Los Angeles Wedding Venues

Your ultimate source for Los Angeles wedding venues is here. Browse our list of top wedding venues in Los Angeles, from outdoor gardens to historic buildings, and view photos of weddings at each one. Then get in touch with your favorites.

Hartley Botanica
Hartley Botanica
Somis, California

Pickwick Gardens
Pickwick Gardens
Burbank, California

South Coast Botanic Garden
South Coast Botanic Garden
Palos Verdes Peninsula, California

The Langham Huntington, Pasadena
The Langham Huntington, Pasadena
Pasadena, California

An iconic landmark hotel for more than 100 years, The Langham Huntington, Pasadena, is located at the base of the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, just minutes from downtown Los Angeles in beautiful Pasadena.Located on 23 acres…

Hotel Bel-Air
Hotel Bel-Air
Los Angeles, California

Rancho Las Lomas
Rancho Las Lomas
Silverado, California

Franciscan Gardens
Franciscan Gardens
San Juan Capistrano, California

Greystone Mansion
Greystone Mansion
Beverly Hills, California

Westlake Village Inn
Westlake Village Inn
Westlake Village, California

Calamigos Equestrian
Calamigos Equestrian
Burbank, California

The Houdini Estate
The Houdini Estate
Los Angeles, California

Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club
Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club
Dana Point, California

Weddings at Monarch Beach Resort are celebrations beyond expectation. Every detail is attended to with care; every moment is a cherished memory in the making. Fresh-cut flowers, white-linen covered tables, and sparkling bronze chandeliers set the…

Bel-Air Bay Club
Bel-Air Bay Club
Pacific Palisades, California

Setting: The Very Best of Los Angeles Wedding Venues With a Breathtaking Ocean ViewImagine exchanging your vows in a lush, romantic garden framed by flowers and with the backdrop of warm Pacific waves sparkling in the light of a red-gold sun…

Camarillo Ranch
Camarillo Ranch
Camarillo, California

Camarillo Ranch is a truly unique venue for your wedding day. The 4.5 acre event space consists of four venues including: the Front Lawn with its historic trees; a spacious Red Barn that is ideal for a rustic wedding reception; the East Garden,…

Rancho Del Cielo
Rancho Del Cielo
Malibu, California

Catalina View Gardens
Catalina View Gardens
Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Los Angeles Wedding Venues:

Everything You Need to Know

Lights, camera, wedding! For couples planning to tie the knot in the “City of Angels” and host an epic Los Angeles wedding, one of the first steps is finding the right venue for your upcoming celebration. A lot of questions come with the territory, but fear not: This directory will provide you with practical help and support in planning your Los Angeles wedding, from the various vendors and venues you can pick from to the best ways for your guests to reach your Los Angeles wedding venues. 

You’ll also find fun activities and nearby attractions to share with guests attending your celebration, as well as inspiration for your own unique Los Angeles wedding celebration. Our directory of photos of real weddings also allows you to find the most dependable vendors and the best wedding venues Los Angeles has to offer. 

Ready to get an inside scoop on Los Angeles wedding venues, vendors, and attractions? Check out our tips below to help you plan a unique and memorable soirée celebrating your love.

What's the best time of year for a Los Angeles wedding?

There really isn’t a bad time of year for Los Angeles weddings. Mild and sunny weather is the norm for Southern California wedding venues, which makes the decision about when to book your LA wedding venues a matter of personal preference rather than one based on Mother Nature. Many of the most unique wedding venues Los Angeles offers are strictly outdoor spots. You can, however, find plenty of wedding venues in Los Angeles that offer indoor-outdoor options to help you maintain climate control for your guests.

Summer typically attracts the largest crowds of tourists, but many of the best wedding venues Los Angeles has to offer can provide a beautiful backdrop for exchanging vows during every season of the year. Choosing to book your LA wedding venues during the off-peak season for tourism may allow you to enjoy somewhat lower costs, increased availability, and reduced crowds. This typically happens during the fall and spring seasons. The consistently good weather in this area, however, ensures that Los Angeles wedding venues, outdoor or indoor, will be in high demand most of the time. If possible, planning your celebration early is usually the best strategy to secure the best wedding venues Los Angeles has to offer.

What are the different types of Los Angeles wedding venues?

The options are nearly limitless when selecting the best LA wedding venue for you and your big day. Outdoor Los Angeles weddings often take place on one of the numerous beaches the city offers, as well as Malibu wedding venues that offer jaw-dropping views of the ocean. You can also choose a downtown Los Angeles wedding venue for a less beachy—but just as beautiful—feel.

While waterfront properties are some of the other most popular wedding venues in Los Angeles, there are tons of other desirable options to consider as well. When selecting a Los Angeles wedding location, you may want to consider some of the small wedding venues Los Angeles has to offer as well. For instance, a Los Angeles wedding chapel could be a fun alternative to some of the larger indoor or outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles. 

Here are some of the most popular types of Southern California wedding venues to keep in mind when picking a spot for your big day:

  • Estates offer all the amenities needed for Los Angeles weddings in an elegant package. These Los Angeles wedding venues, however, can be a competitive spot to snag and are often booked far in advance.
  • Hotels also offer wedding packages that may include flowers, top Los Angeles wedding photographers, and other amenities that will make your big day beautiful—and potentially easier to plan.
  • Beaches are among the most popular Los Angeles wedding venues outdoor enthusiasts choose for their weddings. Many of the beach wedding venues in Los Angeles, however, lack facilities for bathrooms, electricity, or running water. Choosing Malibu wedding venues on the beach that already have these facilities taken care of can save you time and money when planning your wedding. If you go this route, check with your LA wedding venue to find out what facilities will be available for you to use for your celebration.
  • Museums are among the most unique wedding venues Los Angeles has to offer. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, for example, is one of the most popular museum wedding venues in Los Angeles and can provide an elegant setting to say “I do.”
  • Libraries are often overlooked as an option for wedding venues in Los Angeles. But they shouldn’t be: These facilities, however, can allow you to reserve the most unique wedding venues Los Angeles can offer while providing a unique experience your guests may not have had before.
  • Private clubs may also be available for your ceremony and reception. Choosing a private or country club for your Los Angeles wedding location could be the right choice for you and your partner, and there are many great options to choose from.
  • Ballrooms are some of the best Los Angeles wedding venues if you want your big day to be full of glamor and dancing. Ballroom or not, though, you can always lay down a temporary dance floor to create plenty of space to party at Los Angeles wedding venues outdoors or indoors.
  • Gardens are among the most popular outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles. Public gardens offer plenty of greenery and flowers to make these Southern California wedding venues something truly special.
  • Parks are another popular option for couples in hoping to tie the knot in La La Land. By opting for LA wedding venues in California parks, you and your partner can enjoy the best Los Angeles wedding venues outdoor style with a timeless alfresco celebration.
  • Courthouse weddings, like weddings at other LA wedding venues, require a Los Angeles marriage license to be obtained before the ceremony can be completed. They offer a modern backdrop for your big day.
  • Restaurants sometimes offer private spaces for Los Angeles weddings. Selecting the right restaurant wedding venues can create an intimate atmosphere for foodies and family members alike.
  • Churches, synagogues, and other religious organizations are other traditional Los Angeles wedding venues popular among many couples.
  • Private residences are another option for some couples. In some cases, the best LA wedding venue may be in your own backyard, or that of a close friend’s or family member’s.

What are the different areas of Los Angeles?

Exploring the various neighborhoods in Los Angeles can be the key to finding the most appropriate Los Angeles wedding venues outdoor or indoor. Whether you are looking for the best wedding venues Los Angeles has to offer or are interested in exploring spots in a specific area—say, Pasadena wedding venues, for example—you can find an option that fulfills your vision for your big day. In other words, there is sure to be an LA wedding venue that is right for you.

Here are some of the different areas of the city to explore for Los Angeles wedding venues outdoor or indoor:

  • Downtown wedding venues: The right downtown Los Angeles wedding venue will make it easier for your guests to find and attend your wedding. Selecting a downtown Los Angeles wedding venue with all the facilities and amenities you need will also put you at the heart of this cosmopolitan city. Your downtown Los Angeles wedding venue will allow you to access all of the top attractions in the area while providing a beautiful set-up for your celebration.
  • Hollywood wedding venues: If you are looking for a Los Angeles wedding chapel or an iconic Los Angeles wedding location, Hollywood is a great option for you and your partner. Some of the most unique wedding venues Los Angeles has to offer are located in this part of the city.
  • West Hollywood wedding venues: Also known as WeHo, this area offers some of the trendiest Los Angeles wedding venues. If you are looking for LA wedding venues that are close to the nightlife of this vibrant city, West Hollywood could be the right choice for you.
  • Santa Monica wedding venues: The coastline of this area is a notable part of many of the most popular Santa Monica wedding venues. Hotels and restaurants are among the most popular Santa Monica wedding venues as well. If you are looking for Los Angeles wedding venues outdoor style, beach and waterfront Santa Monica wedding venues may be the right choice for you. What’s more, guests can easily explore the famous Santa Monica pier before or after your bash, as many of these wedding venues in Los Angeles are nearby.
  • Pasadena wedding venues: Event spaces and hotels are among the most commonly available Pasadena wedding venues. As the home of the Rose Bowl and the associated parade, Pasadena wedding venues often lend themselves perfectly to floral decorations that can enhance your ceremony. If you are looking for the most unique wedding venues Los Angeles can provide, Pasadena wedding venues could be the quintessential option for you.
  • Beverly Hills wedding venues: Many celebrity weddings take place at Beverly Hills wedding venues. If you are looking for the best wedding venues Los Angeles has to offer for couples in the area, Beverly Hills wedding venues offer upscale and elegant options under sunny skies. (Yes, please!)
  • Los Angeles wedding venues in the Valley: The San Fernando Valley is home to many of the small wedding venues Los Angeles, making it a great place for couples planning a more intimate celebration. If you are looking for an elegant Los Angeles wedding location, looking to the Valley could be a great option.
  • Malibu wedding venues: For a surf- and sun-inspired celebration, it’s hard to beat Malibu wedding venues. Many of the most popular Malibu wedding venues are located on the beach (we can already picture the timeless ceremony photos on the sand!). If you are looking for the Los Angeles wedding venues outdoor enthusiasts recommend, Malibu wedding venues could be an ideal choice for you and your partner.
  • Venice wedding venues: Beach bashes are among the most popular options for outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles. Venice and Malibu wedding venues alike offer access to sun, surf, and sand as part of the charm of these Southern California wedding venues.
  • Westside wedding venues: If you are looking for hotel wedding venues in Los Angeles, the Westside offers some of the best locales for your upcoming ceremony and reception, as well as other unique spaces for your soirée. 

There are seemingly endless options, which can make it difficult to uncover the ideal venue for your big day. No matter what vibe you’re after, working with LA wedding planners can help you find a spot perfect for you and your spouse-to-be, from the most elegant Beverly Hills wedding venues to outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles. Your wedding planner can also point you in the right direction for beautiful Malibu wedding venues or a centrally located downtown Los Angeles wedding venue. As always, you can also check out our gallery above to find the ideal Pasadena wedding venues or other LA wedding venues for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

How much does a wedding cost in Los Angeles?

The average cost of a wedding in California is estimated at about $26,000, but of course, this will vary depending on the choices made by you and your partner. For example, Santa Monica wedding venues may potentially cost less than comparable venues in Beverly Hills. Getting married at a Los Angeles wedding chapel may also reduce the price point of your ceremony. 

In addition to finding the best LA wedding venue, the right vendors will also play a role in determining your big day’s costs. It can help to keep in mind the size of your space, too. (For example, decorating one of the small wedding venues Los Angeles offers may cost less than the decor price points for a larger venue.) 

When choosing your LA wedding venue, keep in mind the number of guests you plan to invite and the costs associated with catering. Opting for fewer guests may make your respective LA wedding venue choice more affordable for you and your partner.

How do you find Los Angeles wedding vendors?

Once you’ve decided on the right wedding venues in Los Angeles for your celebrations, you can work with more of your vendor team to make the space unique to your big day. After all, your vendors will have experience transforming Southern California wedding venues into a spot reflective of you and your spouse-to-be’s styles. 

From the best Los Angeles wedding bands to the top photographers for your event, you can choose from an extensive array of vendors for your celebration:

  • The best wedding planner: LA wedding planners know the area well and can recommend the best Los Angeles wedding videographers, caterers, florists, and more for LA wedding venues. Entrusting your wedding to experienced LA wedding planners can reduce any planning-related stress and help you feel more confident during the lead-up to your fête. 
  • The right catering options for you: There are so many Los Angeles wedding caterers to choose from that’ll make your day reflective of your tastes. Your Los Angeles wedding caterers should provide the types of food that both you and your loved ones will enjoy. It’s important to keep in mind what you envision for your ceremony and reception when researching Los Angeles wedding caterers. For instance, a beachfront celebration will probably look a lot different food-wise than an event held at a Los Angeles wedding chapel.
  • Photography and videography services: Los Angeles wedding photographers are responsible for capturing the moments you and your partner will want to remember from your big day for decades to come. Working with professional Los Angeles wedding photographers is essential to ensure you get all the pictures you’re dreaming of. You may be able to provide shot lists to your team of Los Angeles wedding photographers that can help you manage the event more effectively. Meanwhile, Los Angeles wedding videographers create videos of the big event that can be shared with friends and family, allowing you to relive your special day even more. By working with the best Los Angeles wedding videographers, you can capture memories on film to keep your wedding day fresh in your mind for many years to come.
  • Music for the big day: Selecting the best Los Angeles wedding DJ or band for your celebration can be challenging. Fortunately, many Los Angeles wedding bands offer online samples of their work, or you can check out the band IRL if they’re having a nearby concert. Be sure to touch base with the Los Angeles wedding DJ you are considering or the Los Angeles wedding bands on your list to make sure that your musical visions align. (Your Los Angeles wedding DJ will help set the tone for your entire event, after all, which is why finding the right Los Angeles wedding DJ or bands is essential.)
  • The most delicious cake: Top your day off with a cake from a local baker to make your celebration extra-sweet. Of course, if cake isn't your style, your planner can help you find another sweet treat to serve up to guests, from donuts to pie to cookies. (Yes, yes, and yes!)

From the best Los Angeles wedding photographers to the perfect musical accompaniment for your wedding, finding the right vendors is key to the success of your soirée. Something else to keep in mind: some wedding venues in Los Angeles work only with selected vendors. Making sure your Los Angeles wedding photographers, videographers, caterers, and DJ can all simultaneously work together at your venue is an important part of the planning process.

What are some things for guests to do in Los Angeles?

Your guests will find no shortage of things to do in Los Angeles before or after they arrive for your big day, which is yet another advantage of hosting your events at Southern California wedding venues. Whether you have chosen one of the many small wedding venues Los Angeles has to offer or are planning a big event at one of the most exclusive LA wedding venues, you can provide added help for your guests by listing some of the local attractions on your wedding website. Here are some of the most popular examples:

  • The Hollywood Sign is a great destination for hikers and sightseers alike.
  • Rodeo Drive is an iconic shopping district, conveniently located near many Southern California wedding venues. Guests can go for a memorable shopping day, à la Pretty Woman.
  • If you are getting married at one of the small wedding venues Los Angeles offers near the beach, your guests may enjoy spending time swimming, surfing, or lounging in these areas.
  • Sports fans will appreciate directions to the LA Coliseum or Rose Bowl stadium.
  • Many top wedding venues in Los Angeles are located close to attractions like the Griffith Park Observatory or the Santa Monica Pier.

Letting your guests know about attractions located close to your Los Angeles wedding venues can ensure that they have the best time throughout their stay in the City of Angels. You can even take local attractions into consideration when choosing your wedding venues in Los Angeles to make your guests’ trips extra-special.

How do you get to Los Angeles?

If guests aren’t within a drivable distance, most will travel to the city by air. The four major airports in Los Angeles are:

  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Long Beach Airport (LGB)
  • John Wayne Airport of Orange County (SNA)
  • Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR)

Your wedding website is the perfect place to provide information on travel from these airports to your chosen venues. 

To begin planning your Los Angeles wedding, you can visit the Carats & Cake directory for helpful inspiration, as well as vendor and venue info.