Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: Ian and Paul looking at their firework display at their wedding in Texas.

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Fireworks

Lighting Up Your Big Day
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In the wise words of Katy Perry, baby, you’re a firework. For couples who want to see sparks fly—literally—wedding fireworks provide a showstopping cap to one of the biggest days of your lives. But where do you begin? How do you know if your pyrotechnic dreams can come true?

Which is why we’re breaking down everything from the logistics to take into consideration, to the variety of price ranges, show types, and alternative options available to light up the night on your wedding day. Like, did you know that there are wedding sparklers that can actually be used at indoor wedding venues? So are indoor wedding fireworks a thing? And what’s the typical length of the average wedding firework display? Does it need to take place over water? 

We got the answers to all these questions and more directly from the experts behind these epic pyrotechnics. Plus, we can’t get enough of these jaw-dropping photos of real couples’ show-stopping moments, which can inspire your own wedding-turned-firework show.

Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A wedding couple enjoying fireworks in Mexico.

What are the different types of wedding fireworks?

Firework shows typically fall into two main categories: “consumer” and “professional.” While there are different levels in each category, wedding fireworks typically fall into the “consumer” category (as opposed to, say, the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks display, which would certainly be considered “professional”)—but are on the higher end for both the price and size. 

“A consumer [show] comes in what we call a ‘cake,’ and it can have anywhere from 10 to 30 shots all kind of going up in the air at once,” says Roberta Theiss, a bookkeeper at Legion Fireworks Co. in Wappingers Falls, New York. “The professional displays are shells that all have to be sent in the air individually, whether we’re firing them electrically or hand-firing, they’re lit and sent up one-by-one. We have different effects that we can maybe do five shells at the same time, but it’s a very different display.”

Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A wedding couple smiling at each other with several fireworks going off in the background.
Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A wedding couple kissing with two large fireworks behind them.

Consumer Wedding Fireworks

Most of the ones you can find sold directly to consumers are known as “safe and sane” fireworks (yes, that’s the technical term), which have a low amount of pyrotechnic material in them. Wedding fireworks are on the higher scale of consumer fireworks and they’re bigger and more expressive than the average safe and sane fireworks, says Theiss. 

Full-Scale Professional Fireworks

In addition to the special effects you’ll see at most weddings, there are the more opulent, over-the-top shows. These are professional-grade and more commonly appear at sporting events and larger-scale events. For example, the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular costs more than $2 million to put on (that includes fireworks and anything else needed for the major event).

Here's how one couple ended their wedding night with an iconic firework display:

What do couples need to know about wedding fireworks?

While these incredible shows can be an epic way to end to your celebration, there are also rules and regulations for wedding fireworks that are important to take into account. This can vary by state, but you’ll need to talk with your pyrotechnic professional about what they can and can’t do in the state or local area where your wedding is taking place.

“First and foremost, there has to be enough space—a safe distance from the spectators or buildings,” Theiss says. “It’s different for every size shell and every product we have.” 

Safety is the biggest concern here, and though “fire” is in the name, you really want your wedding fireworks to be a fun, exciting, and injury-free feature of your event. Trust that your firework pro will know what is possible in your space, and from there, you can figure out if you need anything else (say, a barge or any other maneuvering).

Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A wedding couple smiling with a big firework above them.
Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A wedding couple looking out over a bridge to see fireworks.

This experience will vary depending on where you’re located and the professionals you hire, so making sure you have a trusted team behind you will make your special day as flawless as possible. That being said, consulting with your venue coordinator (especially since some venues may not even be open to having fireworks on the property) or wedding planner will allow you to get local recommendations and figure out who you can rely on for this part of the festivities. 

Weather is also a major factor for your wedding fireworks, namely when it comes to wind and rain. Ideal wind conditions are five to 10 miles per hour, as too much wind can move the fireworks off their path and potentially cause a fire. Because fireworks have also been the cause of more than 19,000 fires each year, many find it safer to set fireworks off over a body of water. And while it’s less-than-idyllic, your outdoor fireworks can still go on during a rainstorm—so long as there’s no lightning.

Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A wedding couple embracing while looking at a firework display.
Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A groom twirls his bride near a firework display.

How much do wedding fireworks cost?

In 2021, consumer fireworks revenue totaled $2.2 billion. Wedding fireworks can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $25,000, according to Theiss—it all depends on timing and the size of the show you want. The more common range is $3,000 to $5,000 for weddings.

“Normally, it’s five to seven minutes for a $3,000 budget,” Theiss says. “If you had a $3,000 show and wanted to add $500 for more time, we could probably go another two to three minutes.”

On top of that, if you want your wedding firework display over water, you should expect an additional fee. This will cover the cost of the barge needed, plus any additional safety measures that need to be taken. In addition to potential over-the-water fees, you’ll also need to consider how you want the actual show to look! Some firework experts can shoot an image or word in lights, or you might want to match your wedding colors to the show.

Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A bride and groom kissing with guests holding sparklers in the background.
Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A wedding couple sharing a kiss while guests hold sparklers.

What are some alternatives to wedding fireworks?

There are two primary alternatives to wedding fireworks: wedding sparklers and indoor wedding fireworks. The former is more cost-effective and involves guest participation, while the latter is an increasingly popular, albeit more expensive option.  

Wedding Sparklers

These include wedding sparklers, firecrackers, and other smaller-scale options you’ll typically buy at a firework store or tent. For those wondering where to buy wedding sparklers, online or at one of these stores is your best bet.

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers

If you’re wondering, “Where to buy bulk wedding sparklers near me?” the answer is everywhere. However, a great place to start is online. There are a variety of online sellers on Etsy, Amazon, and more who can provide you with everything you need to create a more fantastical exit from your reception with wedding sparklers. 

Purchasing bulk wedding sparklers is a much more affordable way to light up your big night, compared to the outdoor or indoor firework shows. For example, a wedding sparklers bulk pack of 30 are $59.99 at and a smaller pack of six is available for $4.99 at Phantom Fireworks.

Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A wedding couple kissing in front of their guests, who are all holding sparklers.
Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A wedding couple smiling while holding sparklers.

Indoor Wedding Fireworks

These are set up low to the ground (not explosions up in the air like traditional outdoor fireworks) and typically line the dance floor at your reception. And when it’s go time, sparks go up a few feet to create a truly dazzling indoor display. For indoor wedding fireworks, you might be charged anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than $20,000, according to Richland, Missouri-based firework company Premier Pyrotechnics. Theiss says the higher costs for these shows are typically due to the bigger insurance bill and overall design of the product.

Cold Sparklers and Sparkler Fountains

There are also cold sparklers, or cold-spark fountains or machines, which are a pyrotechnic simulation that many couples love for a wow-worthy entrance or exit at their reception. These have a firework-like effect, but the sparks they emit are not flammable. This could make them a safer option for you and your guests (as well as make your venue more open to them). But like professional fireworks, you’ll need a technician on-hand. If you’re interested in cold sparklers, you could expect to pay $375 or more per unit, according to Tampa, Florida-based DJ Cory Barron.

For the more traditional sparkler fountains, you can also make a statement with these light-up fixtures. Just keep in mind that these aren’t “cold” and do require that you and your guests are a safe distance from these wedding sparklers.

Wedding Fireworks Wedding Sparklers: A bride and groom smiling at each other while fireworks go off in the background.

How can you start planning your wedding fireworks?

For more information on answers to questions like, “Where can I find wedding sparklers near me” and vendors’ contact information for a big firework display, look through our directory of real weddings and learn more about the experts who’ve created these incredible effects. Whether you’re planning a dramatic wedding fireworks show or want to make a serious entrance at your celebration with wedding sparklers, you can’t go wrong with any of these spectacular options.