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To me love is art, and art is love. My intent is to produce different, authentic, and cinematic imagery for you + your partner to cherish. I work in collaboration with couples to foster a place of intentionality allowing them to feel their most honest selves while engaged in and surrounded by beautiful scenery. I find I create the best art when I'm outside letting my clients exist together, no silly poses or staging, just the moment. Your wedding day is about the connection you two have and I want to produce imagery that honors your connection in an honest and intimate way.

Prior to entering into the wedding world, I was a landscape photographer for a decade. My knowledge of how to photograph landscapes is something I carry with me into every wedding day. Focusing on the nature and landscape around the people I'm photographing makes my art different. I love composing couples artfully within a landscape so when they look back at their photos it grounds them to the earth, the scene, the exact moment where they made their promise.

While I am currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, I'm open to traveling to any destination. Chances are I might even be heading to your location already! My travel dates are listed on my website in full. Reach out to me, and let's talk over lattes about what images we can create together. I can't wait to meet you!


Nashville, Tennessee
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