Wedding details: Wedding couple Rachel and Sasha saying I-DO at their outdoor wedding alter in the mountains
Behind The Scenes

All of Rachel and Sasha’s Dream Wedding Details

Aspen, Colorado
BY SHIRA SAVADA / 01 19 22

Every wedding vendor team is created a little differently. In this series we explore how and why each couple selected the right wedding vendor for their big day.

It was the summer of 2017 when Sasha and Rachel were on a trip to Austria (where Sasha grew up), enjoying a cruise around a lake. Sasha was playing DJ, and as they were drying off from a plunge in the water, Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ About You” came on and Sasha presented two rings. Soon after, they began planning a wedding where Rachel grew up—the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. 

Decision 1

Wedding Planner / Designer

Throughout their engagement, the couple lived around the world in locations ranging from Germany to California, so having someone to rely on and guide them with all of their planning needs in Aspen was a must. They turned to Bluebird Productions to not only be their feet on the ground, but the masterminds of all their wedding details. With them on board, the next step for Rachel and Sasha was to figure out what time of year they wanted to get married in and a specific location.

Decision 2

Wedding Venue

Initially, the brides considered a New Year’s Eve wedding, but ultimately decided on Memorial Day weekend of 2019. They closely considered a handful of venues before selecting a downtown spot for their rehearsal dinner and Aspen Meadows Resort in the mountains for their big day.

“At the time of the venue selection, the couple was living in Germany and the Bauhaus style of architecture at the Meadows was the perfect nod to their time there.” —Virginia Frischkorn, planner

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Decision 3

Wedding Photographer & Wedding Music

After signing on with their venue, the couple and their planner tackled photography and entertainment—which included a band to keep the reception lively. They chose wedding photographer Leila Brewster and musician cooperative Élan Artists to bring the day to life in their own ways.

“They wanted their photos to come out amazing, but more importantly, they wanted to find a photographer that made them feel valued and excited to be on camera. Leila offers a very non-pretentious approach to photography, and as a person she is mellow and welcoming.” —Virginia Frischkorn, planner

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Decision 4

Wedding Florist

Rachel and Sasha were very intentional with every vendor they selected. They wanted to craft a team who was enthusiastic about their wedding and who they clicked with personally. They didn’t just want “great work” but they wanted “great people” who were passionate, open-minded, collaborative, and excited to do something different. They also wanted a dark and moody affair.

As design was incredibly important to the couple, choosing a floral designer was the next task, and one that took a while to ensure the fit was ideal. What helped them decide was one particular florist’s artistic and Old World approach to floral design—and a line of still life arrangements that she had photographed to look like the paintings of Dutch Masters. That was really all it took for them to know that Prema was the wedding florist for them.

“Although we finally settled on a May wedding, their desire for the dark and sexy New Year’s Eve vibe carried through with dark irises, crystals, candles, and rich fabrics. When we designed the wedding we imagined ourselves in an overgrown professor’s study with a mix of books, plants, butterflies, etc.” —Virginia Frischkorn, planner

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Wedding details: See more wedding flowers by wedding florist Prema
Wedding details: See more wedding flowers by wedding florist Prema
Decision 5

Wedding Stationer

With the look and feel of the day top of mind, the brides then focused on choosing a stationer, and finding someone who could create a non-traditional suite. Poste And Co. designed a collection of pieces that featured a mix of papers and colors as well as gold-foiled text. ​​​

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Decision 6

Wedding Hair & Makeup

Next it was time to choose hair and makeup artists, and two local professionals who Bluebird Productions had worked with frequently were added to the team: local hairstylists from Salon Tullio and makeup artist Vanessa Vieni.

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Decision 7

Wedding Videographer

Another vendor who frequently works with Bluebird Productions was wedding videographer Elysium Productions. They artfully captured all the wedding details, including the joy, emotions, and fun of the celebration.

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Decision 8 

Wedding Rentals, Lighting, & Flooring

One of their final decisions was selecting not only the rental companies, but the pieces that would bring their vision to life. Tabletop and furniture items were brought in from around the state as well as California, from Casa de Perrin, Premier Party Rental, and Charming Chairs. To round out the decor and set the mood for the reception, hiring Balentine Collection International for flooring and Halcyon Productions for lighting were the last moves made.

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