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Everything You Need to Know

Planning your wedding is a joyous occasion for you and your partner. If you are looking for wedding venues in Brooklyn, you have numerous choices that range from relaxed stoop weddings in Brooklyn to an ornate Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding.

To help you start planning your Brooklyn wedding, our directory is full of can’t-miss venues in Brooklyn (and we have all the info about venues in New York City too). We also offer access to an extensive listing of vendors in your area that can help you to address every item on your wedding planning checklist.

This guide will provide you with practical tips for planning your wedding, managing your wedding budget, and finding the perfect wedding venues in Brooklyn. Our directory is a valuable resource for planning your wedding from the first day of your engagement until your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony and reception.

What is the best time of year for your Brooklyn wedding?

Your own preferences will dictate the best time of year for your Brooklyn wedding. However, there are some general guidelines to help you select the right season for your upcoming Brooklyn wedding plans:

  • Fall weddings are ideally suited for Brooklyn weddings that will be held partly or completely outside. There are seldom times when New York City isn’t packed with tourists, but autumn is a beautiful time to visit Brooklyn and the other boroughs in New York. Temperatures in September, October, and early November are also generally mild, and rain is less likely during this season of the year. That’s why many couples consider it the perfect time for an outdoor Brooklyn wedding in a beautiful backyard or in any of the other outdoor wedding venues in Brooklyn.
  • Winter weddings can offer some real advantages for Brooklyn weddings, including potentially lower costs for venues and less competition for wedding planners and other key vendors. Choosing indoor wedding venues in Brooklyn for winter weddings can help you to avoid issues with cold weather, rain, and snow during this important event.
  • Spring weddings are also popular, as many Brooklyn wedding venues with a view overlook the iconic cherry blossom trees to give your Brooklyn wedding an unforgettable New York atmosphere. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is among the most popular Brooklyn wedding venues for spring ceremonies in our area.
  • Summer weddings often coincide with the highest concentration of tourists in the Brooklyn area. So while you may want to check out Williamsburg wedding venues, more removed or indoor venues might be the best case scenario for busy summer months. With that, you can expect to pay more for Brooklyn wedding venues during this season.

Whether you are planning a traditional ceremony and reception with a lengthy guest list or a more intimate Brooklyn wedding, choosing the right time of year can make a difference in the experience for you and your guests when planning your wedding. You can also reduce the cost of your wedding ceremony and venue by planning your Brooklyn wedding for “shoulder season” or off-season times of the year, but it’s important to remember that this area is frequented by tourists year-round.

What are the different types of Brooklyn wedding venues?

Selecting the perfect Brooklyn wedding venue can help you to create an unforgettable event for yourself, your partner, and your friends and family. Our directory offers you access to the most comprehensive range of Brooklyn wedding venues and options to help you find the perfect location for your wedding. We also offer a look at real weddings to help you find the best Brooklyn wedding venues for a wide range of styles and themes, including the following popular options:

  • Brooklyn weddings on rooftops are becoming more popular thanks to their incredible views, and they’re especially common for spring, summer, or early fall ceremonies. Your Brooklyn wedding planner can often recommend the best Brooklyn wedding venues on rooftops and other areas that offer breathtaking views of the city.
  • Brooklyn wedding venues with a view are in high demand and may command higher prices than those without a line of sight to some of Brooklyn's scenic attractions. If you are looking for Brooklyn wedding venues with a view, however, it is best to book early to make sure that these popular locations are available on the dates you are considering.
  • Brooklyn boathouse weddings are increasingly popular among those looking for a unique venue for their Brooklyn weddings. These Brooklyn weddings offer the best aspects of Brooklyn wedding venues on the water combined with a reliable roof over your heads if rain is in the forecast.
  • Brooklyn wedding venues on the water typically command a premium price. These venues can be dressed up and decorated to create a wedding location fit for a princess.
  • Williamsburg wedding venues offer contemporary charm for your upcoming Brooklyn wedding. You can select from a variety of Williamsburg wedding venues in various price ranges and styles to suit your planned wedding theme and décor. Located right on the water, this part of Brooklyn is particularly beloved for its epic views, top-rated restaurants, and proximity to Manhattan (just across the East River!).
  • Vegas-style Brooklyn weddings are a fun, trending option too, and they can be held in chapels located around the city. These small venues are ideal for Brooklyn weddings with only a few guests. Chapels might offer photography service, officiants, and a small selection of party favors for the happy couple to enjoy.
  • Hotels and event spaces offer outstanding versatility for indoor Brooklyn weddings. The ability to decorate these spaces to match your wedding theme ensures that these Brooklyn wedding venues are always in demand among couples planning their weddings.
  • Museums can serve as elegant and versatile venues for your Brooklyn wedding. There are several museums in the borough, which make it an ideal destination for art- or history-loving couples. Depending on your venue of choice, you may need to select one of the many talented Brooklyn wedding caterers to manage the food during your reception.
  • Industrial wedding venues may include warehouses and factories that have been repurposed, and they’re incredibly popular for Brooklyn weddings. Check with the venue manager to make sure that it offers adequate facilities for your upcoming ceremony and reception.
  • Ballroom wedding venues are the perfect place for fairytale weddings. These venues are in high demand and could set the stage for an elegant Brooklyn wedding inspired by your favorite wedding movies.
  • Beach weddings in Coney Island are ideally suited for couples who are looking for Brooklyn wedding venues on the water. The casual atmosphere in this area of Brooklyn has made Coney Island a popular choice for Brooklyn weddings. 
  • Private or public parks are often chosen for casual receptions after a church ceremony. Just make sure you reserve the specific space you want, as it could involve getting a permit in the months or year leading up to your special day. 
  • Marriage ceremonies at the courthouse or at City Hall are lower-cost options that can reduce (if not eliminate) Brooklyn wedding catering and venue costs. With some popular Brooklyn wedding venues charging as much as five figures, getting married at the courthouse can be a practical choice for many couples.
  • Restaurants in Brooklyn may have private rooms that can be used for your ceremony and reception. Selecting this option can also make your Brooklyn wedding catering much simpler and can streamline many elements of your Brooklyn wedding plan.
  • Traditional churches and synagogues are other popular venue options for Brooklyn weddings, but some may require that you’re a member of the particular religious site.

What are the different areas of Brooklyn?

For those planning a trip to Brooklyn or those who are looking for the best Brooklyn wedding venues for their upcoming celebrations, finding the perfect neighborhood is the first step in determining which areas are the right fit. Here are just a few of the key spots to consider for upcoming Brooklyn weddings:

  • Williamsburg and Greenpoint are located in Brooklyn Community District 1 and offer a modern take on wedding venues for those who want to marry in this area. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and more industrial venues here.
  • DUMBO is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass and offers views of the Manhattan Bridge, the New York City skyline, and more.
  • Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn are both located in the northwestern part of Brooklyn. Park Slope, known for its iconic walk-ups and proximity to Prospect Park, is also just south of these neighborhoods.
  • Prospect Park South and the Prospect Park South Historic District offer opportunities for estate and museum wedding venues for Brooklyn couples.
  • Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill border each other and feature scenic architecture and a number of potential wedding venues for you.
  • Carroll Gardens and Gowanus are also nearby, and feature stately homes and quiet, picturesque neighborhoods.
  • Red Hook is a peninsula that is bordered by Gowanus Bay, the Gowanus Canal, and Buttermilk Channel, and it’s located southwest of Carroll Gardens .
  • Fort Greene and Clinton Hill encompass the Fort Greene Historic District and feature tree-lined streets and classic architecture.
  • Coney Island is known as an entertainment center and is located in the southern part of Brooklyn. Two nearby beaches, Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach, are also popular destinations.

How much does a wedding in Brooklyn cost?

Although the average wedding in the United States cost $20,300 in 2020, you can expect to pay considerably more for Brooklyn weddings. Statistics indicate that the average cost of a wedding in the state of New York is $34,315. That figure is expected to increase in the near future, as experts believe that inflation will boost the costs of many Brooklyn wedding necessities over the next few months or years.

Pandemic wedding postponements have created added demand for venues for Brooklyn weddings. While it is still a good idea to consider social distancing arrangements for your Brooklyn wedding, there are larger weddings happening in the area. With the help of our directory, you can easily find the best Brooklyn wedding florists and catering services that work for your wedding plans.

How do you find Brooklyn wedding vendors?

Using our directories as inspiration, you can access information about where to find the perfect Brooklyn wedding dresses, florists, and caterers for your big day. Whether you need custom wedding bands, information about a local dress designer, or anything else, our website can provide you with the ideas (and people!) you need to plan every aspect of your special day. Brooklyn weddings are popular for so many reasons, but it’s easy to suit your needs and your budget with the right vendor team.

Brooklyn Wedding Planners 

Your search should usually start with Brooklyn wedding planners who specialize in helping couples create the perfect ceremony and reception. Your Brooklyn wedding planner will provide you with practical assistance in finding the right Brooklyn wedding bands and wedding music, the best Brooklyn wedding florist, and more. By working with trusted and knowledgeable Brooklyn wedding planners, you can ensure the best help in planning your wedding. Your Brooklyn wedding planner can provide you with practical tips and tricks to make your wedding day even more special.

Brooklyn Wedding Caterers

Your Brooklyn wedding catering company can create the perfect dining experience for your guests during your reception. Brooklyn wedding planners can often provide you with added help in finding the best catering services for your upcoming event too.

Brooklyn Wedding Dresses

Finding the perfect Brooklyn wedding dress can be challenging. Working with vendors who specialize in Brooklyn wedding dresses can help you to stay current with wedding dress trends for this year and next while ensuring that you have access to the most beautiful Brooklyn wedding dress for your upcoming nuptials. The people who are known for these Brooklyn wedding dresses tend to be fashion-forward and stylish, so you’ll be sure to make a statement as you walk down the aisle. If you are looking for the right Brooklyn wedding dress for your big day, our directory is a valuable resource for you when it comes to finding Brooklyn wedding dresses in the area.

Brooklyn Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Brooklyn wedding photographers and videographers can capture every moment of your upcoming wedding. Your Brooklyn wedding photographers will provide you with lasting memories of this once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Brooklyn Wedding Cakes

Finding delicious and beautiful Brooklyn wedding cakes can be a challenge for many couples. In some instances, your Brooklyn wedding caterers will supply the cake for your reception. You can also look through our photos of Brooklyn wedding cakes from real and recent weddings, which can help you make the right decision when choosing the perfect Brooklyn wedding cakes (and the bakers who bring them to life!) for your special day.

Brooklyn Wedding Invitations 

Your Brooklyn wedding invitations are often the first impression your guests will have of your wedding ceremony and reception. Brooklyn wedding invitations and Save the Date cards can be coordinated with your wedding décor, and you can work with a local designer to create the perfect invitation suite for your upcoming wedding ceremony and reception.

Brooklyn Wedding Florists

Brooklyn wedding florists can create the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony or reception. Working with a Brooklyn wedding florist to create your wedding theme will allow you to create gorgeous settings for your Brooklyn wedding photographers. In some cases, your Brooklyn wedding florist will be able to match your flowers to those on your Brooklyn wedding invitations to create a cohesive and elegant look for every aspect of your wedding.

Brooklyn Wedding Bands

Choosing your Brooklyn wedding rings can be done as a couple or individually for each partner. Finding a company that offers elegant and appropriate Brooklyn wedding rings can help to streamline this process for your big day.

From the best Brooklyn wedding photographers to jewelers who create custom Brooklyn wedding bands and everything in between, you can find the perfect solutions for planning your wedding at Carats & Cake. Our website offers practical help in finding the venues and vendors you need to make your wedding truly special.

How do you get to Brooklyn?

For wedding guests coming in from international hubs, John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and LaGuardia Airport (LGA) are both located in Queens (the borough east of Brooklyn), are hubs for both domestic and international flights, and they’re a short drive to your Brooklyn wedding. Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), located in Newark, New Jersey, also offers international and domestic flights. For people in the New York area, it’s also easy to take public transportation, including the subway, bus, or ferry. Cabs and ride shares are another hassle-free way to travel through New York City.

At Carats & Cake, we make it easy to find the right solutions for all your wedding planning needs. Look through real weddings today and begin your wedding journey. With our directory,  it’s easier than ever to find the right resources for your upcoming wedding ceremony and reception.