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Mexican Wedding Venues

Our Favorite Places in One of the Dreamiest Destinations
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Your wedding venue is one of the most important parts of your big day. That's why we're making finding The One that much easier, with this series of the "Top Spots" in each location and for each type of venue. From our favorite Mexico destination weddings to the best ballroom bashes, we've rounded up the perfect places to get married—and everything else you need to know about planning a wedding there.

World-renowned for its vibrant culture, decadent cuisine, and countless scenic beaches, weddings in Mexico offer couples the opportunity to celebrate their love against the backdrop of one of the world’s most colorful countries. With all of these qualifications (and then some!), it’s easy to understand why so many couples select a Mexican wedding venue as the ideal location for their destination wedding. If you’ve been fantasizing about destination weddings in Mexico but are unsure of how to find the best location, we’ve rounded up our favorite wedding venues all across the country—and mapped out a little guide to the most popular areas. Just think of us like your Mexico wedding venues fairy godmother. 

Weddings in Mexico can be unforgettable, but they do require a bit of planning.  Your Mexican wedding can be anything you want it to be, which is why this destination is so appealing for couples looking to say “I do” in a foreign locale. But it helps to get to know the different areas first—as well as what makes them unique, how easy they are to get to, etc.—before honing in on a specific Mexican wedding venue. If you take your time searching, you might find that San Miguel de Allende venues suit your wedding aesthetic better than Cabo venues for weddings in Mexico—or vice versa. But the beauty is that, whether you’ve dreamed of a beach wedding under the stars, are drawn to the idea of getting married somewhere luscious and green, or are seeking the vibrance and historic architecture of one of the major cities—nine of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites (there are 35 World Heritage Sites in Mexico!)—destination weddings in Mexico check all of those boxes.

Mexican wedding: neutral modern seating chart adorned with bohemian floral bouquet at the base
Mexican wedding: neutral bohemian beach ceremony set up overlooking the ocean

Why are Mexico weddings so popular?

Just across the southern US border lies Mexico, a Latin American country illustrious for its bevy of historical sites and sun-drenched beaches. 340,000 destination weddings occur all over the world every year, a huge number of which are Mexico weddings. Because the country boasts innumerable wedding-ready venues, it’s no wonder that couples flock here to celebrate their love, not to mention to take advantage of some of the best Mexico wedding packages. 

At your wedding, you’ll be making the most important commitment of your life. We think you deserve the perfect background to make the most of that moment that you’ll replay countless times. That’s where Mexican weddings come into the picture. Destination weddings in Mexico score major points for their versatility; couples hosting a rustic ranch wedding will just as easily find exceptional venues as those seeking an amenity-rich beachfront resort. Whether you plan to marry your partner with your toes in the sand or prefer a Mexican wedding venue in the mountains, you’ll be able to find a venue that checks every box.

Before you dive into planning the big day, peruse our library destination weddings in Mexico to check out which venues other couples selected and loved. In addition, you’ll learn more about the vendor team they curated for their weddings in Mexico. You’ll even get to see how your potential Mexican wedding venues look all dressed up for the big day with flowers and decorations.

Mexican wedding: aerial image of beach wedding ceremony

What are the different types of Mexican wedding venues? 

Weddings in Mexico are popular because of the country’s unique, diverse geography—and the proximity of its white sand beaches to so many major US cities. Not only is Mexico home to more than 9,000 kilometers of coastline, but it also boasts 64 million hectares of jungle. This means there is actually a great variety to choose from when it comes to selecting a Mexican wedding destination. But, not surprisingly, many couples end up opting for a Mexico beach wedding at one of the countless oceanfront venues on either coast. No matter the vision for your Mexico wedding, there is a perfect wedding venue out there where you can bring it to life. If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry—there are plenty of wedding planners available to help curate all the details of weddings in Mexico. 

Before you begin your search for the ideal Mexican wedding venue, you should first consider which type of venue would best fit the energy and theme of your wedding. For example, if it’s the country’s rich history that you want to spotlight, perhaps one of Mexico’s ornate historical churches would fit the bill. Or if you envision your family and friends surrounding you with their toes in the sand as you say “I do,”  you’ll be spoiled for choice with the hundreds of beachfront Mexico wedding venues. Or perhaps you’d rather be able to soak up the vibrant culture at a Mexican wedding venue in one of the country’s old cities. Here are some the most popular environments for weddings in Mexico: 

Mexico Beach Weddings

Both the country’s east and west coasts, as well as the Baja peninsula, boast postcard-worthy white sand beaches and aquamarine water. Mexico beach weddings fulfill every fantasy that you have of palm trees swaying and sea winds tousling your hair as you say your vows. With thousands of miles of both Pacific and Atlantic beaches,  it will be hard to choose which of the beachy Mexico wedding venues is The One. If you’re having trouble deciding where to have your Mexico beach wedding, the most popular options to consider are Cancun wedding venues, nearby Tulum wedding venues, and of course, Cabo wedding venues. You’ll find that many places from Cabo wedding venues to Canun resorts and beyond offer Mexico wedding packages, which makes them an attractive option. But you might want somewhere a little more off-the-beaten-path, like Holbox or Zihuatanejo. Whether the vibe for your big day is bohemian chic or upscale and elegant, you can work with your Mexican wedding venue to tailor the space to fit the needs of your big day.

Mexico Weddings in the Jungle

Did you know that approximately 25-30% of the country is forest land? This lush, leafy environment might be the perfect place for a Mexico wedding—as long as you work with knowledgeable Mexico wedding planners who can transform the wild beauty of the jungle into an elegant event space—while respecting the wildlife that resides there. Mexico weddings in the jungle will no doubt score points for originality.

Mexican wedding: all-white beach wedding ceremony overlooking the ocean
Mexican wedding: aerial shot of long tables on a dock overlooking a jungle-lined waterway

Historic Weddings in Mexico

You’ve likely seen images of the impressive pyramids and temples the Aztecs created in your history textbooks, which are located all across the country, and the historically significant architecture continues throughout the country’s 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you want your guests to have the opportunity to learn more about Mexico’s ancient and fascinating history, choosing a Mexican wedding venue that is surrounded by history is an excellent way to do it. If you and your partner are hosting a multi-day celebration with your guests, you can incorporate an educational day trip into the weekend’s activities. Or you could choose a 16th-century cathedral as the location for your ceremony. There are also endless opportunities to celebrate the history of this special place you’ve chosen for your wedding.

Mexican City Weddings

Mexico has its share of beaches, jungles, and ruins, but don’t ignore its attention-worthy urban landscapes, many of which are filled with stunning colonial architecture! If you’re interested in Mexican city weddings, you’ll find that you have several options for lively, culturally-rich destinations with beautiful wedding venues.

Mexican wedding: aerial shot of historic stone wedding venue

Once you’ve decided which environment will serve as the backdrop for your Mexican wedding, it’s time to find the property type you’d prefer to host your big day.

Mexican Weddings at Hotels & Resorts

For couples who live outside the country, choosing a resort or hotel for their Mexican wedding often comes with a package of services that makes the planning process easier from afar. Many hotels and resorts offer Mexico wedding packages, which might include catering, accommodations, flowers, and even music. In addition, there are plenty of dreamy, romantic Mexico resorts for weddings on the coast. If you’re considering a Mexico beach wedding, reviewing lists of the top Mexico resorts for weddings could help you identify which areas are the most appealing to you. Fortunately, no matter what areas you’re interested in, there are gorgeous luxury Mexican wedding hotels located all over the country. And if you’re looking to create an extra-special sense of intimacy and privacy on your big day,  some couples opt to rent an entire resort for their weddings in Mexico, which truly creates a one-of-a-kind, exclusive experience.

Mexican Weddings at Event Spaces

Destination weddings in Mexico can also take place at dedicated event spaces. Event spaces have years of experience bringing couples’ dream Mexican weddings to life—which can make the process of putting a Mexico destination wedding together that much simpler. If you want to learn more about event spaces suitable for Mexico weddings, your planner will have a list of viable options.

Mexican Weddings at Museums

Alternatively, you could decide that a museum could serve as a stunning and unique backdrop for your Mexico wedding. Not only do museums provide artwork and color, but they’re also entertaining for wedding guests. In addition, museum weddings in Mexico can be suitable for both large-scale and intimate Mexican weddings.

Mexican Weddings at Estates

Another option is to explore private estates that host Mexican weddings. Estate venues are ideal for couples looking for impressive architecture and a personalized, tailored wedding day. Additionally, most estates are not open to the public, which means that you will have plenty of privacy during your big day (particularly while your vendors are setting up, which can be tricky at venues that allow daytime tours). Whether you’re inviting a couple hundred people to your Mexican wedding, or you want to keep it small, you can’t go wrong with the extra layer of stateliness and intimacy that estate weddings provide. You can also inquire with Mexican wedding estates about the potential for Mexico wedding packages.

Mexican wedding: couple walking hand in hand down the streets of Mexico with colorful flags strung overhead
Mexican wedding: bride walking down outdoor corridor at an estate style wedding venue

What are the most popular parts of Mexico to get married? 

While Mexico beach weddings are some of the most picturesque, there is an overwhelming number to choose from, plus plenty of other locales worth exploring for engaged couples who want to have a destination wedding in Mexico. You’ll find stunning Mexico wedding venues located across the country, so take your time to consider all of your options before making your decision. You might also want to take your desired Mexico wedding cost into account while making your selection.

Mexican wedding: aerial view of beach wedding ceremony set up

The Yucatán Peninsula

The Yucatán Peninsula is on the Atlantic coast and is considered one of Mexico’s most scenic spots—which establishes it as an excellent destination for weddings in Mexico. This beachy paradise with nearby Aztec ruins Chichen Itza offers couples the opportunity to get married at some of the most scenic Mexico resorts for weddings. 

Cancun Wedding Venues

Cancun is one of the most well-known tourist cities in the entire country. With crystal clear water and soft sandy beaches, it’s no wonder that Cancun is overflowing with luxury hotels and resorts. Cancun wedding venues give you the opportunity to get married with miles of ocean views in the background, which is why they’re highly sought-after for weddings in Mexico. One of our favorites is the NIZUC Resort & Spa, a luxurious Mexican wedding venue in the Punta Nizuc area of Cancun that flaunts 29 acres of beachfront property. This resort also features several pools, a massive spa, and exceptional restaurants.

Playa del Carmen Wedding Venues

Another fan-favorite if you’re looking for close-to-Cancun wedding venues is the nearby area of Playa del Carmen, which is less than an hour from Cancun airport. Here you’ll find the Grand Velas Riviera Maya, which features personal wedding planning services, fabulous amenities, seaside venues complete with swaying palm trees, and spaces that are suitable for small and large weddings alike. 

Just north of the city is the neighborhood of Mayakoba, which is an increasingly popular Mexican wedding destination. The Banyan Tree Mayakoba offers couples a tropical paradise complete with mangrove trees and meticulously kept coastlines. Another popular venue option for weddings in Mexico is Rosewood Mayakoba, whose lagoons, and mangroves are hallmarks of the seaside resort. Guests have the opportunity to golf, unwind at Sense spa, and feast at Rosewood’s renowned dining locations.

Cozumel Wedding Venues

A 30-minute ferry ride from Playa del Carmen is the island of Cozumel (also reachable by air from many US and Canadian cities), which is where the Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel is located. This luxury hotel is an excellent Mexican wedding venue choice, and is located in front of the Cozumel Marine Reef Park and its turquoise waters. In addition, the Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel offers guests luxurious experiences with relaxing suites, specialized restaurants, and the opportunity to immerse yourself and your wedding guests in nature.

Mexican wedding: couple posing on boardwalk in front of the ocean
Mexican wedding: neutral wedding reception featuring blue table runners, and pink and white centerpieces
Tulum Wedding Venues

Continuing another hour south of Playa del Carmen, you’ll find the popular travel destination of Tulum—another quintessential Mexico beach wedding destination. Tulum is said to be what Cancun was like before all the big hotels, so there are a variety of charming, picturesque Tulum wedding venues that still have that exquisite ocean view. Ak’iin Tulum is one of these Tulum wedding venues that is exclusively dedicated to hosting events and making your Mexican wedding a dream-come-true. The enchanting Mexican wedding venue offers everything from event design to wedding catering and beyond.

Holbox Wedding Venues

A couple hours north of Cancun is the tiny island of Holbox, which is famous for its shallow turquoise waters and population of flamingos. The boutique hotel Villas Flamingos is a premier Mexico wedding venue where you’ll have the chance to reconnect with nature and splash around in bright, Caribbean blue waters. Situated inside the Yum-Balam natural reserve on Holbox Island, this Mexican wedding venue is renowned for its authenticity and uniqueness.

Mérida Wedding Venues

Approximately four hours from Cancun is the city of Mérida (also accessed by Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport), the capital city of the Yucatán state, and a vibrant choice for a Mexico destination wedding if you’re looking for the cultural feel of a city, but on the east coast. There are several options for the best Mexican wedding venues in Mérida. Villa Mercedes Mérida, Curio Collection by Hilton is an elegant hotel that features traditional colonial architecture—the ideal backdrop for Mexico wedding photographers to snap pictures on the big day. In addition, downtown Mérida is just five kilometers from the hotel. A central location is always a plus for destination weddings in Mexico. Hacienda Xcanatun by Angsana is another exquisite option if you’re hoping to marry in Mérida. Tradition and history intertwine in this unique 18th-century hacienda, which is immersed in nature, surrounded by four acres of leafy, private gardens.

Mexican wedding: white and gold wedding reception outside on the beach

The Baja Peninsula

In addition to the Yucatán peninsula, another popular Mexico beach wedding destination is the Baja Peninsula, just south of California, extending into the Pacific. The area is most famous for the tourist destination at the southern end known as "Los Cabos.” There are a few popular Cabo wedding venues worth exploring for Mexico weddings. Couples can’t go wrong with the Grand Velas Los Cabos resort, which features all of the amenities you need to make your celebration come to life, including personal wedding planning services, gourmet cuisine, and exquisite sea views. Nobu Hotel Los Cabos has brought a variety of wedding themes to life at their gorgeous Mexican wedding venue. From bohemian to modern to edgy weddings, Nobu Hotel Los Cabos can help you create a remarkable aesthetic for your big day with its luxury spa, infinity pool, and private cabanas.

The One&Only Palmilla is also located in the Los Cabos area and is a Mexico destination wedding venue that prides itself on its hospitality, gorgeous water views, idyllic surroundings, and highly customized experience.

Mexican wedding: couple kissing under their neutral wedding arch on the beach
Mexican wedding: neutral white and gold, modern wedding reception, featuring long wood tables

The West Coast

On the west coast of Mexico, there are several can’t miss locations that are some of the world’s favorite Mexican wedding destinations.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Venues

Located in the Mexican state of Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta is an immensely popular vacation destination—and an ideal spot for weddings in Mexico. This beloved city is settled on Mexico’s Pacific coast and sits at the foot of San Sebastián and Sierras Cuale. 

If you close your eyes and dream of a seaside resort wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Casa Velas checks all the boxes. This resort can accommodate both intimate and larger wedding parties, not to mention its breathtaking views and a long list of amenities. 

Another whimsical Mexico wedding venue in the area is the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit. This dreamy resort offers full-service planning for weddings in Mexico, has unique architecture you’ll love, as well as jaw-dropping water views. 

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Wedding Venues

Further south on the west coast is Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. Here the chic Thompson Zihuatanejo makes for an ideal backdrop for destination weddings in Mexico. This hotel is nestled on Playa La Ropa’s white sands, which has garnered a reputation for being an excellent swimming beach in Mexico. 

Acapulco Wedding Venues

Continuing south, Acapulco is a storied tourist destination that became popular from the 1940s-1960s, and is home to the Banyan Tree Cabo Marques, one of the best Mexico resorts for weddings. This resort is in a gated community, which means that your wedding day will be all the more intimate and luxurious. With exceptional food offerings, a spa, and villa accommodations, there’s a reason Banyan Tree Cabo Marques is so well-loved for weddings in Mexico. 

Mexican wedding: couple kissing on the streets in Mexico in front of their Mojiangas
Mexican wedding: couple dancing on their led rainbow lit dance floor at their outdoor wedding reception

Central Mexico

If you’re looking for a Mexico wedding venue that’s less about sitting on the beach and more about experiencing the culture, there are several Mexican wedding venue options in the center of the country you might consider. 

Mexico City Wedding Venues

Have you selected vibrant, urban Mexico City as the destination for your Mexican wedding nuptials? If so, the Four Seasons Mexico City could offer you all the amenities you’re seeking. This opulent, five-star hotel features a luscious inner courtyard ideal for outdoor Mexico weddings. In addition, the Hacienda-style hotel features a spa, tasty dining, a rooftop pool, and a chic gastropub (suitable for a micro wedding).

San Miguel de Allende Wedding Venues

The colonial-era city of San Miguel de Allende is located in the central highlands and is a beautiful Mexican wedding destination you and your partner might consider for your big day. Located in the heart of the city, Casa de Sierra Nevada, A Belmond Hotel, features more than 30 rooms distributed within six different mansions and is a Mexico wedding venue where romance truly meets elegance. Hacienda San Jose Lavista is on a hill that overlooks San Miguel and Presa Allende. This breathtaking wine estate is a whimsical Mexican wedding venue that marries classic Hacienda architecture with modern convenience. 

Puebla Wedding Venues

In the east-central city of Puebla, Azul Talavera Hotel is a dreamy destination wedding venue that pulls inspiration from the colonial city’s heritage. The hotel features a ballroom and a courtyard with a 300-year-old chapel, perfect for couples looking for historical weddings in Mexico. 

Oaxaca Wedding Venues

The southwestern city of Oaxaca is home to Casona Sforza, which offers a distinctive location to commit to your partner. This resort is ideal if you’re planning an adults-only affair, as children are not permitted. This Mexican wedding venue is visually stunning, with a unique flair and geographic patterns that will make for exceptional wedding day pictures.

Mexican wedding: couple walking across stone bride to adobe style church

How much do Mexican wedding venues cost? 

Before you commit to saying “I do” in Mexico, you are probably curious to learn what the average Mexico wedding cost is. Here’s the good news: while the average cost of a wedding in the US was $20,300 in 2020, the price tag attached to a Mexico destination wedding could be significantly lower. Mexico wedding costs typically range from $5000 for a wedding with 30 guests at an all-inclusive resort to $15,000 if as many as 200 guests attend.

Think of that in comparison to how much a wedding venue alone costs in the US. On average, a US wedding venue cost will be between $12,343 and $14,006. In contrast, $15,000 could cover the entire cost of some destination weddings in Mexico.

Some venues even offer Mexico wedding package opportunities, which provide couples the ability to bundle vendors such as local wedding florists, musicians, and caterers.  This is an attractive option because it can be cost-effective, makes the wedding planning process smoother, and you know you’re getting Mexican wedding vendors who your venue has already vetted for quality. 

Successful destination weddings in Mexico are often achieved with the help of a talented local Mexico wedding planner. If you’ve opted for an all-inclusive wedding at a Mexican wedding resort, they’ll likely offer you the assistance of an in-house wedding planner. If your Mexican wedding venue does not offer the help of Mexico wedding planners, it’s wise to enlist the help of one (or a team) early on in the planning process. Mexico wedding planners have the skills necessary to make your Mexico destination wedding magical. 

If your wedding venue doesn’t offer an all-inclusive Mexico wedding package, expect to pay a site fee instead, and be sure to incorporate this into your overall Mexico wedding cost. While the price tag attached to a site fee might be lower than a package, keep in mind that you’ll have to bring everything in yourself, and source local vendors for all the details.

Mexican wedding: couple emerging from a church being serenaded by a mariachi band
Citrusy cocktails being served at a Mexican wedding.

How do you find Mexican wedding vendors? 

After selecting your Mexican wedding location, venue, and date, it’s time to look for local wedding vendors to make your destination wedding the celebration you’ve dreamed of. Typically, successful Mexico weddings will require the help of Mexico wedding planners. Once you’ve secured your planner, they’ll help you find other Mexico weddings vendors.  

If you’ve selected a Mexican wedding venue that offers a Mexico wedding package, you will likely be able to use many of the venue’s predesignated vendors. However, there is something to be said for hand-selecting all of your Mexico wedding vendors. Creating a vendor team from scratch offers you the opportunity to personalize your wedding in a way that Mexico wedding packages might not. However, sourcing and reaching out to vendors yourself can be pretty demanding—not to mention time-consuming. Mexico wedding planners can help you source other local vendors, this is the route you choose. 

Our Mexican wedding library and vendor directory are also great resources. Take a look at other destination weddings in Mexico, and even preview what your Mexican wedding venue will look like, all dressed up for the big day. Then learn exactly who the Mexico wedding vendor team was who put the event together. Or search our curated Mexico wedding vendor directory to find exactly what you’re looking for, from florists to hair and makeup artists to videographers. The key to having an unforgettable Mexico destination wedding is finding a team of trusted, talented professionals to make your event special, personal, and unforgettable.

What’s the best time of year for a Mexico wedding? 

Once you’ve decided to take the first steps toward making your Mexican wedding dream a reality, it’s time to save the date. Wondering which seasons are best suited for destination weddings in Mexico? There are a few factors you should take into consideration when you’re choosing your wedding day—especially if time soaking up the sun is part of your Mexico wedding plan.

If you have your heart set on a specific Mexican wedding venue, the venue’s availability will probably be a determining factor for your wedding date. But, if you’re looking for an outdoor wedding, be mindful of what month you choose. Taking the weather into consideration when making your initial wedding date decisions can help reduce the likelihood of disappointment when a rain cloud appears (though Mexican wedding culture considers rain a gift, as water is a provider of life). 

Suppose you are planning an indoor wedding at a traditional, colonial cathedral in Mexico City. In that case, the weather might not matter as much as it would if you’re looking into Tulum wedding venues for a Mexico destination wedding on the beach. However, it’s still best to consider Mexico’s weather trends when planning. The months between October and July are Mexico’s busy wedding season because the weather is most reliable. Of course, some couples still opt for August nuptials based on availability at their Mexican wedding venues—but with steamy summers and the potential for hurricanes, you risk having to delay walking down the aisle until the weather improves. Some experts consider January to May to offer the best weather for couples planning weddings in Mexico. 

While planning an outdoor Mexican wedding during hurricane season is a gamble on mother nature, there is an upside. You might find that your dream Mexico weddings venue has availability, and you can probably expect a lower price tag, too. 

Weather isn’t the only thing you should consider, however. In addition to this, you might find that your Mexican wedding venues have decreased availability during the peak tourist season. Your Mexico wedding destination might also be more crowded around this time. The most popular tourist seasons include New Year's Eve, around the time of spring break (March-April), and on any long holiday weekends. Some couples decide to get married during the shoulder season, which is in June. Again, this can help keep your Mexico destination wedding cost down.

Mexican wedding: an orange wedding table with loose flower arrangement
Mexican wedding: desert themed wedding lounge furniture underneath an outdoor, open-air teepee

What are some ways to incorporate Mexican culture into your wedding? 

Since you and your soulmate are planning a Mexican wedding, it makes sense to pay homage to the country’s rich culture by intertwining some aspects of it into your big day. Not all couples think to show their appreciation by incorporating Mexican wedding traditions into their celebration, but it’s an important way to show respect for the country that is so graciously welcoming you and your nearest and dearest for this important day.

If you are curious to learn more about some sentimental Mexican wedding traditions, there are so many lovely rituals and details to choose from: 

Mexican Wedding Rituals

Weddings in Mexico highlight the importance of family, which is why many beloved wedding traditions are centered around the couple’s next of kin. A beloved Mexican wedding tradition known as ‘El Lazo’ (the lasso) offers your loved ones the opportunity to get involved in your wedding ceremony. Similar to other unity ceremonies, this Mexican wedding tradition represents the couple getting married becoming united in God’s eyes. As Mexican wedding tradition dictates, the lasso will typically be a silk cord or large rosary beads. Two wedding participants—typically family members—will then place them around you and your partner during the wedding ceremony prayer, and you will keep it in your home for eternity.

Who says the party has to stop when your wedding reception comes to a close? In Mexico, it’s customary for couples to continue the celebration with their closest family and friends in a tradition called ‘la tornaboda.’ This afterparty gives the newlyweds a precious opportunity to spend time with their most intimate circle of loved ones.

Mexican wedding: monogrammed maracas as wedding favors
Mexican wedding: couple kissing on a dirt path followed by  their Mojiangas and wedding guests

Mexican Wedding Music & Dances

One Mexican wedding tradition that all people having a destination wedding in Mexico can include is live mariachi music, which is why securing your Mexico wedding musicians early in the planning process is so critical. If you hire a Mariachi band to play during your wedding ceremony, the group can play religious tunes or hymns. Once the party starts during your reception, however, the pace of the music will become increasingly upbeat. The intention? To get all of your wedding guests on the dance floor, of course!  Weddings in Mexico are known for plenty of dancing. Thanks to the live Mariachi band and several dances included in Mexican wedding traditions, the dance floor is sure to get plenty of action. 

Some Mexican wedding traditions include the Sea Snake Dance or Vibora de la Mar. The couple will stand atop chairs during this dance while forming an arch with their arms. Then, wedding guests will have the opportunity to pass underneath. Another popular Mexican wedding tradition is the money dance, in which wedding attendees “pay” to dance with each partner—which they do by pinning a dollar on them! This fun dance also has sentimental value, as it allows the wedding guests the chance to spend some time with their loved ones while dancing.

Mexican Wedding Food

Another way to embrace the country’s bright culture is by featuring traditional Mexican wedding cuisine for your celebration. Usually, the main course at Mexico weddings includes meat dishes that consist of chicken, beef, or pork, served with fresh tortillas on the side. In many cases, traditional Mexican wedding food includes beans, spicy rice, and enchiladas. Some venues offer in-house Mexico wedding caterers and can help you curate the cuisine selections for the big day. However, while your wedding dinner is essential, you can’t glaze over finding the tastiest dessert for your Mexican wedding! Tall, multi-layered cakes with intricate designs are the norm in the US, but Mexican wedding cakes have a slightly different feel. While weddings in Mexico typically feature wedding cakes, the cakes are often smaller and more varied. One common Mexican wedding cake includes a rum-soaked fruitcake. This Mexican wedding cake contains sweet ingredients such as coconut, pecans, pineapple—and don't forget the rum! Another beloved Mexican wedding cake includes the tres leches cake. Tres leches translates literally to ‘three milks,’ and a quick conversation with your Mexico wedding cake baker will reveal why. This cake includes three unique types of milk: condensed, evaporated, and whole milk (or heavy cream—baker’s choice!). If you’re interested in an airy traditional Mexican wedding cake, a tres leches cake is what you’re looking for. 

While these cakes are mouthwatering, they aren’t exactly stackable like tiered wedding cakes in the US. That’s why you’ll often find that there is a cake table at most weddings in Mexico. Here, you’ll be able to peruse a selection of ornate traditional Mexican wedding cakes—you might even want to work with a bakery to create tiny Mexican wedding cakes commonly referred to as polvorones.

Mexican Wedding Excursions to Cultural Landmarks

Another way to seamlessly incorporate the country’s culture into your destination wedding in Mexico is by incorporating historic landmarks in the area into your Mexican wedding weekend itinerary. For instance, an excursion to Chichen Itza from nearby Cancun wedding venues will offer you the opportunity to learn more about this historically significant place where you are marrying. Or, perhaps you’d like to tour legendary painter Frida Kahlo’s Blue House, which is now a museum. Make the most of Mexico weddings by taking the opportunity to learn more about the country’s storied history.

Mexican Wedding Decorations

Do you want a surefire way to jazz up your Mexico wedding venue with some local flair? Work with an artisan to craft wedding decorations that pay homage to traditional Mexican wedding decorations. Local artisans can create bespoke Mexico wedding decorations, like papel picado or a serape striped table runner, that you’ll cherish long after your wedding day ends. Keep in mind that the blooms that Mexico wedding florists arrange also will add a pop of personality to your venue.

Mexican wedding: neutral modern lounge furniture underneath a straw cabana, featuring a neon sign

How do you get to Mexico? 

In addition to figuring out the details of your Mexican wedding celebration, you’ll also need to coordinate transportation arrangements for yourself as well as all your guests traveling for the event. Mexico City International Airport, Cancun International Airport, and Guadalajara International Airport are the three largest airports in Mexico, and offer the option of domestic and international airlines. Of course, other smaller airports may be closer to the most popular Mexico weddings destinations, like Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos. 

While some of the most fabled Mexican wedding destinations may be a few hours from an airport (we’re looking at you, Tulum and Holbox!), you can rest assured that the natural beauty of these locales makes them well worth the journey. However, if you’re wondering how to reach these areas from the airports, you may have to enlist the help of private transportation.

Mexican wedding: floral lined stairway into a Mexican historic wedding chapel
Mexican wedding: couple holding hands walking down the beach at sunset

How do you get in touch with Mexican wedding venues? 

Congratulations, you’ve reached the final step of choosing the perfect Mexican wedding venue! Once you’ve narrowed down your options and are confident which Mexican wedding venues you want to reach out to about potentially hosting your destination wedding in Mexico, it’s time to get in touch. You can visit our wedding venue directory to see more real Mexico weddings that took place at the very venues that you’re considering, as well as the local Mexican wedding vendors couples worked with to add a spark of magic. Once you’ve made your decisions, simply reach out to the Mexico wedding venues and vendors via the link to their websites. The Mexico destination wedding you’ve always wished for is just a few clicks away.