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We cre?ate per?son?al?ized, breath?tak?ing, cin?e?matic wed?ding films in an artis?ti?cally beau?ti?ful and pho?to?jour?nal?is?tic style. We want to inspire and be inspired by our cou?ples. Mov?ing Pic?tures offer a one-of-a-kind expe?ri?ence specif?i?cally tai?lored for YOU. Our team of cin?e?matog?ra?phers use the lat?est cam?era tech?nol?ogy to pro?duce the high?est qual?ity HD films. We love to travel and spe?cial?ize in des?ti?na?tion weddings!


Portland, Oregon
Tacoma, Washington
Seattle, Washington

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