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Houston, Texas
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When you want a unique, creative and special cake topper, World Cake Topper is the place for you. With passion, talent and over 10 years of experience in handicrafts, World Cake Topper designs the most unique and cutest wedding cake toppers and miniatures you have ever seen. A personalized wedding cake topper will not only display your uniqueness but also tells your love story. A customized wedding topper will cherish the moment you share the vow with and treasure that special moment for years to come. These personalized wedding cake toppers and clay figurines are made from customer's images and ideas so each one is handmade carefully with love. World Cake Topper would like to honor you just the way you are through these clay figurines Ò they are as unique as you are. World Cake Topper also wants to help you express your love with your loved ones, your friends, family or your business image in an unforgettable way with these lovely and impressive clay miniatures.


Houston, Texas

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