do it. After the birth of her daughter in 2008, Julie quit her job in HR and set out to turn her passion for designing and creating invitations for friends and family into a full-time career. In 2009 she and a friend started a successful custom invitation studio, and in 2012 Julie opened her own studio, Too Chic & Little Shab.

The studio name describes the pieces she offers, ranging from chic, luxury, and upscale invitations to vintage and rustic invitations, but it is also symbolic and personal. Her daughter, GiGi, was born as the idea of designing invitations professionally took place; she is the other little chick of the ‘Too Chic’—two chicks. Her son, Anthony, born shortly before she launched Too Chic & Little Shab, is the ‘little shab.’

Julie is involved in every step of the invitation creation process at Too Chic & Little Shab, from design to printing to assembly. She has self-taught design programs, designs much of her own artwork, and enjoys making invitations unique for clients. Each invitation is crafted with care and creativity to realize client visions. Julie loves what she does and is committed to helping you create the perfect, personalized first impression for your event!


Chicago, Illinois
Providence, Rhode Island
San Francisco, California

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