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I bought a DSLR camera with me and continued to develop my interest in photography during the start of 2012. I was offered an opportunity to create some small surf films and this was the catalyst to the start of my exploration and consequent love of storytelling through film. During this Journey I have had the privilege of shooting wildlife for National Geographic, travel films for major airlines and crafting surf films for top brands. When I started out as a wedding film maker I was mostly a wedding documentary film maker focusing on " capturing those special moments". There are constant moments and stories running throughout a wedding and it is vitally important to be able to spot those moments happening and capture them in the most creative way. That is the base of what can make a good wedding film maker. However as I was shooting these many weddings over the years I was constantly pushing the quality of my craft and what I can deliver. Eventually I started to question my style and what made my film making different to other wedding film makers out there? Hi I'm Chris, the director of Zen Film Works. I am a Paris based wedding film maker and have shot over 200 weddings since starting Zen Film Works in 2012. My story starts in the south west of France, where I moved to from Sydney Australia. I am a major lover of nature and sports that allow me to immerse myself in nature such as surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing and mountain biking. Yes I don't sit still for long haha. This was what brought me to the south west of France in the beginning. I am now based in Paris but am frequently found on my surfboard in my favorite town of Capbreton. I have started to see most film makers now copying each other's style in shooting and editing fads. I think it is just an easy way to have a style, do a nice film and fit in with the crowd. I didn't want to be a part of this movement of copycats, I wanted to push my original style, once I pinpointed what it was. I asked the question," what sets my films apart from other film makers? " to photographers, clients and fans of my work. And the answer I received from all of them was " nobody can deliver the emotion that you do" and then it clicked. I was trying to push hard on the creative filming and what my clients were loving most was my ability to not just be there to capture the moments, but be able to deliver those emotions. Those intimate micro moments between two people. A kiss, a smile or a laugh, are all filled with an energy that can be captured and delivered, with the right light, colour, editing and shooting techniques. Right into the living rooms of the people who watch my films. I believe I am a very empathetic person and can really feel that energy and emotion in a moment and it touches my heart to see the love between a bride and groom, a best man and his best friend, a father to his daughter, hey, I even am known to shed a few tears when I am editing my films. How has Zen Film Works evolved since the last FWS feature?Since the last dedicated post with FWS it has been a rollercoaster but mostly heading upwards, so maybe a rocket ship is a better analogy. Last year I filmed around 65 weddings and a documentary for National Geographic which was just insane, fun, but insane. The result of this amount of weddings was that I had the ability to try new editing, colour and shooting techniques that has helped me to evolve my films to a level that has opened windows of opportunity that make me want to explore storytelling and the abilities to evoke emotion at a deeper level than I have experienced. I have sourced my new inspirations from fashion films, street photography, old films cinema trailers, and a forever expending list of sources. I have strived to increase my quality of films through, colour, sound and storytelling and I think I am getting some great results. I work with the top wedding planers and designers in France now and their creativity in their design really helps in creating fantastic films. I am shooting globally now. With weddings in France, Germany, Australia, Austria, Thailand, Bali, Italy, UK and the USA, the opportunity to create stunning and creative films keeps growing and I couldn't be happier. A last thoughtI just love all my clients and how happy they are in their day. Whether it's an elopement of 2 or 200 guest wedding. I love to connect with a personal approach and help through the day emotionally and supportively. It can be nerve racking or scary or overwhelming sometimes and I feel that I can really improve my couples day by just being a friendly face or somebody to chat too or as advice. It really makes my job so rewarding and I love every moment and step of the process.


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