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I start each morning slow, sipping coffee and breathing in thankfulness. Within moments of waking up, I get a text. Our ritual, our romance. I'm smiling before I read it. He just gets my heart like that. John. My source of laughter, my boyfriend romancer, and my best friend. John and I spend more time laughing than not. He teases that my gluten-free avocado toast is too hipster, I tease him for his lack of appreciation for fine cuisine. We laugh hard and play hard. He supports me, inspires me and challenges me to see the world as different as often as possible, and I love that my world is surrounded by people who do the same. My heart lives for coffee shops and long conversations. My obsession for coffee, with a little bit of French vanilla creamer, and all things baking run deep in my soul. (My cranberry orange scones and blueberry muffins could win some awards I am sure of it. ) I am convinced there isn't anything one of my Granny's donuts can't cure. My grandparents live a legacy of love being married for over 67 years, and to this day I believe in forever love because I've watched them live it. I find home in people. Like a good book snuggled on an inviting couch, I love people who are warm and genuine and good for the soul. Maybe it's because I've met too many people who told me I wouldn't reach my dreams and that I will fail. Each day I wake up and get to prove them wrong while inspiring those who need to be told 'Your dreams are worth fighting for. ' My joy and passion come from giving to people. I love those quiet moments with friends or loud ones when you are surrounded by the people you love most. I love wandering in the wilderness and soaking up the peacefulness of the majestic mountains, just as much as getting lost in a great book. I love that imagination and love can take you to far off places and the sweetest friends can be your companion along the way. Maybe that is why I found photography, or that it found me.


Napa, California
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