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Hamptons Weddings:

Everything You Need to Know

Hamptons weddings offer couples an opportunity to say “I do” in one of New York’s chicest regions. Many celebrities even choose Hamptons weddings! Couples considering Hamptons weddings often have questions about venues, towns, what a Hamptons wedding costs, and beyond. Luckily, you don’t have to curate your team for your Hamptons wedding alone. Our wedding galleries provide inspiration from other couples who chose Hamptons weddings for their own celebrations. Whether you’re considering a Montauk wedding, East Hampton wedding, or one of the many other charming towns, our directory of the Hamptons wedding vendors will help you source the best Hamptons caterers, photographers, venues, planners, and beyond. You’ll also gain more insight about Hamptons wedding prices, types of Montauk wedding venues, and how to source Hamptons wedding cakes you and your guests will adore. 

What’s the best time of year for a Hamptons wedding? 

Couples curious about the Hamptons wedding season should consider several factors when deciding what time of year to hold their celebration. When picking your Hamptons wedding date, factor in Hamptons wedding venues’ availability. The peak of the Hamptons wedding season is the summertime, especially during holiday weekends. The shoulder season is before Memorial Day and after Labor day, so you might find that more of the in-demand vendors, like many Hamptons wedding caterers, are available then. In addition, selecting a shoulder season (or off-season) date will lower your Hamptons wedding cost. 

If you’re interested in booking a Hamptons wedding venue during peak season, be sure to reach out far in advance. Since other vendors including Hamptons caterers and wedding photographers book up far in advance, start reaching out at least nine months before your wedding. Of course, if your favorite team of Hamptons wedding photographers isn’t available, you can bring in  pros from New York City or other parts of Long Island. But Hamptons wedding photographers are intimately familiar with the best photo spots for Hamptons weddings, and having someone local can be a huge advantage.. 

When selecting your Hamptons wedding venue, consider your priorities. Some couples prioritize wedding venues that will provide a view of the ocean or Long Island Sound. Other couples are interested in indoor Hamptons wedding venues. Your desired Hamptons wedding venue type also impacts the best time of year for your big day.

How much does a Hamptons wedding cost? 

Wondering if the Hamptons wedding cost is within your budget? One of the first questions to ask Hamptons wedding planners is how much the average wedding costs in the Hamptons. The average cost of a wedding in New York was $27,533 in 2020, and, as a point of reference, the average cost of a wedding in the US that year was $20,300. Considering the East End has some of the highest property values in the country, you should expect that a Hamptons wedding will come with a higher price tag. The area’s higher cost of living means everything from the Hamptons wedding florists to Hamptons caterers, labor and beyond will be more expensive. 

Because the area is serviced by New York City wedding vendors, you might opt to select some of the city’s best to bring your big day to life. Keep in mind that if you hire NYC vendors for your East Hampton wedding, you’ll have to cover the cost of accommodations, transportation, and meals.

Of course, there are ways to navigate Hamptons weddings within your budget. If you’re set on a Montauk wedding but fear a busy celebration may be out-of-reach, consider t an indoor venue during winter. A waterfront winter wedding is still gorgeous, and it will reduce your total Montauk wedding cost. Alternatively, if you’re set on a peak-season Hamptons wedding date, but invite fewer guests than initially planned. Selecting local vendors so you don’t have to finance accommodations, food, and transportation can keep your Hamptons or Montauk wedding prices down, too. 

What are the different types of Hamptons wedding venues?

There are actually quite a few different types of Hamptons wedding venues, and your first step is to decide whether you want to target indoor or outdoor spaces. If you’re interested in indoor Hamptons weddings, you’ll have more flexibility with your date, which could allow you to lower your total Hamptons wedding cost. If you prefer outdoors, however, you could enjoy majestic views of the Long Island Sound or Atlantic Ocean. This, of course, often comes at a higher Hamptons or Montauk wedding cost. 

Once you’ve determined whether you want an indoor or outdoor event, consider your guest list. Some venues are spacious enough to accommodate large or small parties. Others have strict restrictions. 

Do you want a Hamptons wedding venue that has in-house wedding planning, catering, and floral design services? Or do you want to be able to hand-pick your vendor team yourself? There are pros and cons to both—if you opt for  in-house, the planning process, and the team will certainly be intimately familiar with the venue and its capabilities. However, you won’t have as much freedom to choose your dream vendors, and sourcing the Hamptons wedding vendors yourself can be a time-consuming part of wedding planning

The Hamptons are home to several vineyards which make exceptional wedding venues, especially during the spring, summer, and fall months. Another favorite Hamptons weddings venue is a private golf, yacht, or beach club. Of course, many couples opt to host their Hamptons weddings at hotels, some of which may have elegant ballrooms. If you don’t live in the Hamptons, another popular venue option is a Hamptons wedding house rental. If you’re interested in a Hamptons wedding house rental, you’ll enjoy plenty of privacy—but be sure to book early! Hamptons wedding estates book up far in advance. 

Some couples celebrate their Hamptons wedding at a museum, which is a unique venue option. Because this region is known for its beaches, many couples dreaming of Hamptons weddings choose to marry on a beach where they can wear stylish, beachy Hamptons wedding attire. Just remember to get a permit!. 

Garden Hamptons weddings are another popular option. Your guests will love donning their chicest Hamptons wedding attire and enjoying a summer garden wedding day. If you’re aiming for a rustic Hamptons wedding, farms or barns could be a great fit. And lastly, if you have a smaller wedding party and want to prioritize delicious Hamptons wedding caterers, you can opt for restaurants with private spaces. Just don’t forget to get about Hamptons wedding cakes

How do you find Hamptons wedding vendors?

When you’re looking for Hamptons caterers, photographers, bakers, and florists, you might be wondering if you have to stick with local teams. Keep in mind that NYC and all Long Island wedding vendors service the area, so you aren’t strictly limited to a Hamptons wedding photographer or other local vendors. There are some perks of doing so, however, as vendors who reside in the area may be more in the know. In addition, if you opt for out-of-town vendors for Hampton weddings, you’ll need to allocate part of your budget to paying for transportation and accommodations. 

The best way to get inspiration is by taking a look at past couples’ Hamptons weddings. Our library of real Hamptons weddings helps you curate your own vendor team by noting the vendors other couples enlisted to bring their Hamptons wedding dreams to life. Our directory lists the best Hamptons wedding planners, florists, photographerscaterers, musicians/DJs, and cake bakeries. If you’re ready to get started curating your Hamptons weddings team together, this is the best place to begin!

How do you get to the Hamptons? 

If you’re having a Hamptons wedding and you or your guests are from out of town, it’s nice to provide information on your wedding website detailing  how to get into the area. For those flying in, there are several airports nearby: The international airports in the area include Newark Liberty and John F. Kennedy International. If you or your guests are taking a domestic flight, you could opt for Laguardia Airport or Long Island MacArthur Airport in Islip, Long Island. Whether guests are coming in from New York City or the airports for your Hamptons wedding, they can take the Long Island Railroad or Hampton Jitney bus to get to the East End. 

There are plenty of exciting things to do in the Hamptons, especially during summer, so providing guests with an overview is always appreciated.