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Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues:

Everything You Need to Know

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake that spans 72 miles of open water in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. With state parks making up much of the coastline of Lake Tahoe, this area is absolutely beautiful and one of the dreamiest places to host a wedding. Finding the best Lake Tahoe wedding venue can be challenging for those not familiar with this area and locals alike, so we’re breaking down everything you need to know about them.

Plus, through our directory, you’ll find plenty of information and photos of real-life Lake Tahoe weddings. From intimate weddings at Lake Tahoe wedding chapels to larger-scale celebrations at other popular Tahoe wedding venues, you can find the most incredible Lake Tahoe wedding locations that will suit your needs and your budget.

This guide will provide you with information on Tahoe wedding and reception packages, how to find a great Lake Tahoe wedding planner, costs associated with everything involved in the planning process, and any other factors couples should have on their radar. If you are planning to wed in Lake Tahoe or the surrounding areas in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this will provide you with all the tools and facts you need to start imagining the ultimate wedding day.

What is the best time of year for a Lake Tahoe wedding?

Lake Tahoe weddings are usually scheduled during the spring or fall to take advantage of good weather during these seasons. Most Tahoe wedding locations are at their best between March and May and again between September and November. These seasons, however, can also be peak times for tourism in Lake Tahoe. This can sometimes make it difficult to schedule your preferred time at Lake Tahoe wedding chapels or other resort venues in the area, so make sure to plan ahead!

The right time of year for your Lake Tahoe wedding will also vary depending on what you plan to do while in the area. For instance, you can enjoy boating and other lake activities during the warmer summer months. Meanwhile, planning a winter wedding in Lake Tahoe will allow you and your guests to ski or enjoy the serene beauty of snowfall in the mountains. These activities can make your wedding celebration even more unique and memorable for those who will share your special day with you.

You may need to keep an eye out for weather conditions or smoke concerns in Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas. Wildfires can sometimes pose serious threats to the mountainous areas around the lake and nearby Lake Tahoe wedding venues. Additionally, the smoke from fires many miles away can sometimes create issues for those in your wedding party or on your guest list with respiratory ailments. Keeping an eye on local conditions can often help to make your Lake Tahoe wedding reception and ceremony as pleasant as possible for everyone who attends.

The cost of Lake Tahoe wedding venues can vary significantly depending on seasonal demand too. Another factor that can impact the cost of Tahoe wedding venues is the availability of indoor-outdoor settings that can provide backup if the weather does not cooperate with your wedding plans. Talk all of these potential concerns through with your planner and other key members of your vendor team.

What are the different types of Lake Tahoe wedding venues?

You and your partner can choose from an extensive lineup of venues for Lake Tahoe weddings. Some venues offer Tahoe wedding and reception packages that can provide all-in-one convenience when planning your event too. In general, outdoor lakefront venues are the most popular options for Lake Tahoe weddings. You can also choose from among smaller venues, wedding chapels, and indoor venues to create the right atmosphere for your upcoming Lake Tahoe wedding. Here are some of the top categories for Lake Tahoe wedding venues:

  • Hotels and resorts are ideal options for couples planning everything from larger-scale fêtes to elopements at Lake Tahoe wedding venues. These Tahoe wedding locations have all the amenities in place and can provide you with a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Country clubs and golf courses often have Tahoe wedding sites that can provide stunning views of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Opting for these Lake Tahoe wedding venues can also allow you to take advantage of Tahoe wedding and reception packages that include activities and events for you and your guests. Some of these options may be available to members only, but sponsorships could be available if you have a loved one who belongs there.
  • Barn wedding venues in Lake Tahoe can be the perfect option for more rustic celebrations. If you are planning a large or small Tahoe wedding, looking for barn venues in this area can create the perfect backdrop for your exchange of vows.
  • Gardens and forests are among the most popular Lake Tahoe wedding locations. These outdoor Lake Tahoe wedding venues allow clear views of the scenic beauty of the location and can provide the amenities you need for your upcoming celebration.
  • Tahoe wedding chapels are designed specifically to provide you with a more traditional environment for your ceremony. Lake Tahoe wedding packages offered by these wedding chapels can also be a more affordable way to manage the costs of officiants, venues, and other necessities for your ceremony. If you decide to work with Tahoe wedding chapels, however, you will need to arrange for a separate venue for your Lake Tahoe wedding reception. These venues are generally smaller than other churches or houses of worship, so Lake Tahoe wedding chapels are recommended for more intimate weddings. And if you are looking for Lake Tahoe wedding packages that include the venue, an officiant, and some decor, these Tahoe wedding chapels could be the right choice for you.

Finding the right Tahoe wedding venues can be challenging, especially with the array of available choices in this area. Tahoe wedding chapels can provide the basics for smaller weddings. Meanwhile, if you are planning a larger wedding celebration, you can also find elegant and wow-worthy Lake Tahoe wedding locations.

What are the different areas of Lake Tahoe?

When searching for the right Lake Tahoe wedding venues for your special day, researching the various Tahoe wedding locations can provide you with information on which to base your decisions. North Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe and Reno are the most popular areas in which to hold a Lake Tahoe wedding:

  • North Lake Tahoe wedding venues are located near or in the towns of Truckee, Kings Beach, Tahoe City, Incline Village, and Crystal Bay. Truckee is the largest of these towns with about 16,000 people residing within its city limits. North Lake Tahoe wedding venues range from rustic to upscale. Plus, some of the most popular mountain wedding venues in North Lake Tahoe offer stunning views of the lake and the surrounding mountain areas. Checking into the Lake Tahoe wedding packages available from these larger venues or checking out local Tahoe wedding chapels can allow you to find the best option for you and your partner. All in all, North Lake Tahoe wedding venues offer tranquil and serene natural surroundings for wedding celebrations in this area.
  • South Lake Tahoe wedding venues, as the name suggests, are generally found in South Lake Tahoe, the largest city bordering this lake system. With more than 21,000 residents, South Lake Tahoe offers a variety of options for Lake Tahoe wedding venues. Casinos, restaurants, and Tahoe wedding chapels are among the most popular South Lake Tahoe wedding venues. Whether you are planning a small Tahoe wedding or looking for the right options for a larger Lake Tahoe wedding reception, there are a variety of popular options in this region.On top of the diversity of properties, South Lake Tahoe wedding venues also included renowned ski resorts (great for wintertime stays and celebrations) and beaches too.
  • Reno wedding venues include Lake Tahoe wedding chapels, hotels and resorts, and other popular indoor or outdoor event spaces. Known as the "biggest little city in the world," Reno is located in Nevada (bordering California) and is known for its casinos and restaurants, all of which are close to Lake Tahoe wedding chapels and other high-demand locales. With a population of more than 250,000, Reno offers an array of options for Lake Tahoe weddings. While some might think of Reno as a distant place from your Lake Tahoe wedding venue, it’s a great option for hotel room blocks or for spaces to host your reception. Plus, they might even offer Lake Tahoe wedding packages, since the lake is just a short drive south.

How much does a wedding cost in Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe wedding sites are available in a wide range of price points. Some Lake Tahoe wedding venues, for instance, are associated with resorts that can command a premium price. Other small Tahoe wedding options can be quite affordable too. Considering costs can help you to find the ideal Lake Tahoe wedding venue to suit your tastes and your budget.

The average cost of a wedding was $26,049 in California in 2020. Prices have been on the rise in recent years because of difficulties with supply chains, and Lake Tahoe weddings are particularly in high-demand. Taking the time to break down your wedding budget when planning Lake Tahoe weddings can often allow you to manage your expenses more effectively.

While your Lake Tahoe wedding venue and catering will usually constitute the largest percentages of your wedding budget, transportation and accommodations will also make up a significant portion of the cost for your Lake Tahoe wedding. Creating a wedding website can allow you to communicate more easily with your invited guests to ensure that they know about room blocks, transportation options, and anything else that would be good to know for your upcoming events.

Some Lake Tahoe wedding locations may lack the facilities you need for your wedding, especially if you want to experience the great outdoors. In these cases, you may want to work with your Tahoe wedding planner to find companies that rent and deliver portable bathrooms, kitchens, and other necessary items for your venue. This can sometimes add a considerable amount to the overall costs of Lake Tahoe weddings.

How do you find Lake Tahoe wedding vendors?

Vendors are key players in helping you to plan your wedding, including finding the right Tahoe wedding locations for your reception and ceremony. Whether you are planning a small Tahoe wedding or looking for larger Lake Tahoe wedding venues, the right vendors can make a real difference in the experience for you, your partner, and your guests.

  • Wedding planners: Working with an experienced Lake Tahoe wedding planner is a great way to get all the inside information about Tahoe wedding venues and the best vendors for these locations. Your Tahoe wedding planner can provide you with insights into the best Lake Tahoe wedding venue for your upcoming nuptials and can help you to design a wedding that you and your partner can be proud to share with friends and family.
  • Wedding cake bakers: When planning your wedding cake designs and flavors, your Tahoe wedding planner can often provide you with recommendations for bakers who deliver to your venues and who have a good reputation in the wedding industry.
  • Wedding photography: Selecting a talented photographer who can capture all the magical moments of Lake Tahoe weddings and who is familiar with your venues can result in photos of your wedding that you and your partner will cherish for years to come.
  • Wedding caterers: Finding the right wedding caterers for Tahoe wedding venues can allow you to impress your guests and to create a menu that suits you and your partner. Be sure to check with your Lake Tahoe wedding resort or other venues to make sure that outside catering is allowed for your wedding celebration. Some Tahoe wedding locations may have restrictions on which companies are allowed to provide catering at their venues.
  • Wedding flowers: Wedding flowers are versatile options that can be used to complement your Tahoe wedding venues, to fill in any areas within the space or to establish a color scheme for your entire wedding. Dressing up your Tahoe wedding sites with a little help from professional wedding florists can enhance the beauty of your venue and can help you achieve the right look for your wedding day.
  • Wedding decor: Companies that offer wedding decor can often help you to dress up your Tahoe wedding sites to create a unique and memorable look for your entire wedding celebration.
  • Wedding rentals: Because some Lake Tahoe wedding venues might be more remote and not come with an on-site kitchen or bathroom facilities, choosing a reliable company for necessary rentals can allow greater flexibility. Your Lake Tahoe wedding planner can provide you with practical assistance in finding the right rental companies for your Lake Tahoe wedding venues and in arranging transportation for larger items like portable bathrooms and furnishings. While you’re choosing between Tahoe wedding locations, consider the offerings each venue provides and determine what you’ll need to bring into each space or environment. 

Finding the right Lake Tahoe wedding venues and vendors will help you to transform your wedding dreams from ideas to reality. The best Tahoe wedding venues range widely in style and on-site offerings, but keeping these recommended vendors in mind will go a long way in the planning process.

What are some things for guests to do in Lake Tahoe?

As one of the historic areas of California and the bordering state of Nevada, Lake Tahoe is a popular tourist destination in its own right. Some of the most popular landmarks in Lake Tahoe include Inspiration Point Vista and the Fallen Leaf Chapel.

South Lake Tahoe is a popular destination for celebrity weddings and offers plenty to see and do for your guests. Since most wedding guests spend about $1,000 in clothing, travel arrangements, accommodations and a wedding gift, letting them know about popular attractions near your Lake Tahoe wedding venues on your website can ensure that these friends and family members enjoy their stay in the area.

Skiing, hiking, and snowmobiling are among the most popular options located near the top Tahoe wedding venues. Boat excursions and even balloon rides are also available for adventurous guests who travel to this area. Casinos are located close to many of the most popular Tahoe wedding venues for even more entertainment options. Letting your guests know about these attractions can make their trip to attend your wedding even more enjoyable.

How do you get to Lake Tahoe?

If your guests live far from Lake Tahoe wedding venues, air travel is usually the most practical option for reaching these areas. Reno-Tahoe International Airport serves both the military and commercial sectors and is conveniently located close to many Lake Tahoe wedding venues. The Sacramento International Airport is the next closest option for traveling to Lake Tahoe. This airport, however, requires at least a two-hour drive to reach this region of California. Rental cars are available at both airports and at most of the other airports that serve Northern California.

At Carats & Cake, we offer insights to help you plan the ultimate Lake Tahoe wedding. To learn more or to check out our directory of real-life wedding photos and vendor information, and visit us online at our website. We are here to help you plan an unforgettable ceremony and reception for yourself, your partner, and all those who will share this momentous day with you.