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Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

2480 Highway 193, Cool, California 95614
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About Black Oak Mountain Vineyards

2480 Highway 193, Cool, California 95614

The venue is racking up Couples Choice awards, but remains a hidden gem only beginning to enter the limelight.

Relatively new, and pristine.  

The property brings together one spectacular asset after another, in an array of beauty that will put you in touch with true nature during your once-in-a-lifetime day.  All-organic, healing energy, and California grown.

Leave Ordinary Behind. 

150 acres of Privacy.  There won't be any tasting groups "pulling up" during your wedding.  There won't be a second, third or fourth wedding "on property" during this incredible time in your life.  The good thing about this is it's not Napa.  (sorry Napa).

Because the property is YOURS on this day. And we do open your time to a generous 9 hours instead of the customary 6 or even 4.  We can't imagine how a person gets married in that little time, but apparently they do.

And yes, there actually is a Cool, California!  Right next to Awesome, lol. Black Oak is both a vineyard and special event venue like NO other.  Serving San Fran, The Bay Area, Sacramento to LA and beyond.  Many find us from Los Angeles and New York.

Wedding planners have called us the Malibu Rocky of the north and we can agree that there are similarities.  Perhaps gentler on the rules and attitude.   ;)

We have two jaw-dropping facilities, a desert mountain Villa, interior designed by famed Kristi Sandford, and a well appointed modern barn for the party to end all parties.  Cut-off in Cali is 10PM but you can lead the party animals into the barn and go crazy till midnight if desired.

There's an area even higher than the estate Villa, loaded with spectacular 80 year old Black Oaks, and 360° views all the way to the Snow-Capped Sierras.  Your wedding will take place here.  Jaw dropping is not the word.  One wedding planner brought up actual church pews.  She's in our Little Black Book of exclusive vendors if you need her.

If you're staying over, invite your best guests to be with you at the Villa.  Get up early, brew our PachaMama local coffee (French is best!) and go out to experience the views to heaven and beyond.  We'll have the spa hot for you of course.

You don't want to plan just a wedding, you want to plan an epic party to end them all. The most incredible celebration of life, love and family that has ever been.

Our job is to help you do that. We offer Zero Stress overnight packages (up to a full weekend) and can accommodate 22 guests.

Just FYI, Black Oak was developed as an all-organic vineyard and uses *structured* water throughout, even on the vines.  The pool is a salt pool and also uses structured water (feels SO good).  The property promotes healing energy and feels like home from the very moment you and your guests enter it.  The land is very special and we love it dearly.

Set up a tour and see what it feels like to be here.  Next, click on our website to see more pictures of the beautiful people who have helped us to rack up those Couples Choice awards.  And...congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


Sacramento, California

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