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4484 Hamilton Hwy, Hesse, Victoria 3321, Australia

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4484 Hamilton Hwy, Hesse, Victoria 3321, Australia

Located in the heart of the western district, Barunah Plains dates back to 1846. The property is strongly associated with the grazing history of the Western District.  Prior to soldier settlement in 1946 Barunah held over 50,000 merino sheep and was on 24,280 hectares. It was the largest sheep station in Victoria. The Barunah Plains homestead was designed by Scottish architects Davidson and Henderson. The original part of the homestead was built in 1866, with subsequent additions in the 1890s and 1910.

From the 1850s until 1978, Barunah Plains was owned by the Russell family. They were pastoral pioneers who played a major role in establishing the state's wool industry and had a residence befitting their status. They employed around 50 people who lived on the property, it was its o wn community. They even had their own post office. After World War II, the government acquired all the land for soldier settlement and in the mid - 1940s Barunah halved in size.

The homestead is perfectly positioned with views across the formal gardens and Warrambine Creek. Towering bunya - bunya pines, monkey - puzzle trees and 120 - year - old Elms make the garden truly one of a kind. The property also includes many of the original buildings. The shearing shed, stables, coach house and cottage, all classified by the National Trust of Australia. It really is an illustrious throwback to the early days of the region.

Over the past 6 years the current owners have undertaken a major renovation project on the homestead, farm and outbuildings to return it to its former glory. Barunah Plains is back to its magnificent old self! With the Homestead, gardens and surrounds the first things done it is now the most incredible setting. Opening up the doors for accommodation, weddings and functions is wonderful. We love being able to share the property with other people and look forward to welcoming you here soon.



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