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Palm Springs Weddings:

Everything You Need to Know

A city known for its style and charm, many couples dream of a Palm Springs wedding. This inland Californian city is fabled for its gorgeous climate and breathtaking views. With countless dreamy Palm Springs wedding venues, it’s no surprise couples flock to the city. Palm Springs weddings are ideal for couples who love the desert, palm trees, and the warm weather the area is known for. 

There’s a lot that goes into planning Palm Springs weddings, so consider this your complete Palm Springs wedding guide with all the intel you need, from Palm Springs wedding costs, to things to do in Palm Springs, and even the best local wedding venues in the area. Of course, if you are in need of inspiration for your Palm Springs wedding,  browse the library of wedding galleries above, which features countless images of real couples who chose a Palm Springs wedding, and filter by style or venue type to see exactly what you’re looking for. Each wedding gallery lists the Palm Springs wedding venue, as well as details  on which Palm Springs wedding vendors the couple adored.

What should you know about a Palm Springs wedding? 

Palm Springs itself is a small city that spans about 94 square miles. During the winter, its popularity triples because of its balmy weather. Shopping districts, resorts, and the arts are the main draws. There are also frequent celebrity sightings, so keep your eyes peeled! If you are still trying to envision yourself and your wedding party at one of the desert resorts, take inspiration from Palm Spring wedding pictures taken the venue.

The city itself is known for both its unique architecture and its status as a luxurious oasis in the Californian desert. For both of these reasons, Palm Springs weddings are extremely popular. If you’d prefer your Palm Springs wedding to be a quieter affair, you might have to select an off-season wedding date to avoid bumping elbows with the hordes of tourists who visit. 

The city’s Modernist architecture is largely cohesive, but Palm Springs neighborhoods each have their own unique energy. If this matches your Palm Springs wedding aesthetic or theme, you might consider taking some of your Palm Springs wedding pictures downtown. 

Did you know that Palm Springs is located in the Coachella Valley, famed for the Coachella Music Festival? It’s true. Palm Springs is in good company; some other beloved wedding destinations in the area include Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Desert. For couples who want to celebrate a desert wedding, the Palm Springs region and larger Coachella Valley is a match made in heaven. 

Sure, daydreaming about your Palm Springs wedding is plenty of fun, but when it comes to planning the big day, it could get overwhelming. Because of how many Palm Springs weddings occur every year, there is an abundance of qualified, talented wedding vendors. We’re here to help you navigate choosing your wedding team, as well as share information about the best months for Palm Springs weddings, some of the most glamorous Palm Springs wedding venues, and, yes, the average Palm Springs wedding cost. In addition, you will get to know the different neighborhoods you might encounter during your Palm Springs wedding venue hunt. Of course, if you’re having a destination wedding in Palm Springs, you want to ensure there are plenty of things to do in Palm Springs that your guests will enjoy We’ll offer some suggestions for the best activities your Palm Springs wedding guests can check out. 

What are the best months for a Palm Springs wedding? 

When couples pick the date for their weddings in Palm Springs, they factor in the local weather. During the winter, temperatures rarely drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer, they easily top the 100s. If you select a Palm Springs wedding date in the summer you can expect a dry, desert heat.

No Palm Springs wedding guide would be complete without pointing out that tourist season has its advantages, despite larger crowds. The best time for Palm Springs weddings is between January and April. Everything is open, the city is bustling, and there are plenty of music festivals and art exhibits. Coachella, the region’s most illustrious music festival, even takes place in April (but try to avoid hosting your wedding during this peak window, or you’ll find accommodations hard to come by and flights more expensive than usual). If you, your partner, or any elderly guests are sensitive to heat, keep that in mind when you’re planning your wedding in Palm Springs.

May to September is the off-season. If you plan to have your Palm Springs wedding during this time, you can expect the city to be quieter, and the Palm Springs wedding cost to be lower. Resorts and other Palm Springs wedding venues will be looking to fill their vacancies, so you might get a deal. If dry heat doesn’t bother you or you want a desert wedding, this is an ideal time to make your Palm Springs wedding dreams a reality. 

Shoulder season spans from October to December. The region sees an uptick in business travel, religious retreats, and the first snowbirds arrive. At this point, Palm Springs wedding costs will begin to increase as the popular Palm Springs wedding venues will prepare themselves for the busy season to return again.

What are the best Palm Springs wedding venues? 

Which Palm Springs wedding venue should host your big day? The primary consideration for Palm Springs weddings is whether you should host it at a comfortable indoor location, such as a hotel, or head for the outdoors for a true desert wedding. In addition, consider the number of guests attending and the season you’re throwing your Palm Springs wedding bash. Here are some popular Palm Springs wedding venues you should consider for your big day:

Palm Springs Hotel Wedding Venues

Palm Springs hotels cater to the marriage-minded, as many have several spaces designed for your wedding ceremony. Because Palm Springs hotels range in size, be sure to check the capacity before you book a Palm Springs hotel for your wedding day. 

Palm Springs Desert Wedding Venues:

Your Palm Springs wedding planner can offer recommendations for the best desert wedding venues in Palm Springs. They may even suggest checking out Palm Springs hotels that are at the foot of the desert. 

Palm Springs Estate Wedding Venues: 

Do you dream of saying “I do” in celebrity homes like Frank Sinatra’s estate or what was formerly known as The Lucy House? These Palm Springs wedding estates are much sought after and waiting lists can be lengthy. So plan ahead!

Palm Springs Country Club Wedding Venues:

Manicured and well-kept, another flawless Palm Springs wedding venue is a country club. There are countless dreamy Palm Springs country clubs, so be sure to visit a few before making your decision. 

Palm Springs Ranch Wedding Venues: 

Did you know that some ranches double as Palm Springs wedding venues? If your wedding has a Western feel, a Palm Springs ranch is a natural choice.  

Palm Springs Garden Wedding Venues: 

Gardens and parks are the ideal settings for desert weddings with a bohemian chic flair. Some of these gardens even feature several types of cacti, which will make for gorgeous Palm Springs wedding pictures. 

Palm Springs Museum Wedding Venues: 

Because of its status as an arts and culture hub, Palm Springs is home to several museums. Many chic weddings have occurred at the Palm Springs Art Museum, but this is just one of several Palm Springs museum wedding venues. 

Palm Springs Chapel Wedding Venues: 

There is a Palm Springs wedding chapel on South Belardo Road that gives even Las Vegas chapels a run for their money. It is perfect for an elopement or a micro wedding. For about $400, you may not even have to get out of the car to get married! In addition, marriage licenses are available on-site. 

Palm Springs Restaurant Wedding Venues: 

Palm Springs is home to plenty of delicious restaurants, and if you’re having a micro wedding, selecting a boutique Palm Springs restaurant with a private space could be the way to go. 

How much does a Palm Springs wedding cost? 

Did you know California is the most popular US state for weddings? It’s true! In addition to the influx of couples who get married in California, the state also has one of the highest costs of living in the country. As a result, while planning your wedding in Palm Springs, you will quickly learn that the typical Palm Springs wedding cost is significantly higher than the national average. 

In 2020, a California wedding cost about $26,000 on average. The average wedding cost in the US was $20,300 in 2020. As these statistics reveal, marrying in California will cost you more than it would in other parts of the country. However, with stunning locales, top-notch wedding vendors, and plenty of things to do in Palm Springs, you will find that your Palm Springs wedding cost is well worth it. 

Of course, it’s possible to keep your Palm Springs wedding within a certain price range. There are several key factors that will dictate the cost, and by making some simple decisions, you can ensure that your dream Palm Springs wedding is attainable. For instance, how many guests do you want to attend your wedding day? Do you want a Palm Springs wedding package, or to source your vendors individually? When will your Palm Springs wedding occur? Your answers to these questions can drastically impact your Palm Springs wedding cost. 

If you’re wondering what other extras can make your Palm Springs wedding cost increase, consider some of the additional services your location might require. For example, a true desert wedding may require the services of Palm Springs wedding rentals to create a luxurious-yet-functional space in the middle of such an idyllic setting. In addition, if you are having an outdoor Palm Springs wedding, keep in mind that you might have to unexpectedly move the celebration indoors due to extreme heat or other weather conditions. Therefore, the Palm Springs wedding cost could increase due to an unexpected change in location.

Another hot Palm Springs wedding trend is the micro wedding celebration. Increasingly popular due to the pandemic, the trend has gained long-lasting momentum because a micro wedding in Palm Springs is intimate and appeals to many different price points. Some Palm Springs wedding venues can work with you to create a micro wedding package. Whether you choose a desert micro wedding that features just a few guests, or you opt for an all-inclusive Palm Springs resort wedding with a few special attendees, your intimate Palm Springs wedding will be unforgettable. 

Ultimately, your Palm Springs wedding cost depends on the extras that you opt for, the time of the year, the number of attendees, and the location. The easiest ways to make your Palm Springs wedding affordable is to plan an evening desert wedding is to either go micro, or book an all-inclusive package at a resort.

How do you find expert Palm Springs wedding vendors? 

Working with vetted wedding vendors is an excellent way of putting together a memorable event. It also allows you to put a personal touch on your day, which you might not be able to do when you select a resort package. Get inspiration from our library of real Palm Springs weddings to decide which Palm Springs wedding vendors will be best to bring your vision to life. Here are some recommended Palm Springs wedding vendors for the big day: 

Palm Springs Wedding Planners: 

A Palm Springs wedding planner (or team of Palm Springs wedding planners) will significantly simplify the process of coordinating your wedding. Whether you’ve decided on a resort, hotel, or desert wedding, Palm Springs wedding planners are available to help you coordinate all the details of your big day. Whether you need advice on sourcing the best Palm Springs wedding venues, would like their advice on fun things to do in Palm Springs with your wedding guests, or which Palm Springs wedding photographers to work with, selecting the Palm Springs wedding planners sets you up for success with all of your other vendors. And they’re especially helpful for destination weddings if you’re not based in the area.

Palm Springs Wedding Photographers: 

Working with a local Palm Springs wedding photographer means you have an expert by your side who knows how the arid sun and weather will influence your wedding photos. They’ll also have insider information on all of the must-visit sites for Palm Springs wedding photos.

Palm Springs Wedding Florists:

Even desert weddings need the touch of talented Palm Springs florists. For the couple who envisions a formal affair at a spa or country, Palm Springs florists are also responsible for setting the scene and creating the right atmosphere with flowers that are part of the bridal color palette.

Palm Springs Wedding Caterers: 

Palm Springs caterers will work with you to create the menu for your Palm Springs wedding day. If you’re looking to keep your wedding small and intimate, you might opt to cater your Palm Springs wedding food from a restaurant. Some Palm Springs wedding venues offer packages that include catering.

Palm Springs Wedding Musicians: 

Most Palm Springs wedding bands and djs will have a full calendar during peak season, soplanning ahead is necessary. In addition to a wedding DJ, you might want to include a live band or ceremony musicians, as both add a personal touch to a wedding celebration. 

Palm Springs Wedding Cake Bakeries:

A wedding in Palm Springs calls for a cake that does well with warm weather. Although this won’t matter as much if you have selected an air-conditioned space as your Palm Springs wedding venue, consider your options carefully when hosting the event outside. An experienced local wedding cake bakery will adjust their preparation techniques to meet your needs.

Palm Springs Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists: 

Desert wedding venues are hard on hair and makeup. In many cases, it is not just the bride and the bridesmaids who need constant touching up from Palm Springs wedding hair and makeup artists. The groom might need a little attention, too.

Palm Springs Wedding Officiant:

The Palm Springs wedding chapel has its own officiant. Or, if there is someone you’d like to officiate, that person can apply for a one-day license to do so. The Clerk and Recorder’s Office also has an officiant, but they do not travel. Alternatively, you could source your own Palm Springs wedding officiant by using our directory. 

What are the different Palm Springs neighborhoods? 

Palm Springs is cohesive but also houses several distinct neighborhoods. If you are on the hunt for celebrity sightings, some of these neighborhoods might be more suitable than others. Alternatively, if you want to find an excellent spot for a Palm Springs wedding photoshoot, your Palm Springs wedding photographer will know exactly which Palm Springs neighborhood fits the bill. 

First, there’s Downtown Palm Springs. A Palm Springs wedding there puts you at the heart of the action. Complete with plenty of unique shops and eateries, this corner of Palm Springs features the city’s nostalgic charm. There’s also Indian Canyon. This mile-long canyon is the federally recognized home of the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Native American tribe. In addition to Indian Canyon, there’s also Palm Canyon, which offers couples the opportunity to wed just above Palm Springs. With gorgeous, sweeping views of the entire area, it’s no surprise Palm Canyon is a favorite wedding venue in the Palm Springs region. The Mesa is also located nearby Indian Canyon. The area is famous for its Mediterranean-style architecture, but today is largely residential.  

However, this doesn’t cover all of the Palm Springs neighborhoods. There is also the illustrious Araby Cove, an unpretentious, bohemian neighborhood. Movie Colony is another popular Palm Springs destination, which local insiders call “TMC.” This is where you find Sinatra’s Twin Palms villa and Ruth Hardy Park. The Deepwell Estates area is another that you can’t miss. Weddings in Palm Springs that take place here will be set against a Spanish Revival backdrop. There are also Palm Springs wedding estates and ranches in this area. Alternatively, you could search for a Palm Springs wedding venue in the Old Las Palmas area. This chic neighborhood is frequented by the Hollywood elite, and it runs along the Uptown Design District.  

There are several nearby areas to visit or host Palm Springs weddings as well. The most famous one would be Joshua Tree, which is home to a National Park. It borders Twentynine Palms. Many couples choose a Joshua Tree wedding because of its unique desert setting. If you’d like to learn more, you can explore the possibility of a Joshua Tree ceremony with your Palm Springs wedding planner. Another beloved area is Rancho Mirage. Famous for its golf courses, it is a prime destination for a Palm Springs wedding. You’ll find it between Palm Springs and Palm Desert. What is Palm Desert? It’s to the east of Palm Springs, and its Living Desert Zoo is one of the best Palm desert wedding venues. Indian Wells is situated between Palm Desert and La Quinta. For a true desert wedding ceremony, this is the place.

What are popular things to do in Palm Springs? 

In addition to planning a beautiful Palm Springs wedding, you’ll also want to have a list of things to do in Palm Springs prepared to provide your wedding guests with. If you have guests coming in from out of town, this Palm Springs wedding guide of things to do in the area (and where to stay) will prove invaluable. Offer ideas in your Palm Springs wedding invitations or  on your wedding website. One of the best things to do in Palm Springs is a ride on the Aerial Tramway. It gives a stunning perspective of the area.

The Living Desert Zoo, Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, and a hike in Mount San Jacinto State Park also offer guests the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the locale. Walk through the Moorten Botanical Gardens, go biking downtown, or play Golf at one of the Palm Springs country clubs. Guided tours are not necessary for the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. 

Where do Palm Springs celebrities get married? 

Did your favorite celebrity inspire you to host a Palm Springs wedding of your own? And what is Palm Springs known for but its regular celebrity sightings? Meander around some of Palm Springs’ gorgeous neighborhoods, and you might be able to catch a glimpse of some of Hollywood’s favorite A-Listers. David Boreanaz had an intimate wedding ceremony at the Ingleside Inn. Of course, there are also other Palm Springs celebrities who chose to get married in this desert town, like Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli, as well as Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman. Some celebrities, like as Barry Manilow and Anne Rice, even reside in Palm Springs. 

How do you get to weddings in Palm Springs? 

If some of your Palm Springs wedding guests are arriving from out of town, you’ll have to familiarize yourself (and them) with the Palm Spring International Airport (PSP). This airport offers to connect travelers to more than 30 airports, which in turn connect with flights to and from more than 500 cities. Work with your Palm Springs wedding planner to arrange for ground transportation. 

Whether you plan on weddings in Palm Springs itself or are dreaming of a Joshua Tree ceremony, there are plenty of options open to you. Come for a visit, experience Palm Springs’ unique energy for yourself, and look at some photos of real weddings in Palm Springs in our gallery when you crave inspiration.