An industrial wedding venue (99 Scott) set up for a reception, with big windows, twinkle lights, long tables, and brick walls.

37 Industrial Wedding Venues for a Modern Celebration

Sleek Spaces for Your Big Day
BY HALEY JENA / 11 22 22
Photo by Jessica Perez Photography

In one word, industrial wedding venues are versatile. You can achieve nearly any vibe with these stylish spaces: edgy, modern, rustic, formal, classic, elegant, boho—you name it. It’s not surprising why industrial wedding venues are such a popular option: Their chic design elements and flat-out cool atmosphere make them supportive of any aesthetic you’re after, and plus, industrial weddings are having a serious moment right now.

While every space is obviously unique, industrial wedding venues usually have a few shared characteristics. Think: exposed brick, steel beams, large windows, metal lighting fixtures, memorable artwork, visible piping, concrete flooring, and a generally airy feel, for instance. All these features come together to create an elegant yet modern space to say “I do.”

There are endless industrial wedding venues to choose from, but it’s important to carefully consider which one feels best to you. After all, picking your venue is one of the biggest parts of the planning process, as it accounts for a substantial portion of your wedding budget (sometimes up to 70%) and can influence the rest of your vendor team.

To help you find the perfect place for your industrial wedding, we set out to narrow down some of the best industrial wedding venues across the nation, from sophisticated hotels to refurbished warehouses. Read on for plenty of industrial wedding venue ideas, plus the considerations to keep in mind while you’re booking.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride and groom smiling, holding hands, and walking back down a narrow aisle together at Wythe Hotel.
Industrial Wedding Venues: A reception set-up with cool mismatched chairs and a table in front of a garage-style door lined with string lights.
Industrial Wedding Venues: A couch and chair under an industrial chandelier with a brick wall and table behind it.

What are the benefits to choosing industrial wedding venues? 

Industrial wedding venues are fabulous, failproof places to tie the knot. You can choose a sleek hotel in your area for a more classic and elegant industrial wedding, or travel to a big city you love for a more edgy and urban industrial wedding. No matter which approach you take for your soirée, there are countless reasons for why you’d want to pick an industrial wedding venue for your celebration. 

On that note, here are some of the top benefits that come with industrial wedding venues:

Modern, Memorable Spaces

Like we touched on earlier, an industrial wedding venue will elegantly complement any vibe you’re after. Want to create a colorful, edgy celebration in a big city like Kate and TR did at The Line DC? Easy. Prefer to embrace an on-trend minimalistic aesthetic like Jessie and Aaron did at Red Space in Cleveland? No problem! Wherever you choose to host your gathering, industrial wedding venues provide an elegant (and always cool) celebration space.

Weather and Calendar Flexibility

While some venues are extra-special at certain times of the year, industrial wedding venues provide an excellent space for your fête, regardless of the forecast or calendar date. As most industrial weddings are indoors (or at least have an indoor component), you likely won’t need to worry about potential rain and snow or guests feeling uncomfortably hot or cold during the ceremony. Plus, there’s not typically a “busy season” for industrial wedding venues, as there might be for, say, a beach celebration on Labor Day weekend. That means you might experience increased flexibility for when you’d like your soirée to occur.

Industrial Wedding Venues: Two brides holding each other and standing close by a brick wall with turquoise shutters.
Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride and groom smiling, holding hands, and walking back down the aisle together at 501 Union.
Industrial Wedding Venues: A couple standing and getting married while guests watch at Basilica Hudson.

Nationwide Availability

Whether you’re wondering “Where can I find the best industrial wedding venues near me?” or are instead hoping to book a destination wedding across the country, there’s no shortage of spaces to consider for your big day. While industrial wedding venues are especially popular in bigger cities like Brooklyn, Atlanta, or Washington D.C., you shouldn’t have trouble finding an ideal spot as close to you (or as far away!) as you’d like. Just like industrial weddings can work with an array of aesthetics, industrial wedding venues can take the form of a modern hotel, renovated warehouse, unique winery or brewery, or another event space. Long story short, you have options.

Built-In Infrastructure

Industrial wedding venues typically come with all the necessities you need to host an event that might be missing from other locations. That means you shouldn’t need to worry about renting things like bathrooms, power generators, or mobile kitchens for your caterer, and potentially even things like speakers, tables, and chairs. This additional benefit makes for a more streamlined soirée for you, your vendor team, and your guests. (Yes, please!)

Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride and groom smiling at one another while standing on an industrial walkway with brick walls in the background at MASS MoCA.
Industrial Wedding Venues: A reception set-up at Brooklyn Winery.
Industrial Wedding Venues: A reception table set-up with colorful flowers against a brick wall.

What are the different types of industrial wedding venues?

When you think of industrial weddings, you might (understandably!) picture an expansive, minimalistic-inspired event space with lots of brick, huge windows, and steel beams. While that’s definitely a popular aesthetic for these spaces (which we’re fully obsessed with, for the record), there are plenty of different types of industrial wedding venue ideas that you might not have considered.

For instance, trendy wineries or breweries, museums, and other event spaces could make excellent locales for your festivities, as would more traditionally industrial wedding venues like renovated warehouses or refurbished factories. Industrial wedding venue ideas vary greatly, so you can feel confident that you'll find a space you love.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A colorful floral installation hanging above metal chairs set up for a wedding ceremony in a white interior room. A metal chandelier can be seen next to the floral installation.
Industrial Wedding Venues: A birds-eye view of newlyweds going down a stairwell together at MASS MoCA.
Industrial Wedding Venues: Two newlyweds snuggling on a blue couch, with one person kissing another on the cheek while the other holds a bottle of champagne and smiles.

Where are the best industrial wedding venues?

While there are endless industrial wedding venue ideas, we wanted to hand-pick some of our favorites to make it easier for you to find the best space for your big day. To help us round out some of our top choices, we aimed to pick spots across a range of styles and regions. And of course, we relied on the expertise of couples featured on our site who’ve enjoyed industrial weddings themselves.

The result? A comprehensive list of 37 industrial wedding venues to consider for your own celebration. Check them out below.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A reception set-up at Sodo Park in Seattle.

Sodo Park

Seattle, Washington

Sodo Park’s atmosphere is the definition of chic, industrial ambience. A former manufacturing facility turned industrial wedding venue, Sodo Park offers 7,500 square feet of open space, tall ceilings, exposed beams, and beautiful design details, all housed in a century-old building. Needless to say, unique photography opportunities abound. 

Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride tapping a groom on the shoulder for a first look. They're standing in front of a black brick wall with a cool window-inspired mirror and metal chandelier.


Roseville, California

From the black and white brick walls to the warehouse-esque chandeliers, Bloc gets a checkmark for every industrial wedding venue must-have making it an easy yes for any celebration. We especially love how flowers, greenery, and formal wear pop against the minimalist vibe of the space.

Industrial Wedding Venue: A look from above at a reception set-up at The Pearl.

The Pearl

San Francisco, California

Hoping to combine the magic of a rooftop celebration with the modern appeal of an industrial wedding venue? Consider The Pearl, which can host up to 800 of your friends and family. And if a rooftop soirée isn’t calling your name, the space also accommodates a huge main floor indoors and a mezzanine. Even better, the space comes with a fully equipped catering kitchen, extensive in-house lighting, and all the other must-haves on your list.

A chic reception set-up with gold geometric shapes hanging from a vaulted ceiling.


Los Angeles, California

With white-washed brick walls and stunning ceiling beams, Honeypot is the stuff of wedding-day dreams. Self-described as a “dramatic, versatile, industrial space with tons of original character,” this is one of our favorite modern industrial wedding venues. The gorgeous cathedral ceiling and ample natural lighting are extra pros to the space.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride posing for a photo with seven of her bridesmaids against a concrete-inspired wall.

Snowpine Lodge

Alta, Utah

Dreaming of a mountain wedding, but love the allure of an industrial space? Turn to Snowpine Lodge, which has a ballroom that’s the perfect blend of styles. With floor-to-ceiling windows and genuine hardwood floors, this venue expertly combines elegant minimalism with majestic mountain views. Bonus: The lodge is located just 29 miles from the Salt Lake International Airport, making it easy for guests to travel to and fro. 

Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride and groom embracing on a metal pathway with lots of brick detailing behind them.


North Adams, Massachusetts

A space doesn’t need to be a converted factory or warehouse for it to count as an industrial wedding venue, and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (aka MASS MoCA) proves it. This beautiful space combines the creativity, vibrance, and uniqueness of a museum celebration with the edgy appeal of an urban industrial wedding.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A reception set-up with natural light spilling in at Basilica Hudson.

Basilica Hudson

Hudson, New York

How swoon-worthy is this elegant industrial wedding venue? This expansive, non-profit multidisciplinary art center is perched right on the Hudson River, and is housed in a solar-powered factory from the 1880s. The sweeping ceilings and concrete-style floors pair beautifully with all the natural light that spills in, providing an enchanting space to exchange vows.

Industrial Wedding Venues: Two grooms slow-dancing together on the dance floor of Senate Garage.

Senate Garage

Kingston, New York

As its name hints, Senate Garage is housed in a converted 1921 garage, making for a striking space that’s easily adaptable to your unique vision. Located in the heart of uptown Kingston, New York, this 8,000-square-foot space can seat up to 240 guests and offers all of the big-day must-haves, from a vintage lounge with a private bathroom to an industrial prep kitchen.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A ceremony set-up at City Winery Hudson Valley.

City Winery Hudson Valley

Montgomery, New York

While this rustic winery might be best known for its premiere vino selections, it’s an equally incredible place to tie the knot. This rustic locale makes your big day feel extra-special, from its array of areas to celebrate (think private dining rooms as well as traditional event spaces) to little details (hello, custom-label wine!) that make the day memorable. Also appreciated: It’s a full-service venue, which means all of the food, refreshments, event staff, and more are taken care of for you, making the planning process a bit more streamlined.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A floral table set up indoors at 620 Loft & Garden.

620 Loft & Garden

New York, New York

Want to get married in the middle of New York City—literally? Look no further than 620 Loft & Garden, which offers stunning views of Manhattan on its sought-after rooftop garden. The industrial-inspired interior loft is an equally beautiful option, situated right next to the famed Rockefeller Plaza. We love that you can easily achieve any event aesthetic in this stunning space, including (of course) an elegant industrial wedding.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A ceremony set-up at 501 Union with hanging floral installations against.a white backdrop.

501 Union

Brooklyn, New York

Tucked in the heart of Brooklyn is 501 Union, one of our favorite modern industrial venues in the Big Apple. You can enjoy three different spaces within the venue: a covered atrium, a stylish cocktail lounge, and a stunning reception hall. With exceptional service and locally sourced design elements to boot, this glamorously cool venue is an easy yes.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride and groom smiling, holding hands, and walking back down a narrow aisle together at Sunday in Brooklyn.

Sunday in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York

Sunday in Brooklyn is a memorable place for any couple to tie the knot. Want to enjoy great food at this beloved Brooklyn restaurant? Done. Hoping to enjoy a rustic-meets-industrial vibe with your guests? No problem! This beautiful spot accommodates anywhere from 9 to 150 guests, making it an ideal place for a microwedding or large celebration alike.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A couple standing under a flower archway during their wedding ceremony at the Wythe Hotel.

Wythe Hotel

Brooklyn, New York

This boutique hotel located on Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg neighborhood is one of the most popular industrial wedding venues in NYC, and it’s easy to see why. This waterfront-factory-turned-hotel boasts seven different event spaces, with room for receptions up to 350 guests and intimate celebrations alike. Among the most popular are the open-air garden terrace and industrial-inspired main hall—but you can’t go wrong with any of the venue’s extraordinary spaces. (Fun fact: This is where Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant got married!)

Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride and groom toasting in Brooklyn Winery.

Brooklyn Winery

Brooklyn, New York

If you’re on the hunt for modern industrial wedding venues in the city that never sleeps, Brooklyn Winery should be at the top of your list. A fully functioning winery that’s perfect for celebrations of 100 to 165 guests, this carefully curated 8,000-square-foot-space gives off a warm, romantic atmosphere à la wooden details, tons and tons of plants, and cozy lighting.

Industrial Wedding Venues: Interior reception set-up of Rule of Thirds.

Rule of Thirds

Brooklyn, New York

Rule of Thirds touts five versatile event spaces, complete with all of the classic features of an urban industrial wedding: exposed brick, concrete floors, and tons of natural light spilling in, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. Choose from any of the three private dining rooms, a more expansive event space, or the outdoor courtyard. Best of all, the venue can accommodate just about any celebration size, with room for 8 to 450 guests.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A wedding reception table under twinkle lights at 99 Scott.

99 Scott

Brooklyn, New York

Unforgettable, ethereal vibes are automatically included when you say “I do” at 99 Scott. Another one of the top industrial wedding venues in NYC, this hot spot would be perfect any time of year—sunshine, snow, or rain would all look extremely cozy spilling against the loft-style windows. The tall ceilings, concrete-style floors, and aesthetic brick walls make it even better.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride and groom laughing, surrounded by greenery.

The Foundry

Long Island City, New York

Possibilities are endless at The Foundry, which seems to have an endless supply of cool event spaces to exchange vows and celebrate with all of your loved ones after. Choose from an ivy-covered courtyard, a brick-lined indoor space, a skylight-ceiling indoor greenhouse, and many more. 

Industrial Wedding Venues: A wedding reception set-up with tall columns and a white-tableclothed table.

Cescaphe Event Group

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cescaphe Event Group owns a slew of our favorite elegant-meets-industrial wedding venues in Philadelphia. Choose from the Cescaphe Ballroom, Franklin's View, Vie, Down Town Club, Water Works, and The Lucy, all located in the heart of Philly.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A reception set-up with many round tables and wooden chairs in an industrial-inspired great room in Mt. Washington Mill Dye House.

Mt. Washington Mill Dye House

Baltimore, Maryland

The vaulted ceilings complete with exposed beams and—of course—plenty of exposed brick make Mt. Washington Mill Dye House an ideal choice if you’re looking for industrial wedding venues in the nation’s capital. With every space offering unique architectural details and plenty of warm, romantic energy, this space is a beloved choice for many couples.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A reception set-up in the industrial space of The Winslow.

The Winslow

Baltimore, Maryland

What was once the Parker Metal Decorating Company is now a restored, contemporary event space great for weddings. We appreciate how there are tons of spaces to utilize within the Winslow, from the sun-filled Trainshed to a cocktail bar complete with a 30-foot reclaimed marble bar.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A drone view of an outdoor ceremony set-up on the rooftop of The Line DC.

The Line DC

Washington, D.C.

This sophisticated hotel is filled with beautiful architectural details—which makes sense, given that it’s located in a 110-year-old church. Host your celebration on the rooftop with awe-inspiring views of the city, the stained-glass-adorned mezzanine, or any of the hotel’s other unique event spaces. Bonus: Since it’s a hotel, guests could simply walk upstairs to their rooms once the party’s over, rather than needing transportation to and from the venue.

Industrial Wedding Venues: An outdoor, open-air ceremony set-up at Yours Truly DC complete with brick string lights, black seats for guests, and an edgy flower/wood wall at the front.

Yours Truly DC 

Washington, D.C.

Yours Truly might be the perfect place for an elegant industrial wedding in D.C. Chic details abound in this boho hotel near Dupont Circle, located conveniently close to the famous landmarks your guests will want to explore. Gorgeous scenery can be found at every turn in this venue’s many event spaces, making it an ideal spot for a celebration large or small.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A minimalistic floral ceremony set-up with black butterflies on a white-brick wall with concrete flooring.

The Madison

Cleveland, Ohio

Characterized by its white brick walls and 20-foot ceilings, The Madison describes itself as “Cleveland’s best kept secret.” While the open-layout space enjoys a minimalistic design that’s adaptable to any vision, the venue provides every wedding-day must-have included in your rental, making the planning process a bit easier.

Industrial Wedding Venues: An industrial ceremony set-up with a wooden archway adorned with greenery in front of a white-brick wall and large loft-style window.

Red Space

Cleveland, Ohio

This sought-after warehouse space is imbued with creativity—and comes with plenty of space for your celebration. With super-tall ceilings, brick accents, warehouse-style windows, and works of art your guests will marvel at, this industrial wedding venue accommodates hundreds of your loved ones for a celebration that’s sure to be one for the books.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A reception set-up at Revel Motor Row.

Revel Motor Row

Chicago, Illinois

If you’re looking for industrial wedding venues in Illinois to accommodate an extra-large gathering, turn to Revel Motor Row. With room for up to 2,600 people (!), this striking city landmark was built in the 1930s and has since been restored to an impressive event space worthy of your big day. With indoor and outdoor options alike, it’s no surprise this is one of the top industrial wedding venues in Chicago.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A ceremony set-up with a greenery archway against a brick backdrop. There are three unique, industrial light fixtures hanging form the ceilings and wooden chairs for guests.

Bridgeport Art Center

Chicago, Illinois

Another one of our favorite industrial wedding venues in Chicago is the Bridgeport Art Center, an expansive warehouse-style space located on the Chicago River. Choose from the Skyline Loft, which offers panoramic views of the city skyline, or the Sculpture Garden & Gallery, which is complete with Insta-worthy crystal chandeliers and beautiful sculptures. 

Industrial Wedding Venues: A ceremony and aisle set-up with lots of flora and fauna at The Jewel Box.

The Jewel Box

St. Louis, Missouri

Calling all plant parents! This unique display greenhouse in St. Louis’ treasured Forest Park is not only a member of the National Historic Register, but also a stunning space to get married. With extraordinary fauna and glowing glass panes, this spot provides the perfect natural-meets-industrial space for your big day.

Industrial Wedding Venues: Colorful floral installations hanging from the ceiling beams above a wedding ceremony at 14TENN.


Nashville, Tennessee

This expansive farmhouse-inspired space was originally built in 1925 as part of a hosiery mill, but today is home to 14TENN, a noteworthy industrial wedding venue in Nashville. Complete with a trendy interior and marvel-worthy chandeliers, this venue is a great choice if you’re planning a celebration in Music City. Bonus: 14TENN allows vendor flexibility, meaning you can bring in your own team or choose from their list of preferred vendors.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A reception table setup on the outdoor Skydeck at Studio 154 Luxury Hotel.

Studio 154 Luxury Hotel

Nashville, Tennessee

Just imagine getting married on top of Studio 154 Luxury Hotel’s irreplaceable rooftop, known as Skydeck. Complete with 360-degree views of famous Nashville landmarks and room for up to 150 friends and family, this iconic hotel’s open-air space is perfect for celebrations of all sorts. Not to mention, the property’s elegant Icon Suite is a great choice for smaller gatherings of up to 50 guests.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A green table with chairs sitting under hanging floral installations and in front of large greenhouse -style windows.

The Laurelbrook

Raleigh, North Carolina

We can’t get over how astonishing The Laurelbrook’s greenhouse-inspired windows are, filling the space with light and 10-out-of-10 vibes. This urban oasis is located in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina (just 10 minutes from downtown!), and boasts a bright, industrial atmosphere. The greenhouse alone seats up to 120 guests, but the pretty outdoor patio can extend the capacity to 200.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A reception setup inside Cannon Green, with wooden chairs, white tablecloths, and Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

Cannon Green

Charleston, South Carolina

You simply can’t go wrong with a celebration of any kind at Cannon Green, but it’s an especially great choice for an elegant industrial wedding. The venue’s renowned event team will work with you to create an all-inclusive bespoke package that turns your and your partner’s vision for your big day into reality. With a charming-meets-sophisticated atmosphere and delectable food that's sure to wow your guests, Cannon Green also boasts three different event spaces for your celebrations: The Garden Room, The Trolley Room, or the Courtyard.

Industrial Wedding Venues: An industrial reception set-up at Summerour Studio.

Summerour Studio

Atlanta, Georgia

If you’re on the hunt for industrial wedding venues in Atlanta, look no further than Summerour Studio. This impressive refurbished warehouse tucked away in Atlanta’s Westside neighborhood was updated in 2005 by famed architect Keith Summerour. Today, the space is home to several spaces that look straight out of a fairy tale, making it an ideal choice for your celebration.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A couple getting married and holding hands while standing in front of a brick wall and circular floral installation.

King Plow Arts Center

Atlanta, Georgia

One of the most unique industrial wedding venues in Atlanta, King Plow Arts Center is a factory-turned-arts-center that has lovingly preserved the space’s irreplaceable historic and architectural details. Imbued with creativity energy, this space is filled with chic industrial details like brick walls and exposed beams.

Industrial Wedding Venues: Two grooms smiling and holding hands as they walk back down the aisle together at Soho South.

Soho South

Savannah, Georgia

Another one of our favorite industrial wedding venues in Georgia is Soho South, located in the heart of historic downtown Savannah. This versatile space was once originally an automotive service station in 1945 before being transformed into the memorable event venue it is today, which touts two equally great event spaces—the main dining room and the Parlour—completed with steel windows, iron trusses, and more. 

Industrial Wedding Venues: A black reception table and chairs in front of an intricate white wall with greenery sprawled across it.

Oxford Exchange

Tampa, Florida

You can trust Oxford Exchange to handle your ceremony and reception with care: They’ve hosted more than 300 weddings and 800 private events since opening a decade ago. With impressively tall ceilings and unique design elements interspersed throughout the space, this venue can be adapted to nearly any wedding vision.

Industrial Wedding Venues: Two newlyweds cutting into their wedding cake together at Capulet.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Hoping to get married in the Big Easy and wondering, “Where can I find the best industrial wedding venues near me?” Consider Capulet, a striking restored warehouse from the 1800s located just 10 blocks from NOLA’s historic French Quarter. Couples can utilize Capulet’s industrial, indoor main space or the dreamy roof deck—or both!

Industrial Wedding Venues: A hanging light installation hanging above wedding guests at C. Baldwin.

C. Baldwin

Houston, Texas

Plain and simple, C. Baldwin is one of our favorite creative and industrial wedding venues in Houston. Here’s why: First, it’s a modern-meets-luxurious hotel, which makes guest accommodations simple for everyone involved while providing a sophisticated space for your big day. Second, the space is adaptable to any vision and has room for 50 to 500 loved ones. Third, it’s located in the heart of Houston, an exciting city for both couples and their guests to enjoy.

How to pick an industrial wedding venue

Now that we’ve rounded up nearly 40 of our favorite industrial wedding venues, we’re betting you have a better sense—or even a final decision—of which space you’d like to book for your celebration. (Yay!) Now it’s time to reach out to your desired venue and officially select a date.

Once you’ve booked your desired industrial wedding venue, you can start dreaming up the rest of your big day, from your caterer of choice to which photographer you’d like to document all the cherished moments to come.

Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride and groom smiling and holding hands while walking back down the aisle together while guests toss flower petals at them at Brooklyn Winery.
Industrial Wedding Venues: A bride and groom smiling and slow-dancing together at The Winslow.
Industrial Wedding Venues: Bridesmaids lovingly adjusting a bride's wedding gown at Bloc.

Industrial wedding venues are an easy choice for nearly any celebration, thanks to their trendy design details, rich history, and seriously unique atmospheres. Whether you opt for a renovated warehouse that’s lined with brick walls and exposed beams or a sleek hotel complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and unique artwork, your soirée is sure to be one for the books.