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With a childhood infiltrated with classics such as Pride and Prejudice and the Last of the Mohicans, I'm a romantic through-and-through. My story begins in the rural plains of Missouri, jumping hay bales with my siblings and shifting through gravel to find my best-loved rock that held so much beauty when peering through my young eyes: "fool's gold". I've come a long way since those early days making common rocks my treasures, but finding beauty in the ordinary is something I haven't left behind. I take a 'less is more approach' when it comes to composition, believing that a meaningful message is so often better communicated whilst showing so much less. With more than a decade experience as a disciplined dancer, elegant lines and artful presentations are a staple of my work. Creating art paired with a seamless, personable experience is the heartbeat of my mission statement, and photographing the connection of marriage is one of my life's greatest privileges. I'm honored you stopped by.


Scottsdale, Arizona
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