Restaurant Weddings: A bride and groom arm in arm standing in Rupert On Rupert restaurant with set tables to the sides of them for their wedding reception.

54 Sweet Spots for Restaurant Weddings

Memorable Places to Celebrate Your Love (and Great Taste)
BY HALEY JENA / 10 31 22
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Your wedding venue is one of the most important parts of your big day. That's why we're making finding The One that much easier, with this series of the "Top Spots" in each location and for each type of venue. From our favorite Mexico destination weddings to the best ballroom bashes, we've rounded up the perfect places to get married—and everything else you need to know about planning a wedding there.

Here’s the scoop: There’s just something about restaurants that feels celebratory. Big-moment meals for birthdays, graduations, proposals, anniversaries, and anything worth a proper toast often take place in your favorite eatery. So, it only makes sense to consider a restaurant for one of your most significant, cherished moments ever: your wedding day. Whether you’re a devoted foodie or simply want a special spot for your soirée, restaurant weddings offer a memorable experience, plenty of versatility, and—of course—a delectable meal.

A restaurant wedding is not only a unique way to celebrate your big day, but also comes with ample benefits. Beyond meals that will delight even the pickiest food connoisseurs, restaurant wedding venues offer the simplicity of a streamlined catering experience, as well as built-in infrastructure—no need to bring in rental tables, power generators, or restrooms. A restaurant wedding also sets the stage for many sentimental dinners in your future. 

Even more,  restaurant weddings allow you to host your big day in any corner of the world. So while you or your guests may need to travel far for a beach wedding or book a mountainside venue during a particular season, restaurant weddings allow you to stay closer to home (if you’d like!) and book at practically any time. Whether you’re picturing a casual affair at your favorite local eatery or dreaming of a Michelin-starred destination for your reception, you can find a venue for your restaurant wedding that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Because there are countless spots to choose from, we’re highlighting some of the best restaurant wedding venues to consider for your big day. We made sure to include spots that could accommodate both a ceremony and reception, as well as smaller locales perfect for a post-wedding celebration. In addition to shouting out our favorite places across the nation and around the globe, we’ll cover all the benefits of restaurant weddings and the different factors to consider when narrowing down on a locale. Whether you’re looking for a spot to accommodate 20 guests or 200, check out some of the best places for restaurant weddings.

Restaurant Weddings: The River Cafe set up for a wedding.

What are the benefits of a restaurant wedding?

There’s an endless list of pros that come with a restaurant wedding: the convenience, the sentimentality, the deliciousness—we could (and will!) go on. Couples can opt for anything from an intimate indoor gathering with their closest friends and family to a larger alfresco affair with room for 100-plus loved ones. Long story short? There’s no shortage of options to select from, and any spot you pick will come with countless advantages. 

Here are some of the top benefits of restaurant weddings:

Plenty of Versatility:

As we touched on above, there are so many unique paths you can take with a restaurant wedding. First of all, you can be as picky as you’d like. The size of the space, the overall experience (think casual versus fine dining), location, and more vary from place to place. Envisioning a sophisticated city rooftop experience? Great! Prefer a more cozy, at-home atmosphere at your go-to local spot? Excellent. Either way, you can find the most ideal space for restaurant weddings by searching for spots that match your style and cuisine preferences. 

And while restaurants are an especially great choice for microweddings or smaller reception dinners, many eateries are large enough  to accommodate your entire wedding line-up, from ceremony to after-party. There’s also usually plenty of space options to pick from, whether you just want to rent a private room or prefer a full restaurant buyout. And while some venues require you to book months (if not years) in advance, restaurant weddings are generally obtainable for shorter planning timelines–especially for more intimate celebrations. 

For Louise and Hoe’s wedding, the private dining room at New York City’s highly acclaimed Eleven Madison Park provided them with an idyllic space to celebrate their love for each other and food alongside their 19 guests. And over in South Carolina, Emily and Ciarra’s celebration at Cannon Green in Charleston accommodated a larger guest count while still providing a unique, food-focused setting. ​​​​​​

Restaurant Weddings: A restaurant reception set up at Brooklyn Winery with three tall candles in the middle of a wooden table.
Restaurant Weddings: A bride and groom smiling and toasting their drinks in Eleven Madison Park.
Restaurant Weddings: A birds-eye view of a crowd watching a wedding ceremony outdoors at Cannon Green.

Fit for Foodies:

If you and your spouse-to-be are big-time foodies, a restaurant wedding reception venue is a meaningful way to pay homage to your favorite cuisines. If you’re obsessed with a venue’s menu already, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in for a delicious meal when you have a restaurant wedding. Catering may also become more streamlined, since the culinary team will prepare the meals at their regular kitchen without needing to worry about transportation or cooking in a new space. And if you and your spouse-to-be know you want to prioritize enjoying the most memorable meal at your reception, restaurant weddings come with a guaranteed focus on the food.

Sentimental Value: 

Whether you had your first date or popped the question at a particular restaurant, feel at home at your go-to locale, or have been dreaming of dining at a new place, there’s there’s no denying that restaurant weddings offer a unique sentimental value. While spaces like ballrooms or estates are excellent places to celebrate, you may not be able to visit them as easily in the future to look back fondly on your big day. But with a restaurant wedding, you can come back and dine with your partner as much as you’d like. (How romantic would it be to return to the restaurant where you said “I do” on your anniversary every year?)

Built-In Infrastructure:

With restaurant weddings, there’s no need to worry about the necessary facilities that you might need to rent for, say, an outdoor wedding at a private residence. That means you don’t need to worry about securing things like power generators, bathrooms, or tables and chairs, since the restaurant will already have those things. Plus, it likely has beautiful tablecloths, quality silverware and place settings, and more—even more things that take the guesswork out of your already-extensive planning process. And if you’re getting married in the restaurant’s outdoor patio or garden, you can potentially move the setup to an indoor dining room in case of inclement weather.

All of these built-in elements can inspire your other decor decisions too, which might make the planning process significantly easier. For instance, if your ideal venue for a restaurant wedding has a stunning piece of art on the wall, your florist or designer can choose colors and elements that’ll complement the space, making it all the more cohesive and special for your celebration.

Restaurant Weddings: A place setting at Blue Hill at Stone Barns with fresh produce in the middle of the table.
Restaurant Weddings: A serving tray of hors d'oeuvres at Redbird.

What are the different types of venues for restaurant weddings?

Whether you’re planning to have your ceremony at one place and reception at a nearby restaurant or are hoping to host your entire celebration at an eatery, there are tons of options to consider. First, think about the general type of property you’re after. Are you hoping to book a standard stand-alone restaurant? Or, would you prefer a restaurant wedding that’s attached to a resort or hotel for convenient guest lodging offerings? Perhaps you and your partner have a favorite bar, winery, or tavern you love that also serves food. If you’re both art aficionados, you may consider restaurants in museums. Or if you want plenty of space to spread out, you might prefer to get married on a farm or vineyard that specializes in local produce. No matter what you’re after, there are so many ways to design restaurant weddings that are unique to every couple.

Once you’ve narrowed down  the type of space you’re dreaming of, consider the desired vibe that would make you the happiest and most comfortable. There’s the big-city, food forward focus, whimsically rustic farm-to-table experience, and everything in between. Determining exactly what you want, from menu to mood,can help whittle down the (many!) possibilities. 

Finally, it’s crucial to consider the size of your guest list. While you might love the idea of one spot, they may only be able to accommodate a microwedding of, say, 15 guests or less. Other spaces may require a full buyout, which might feel too large or costly. Either way, it’s important to factor in how many loved ones you’re inviting when you’re selecting a space for your restaurant wedding.

Restaurant Weddings: A server carrying a wooden tray of delicious hors d'oeuvres.

What are the most popular places for restaurant weddings? 

If you’re on an endless search to the query “Where can I find restaurant wedding venues near me?” rest assured that your ideal space is out there. To make your decision a little easier, we’ve hand-selected 54 of our favorite spots for restaurant weddings. In building our list, we researched across geographic regions, styles, price points, and more. We also factored in the level of hospitality, as well as our own research and knowledge of the properties. And of course, we looked to all of the couples who’ve shared the details of their restaurant weddings with us before.

Here, check out some of the best, most drool-worthy places for restaurant weddings.

Top Venues for Restaurant Weddings in the Northwest

You could start in Washington, go through Portland, and drive down the entire West Coast all the way through Northern California and run into tons of delicious places. But when it comes to your big day, there are a few standout spots that come to mind for restaurant weddings.

Restaurant Weddings: A reception set-up at the outdoor space at The Corson Building.

The Corson Building

Seattle, Washington

Originally constructed as a home in 1926, this picturesque space seats up to 25 guests indoors and up to 80 guests in the warmer months with the help of its beautiful patio. With a seasonal menu and ingredients sourced from local farms and artisans, the Corson Building works with couples to customize a menu for your big day, making it an easy pick when looking for a restaurant for a wedding-day dinner.

Restaurant Weddings: Delicious hors d'oeuvres being served on a wooden tray.


Healdsburg, California

Acclaimed cuisine and an especially charming outdoor space make Barndiva a great restaurant wedding option in California's Wine Country, particularly for a warm-weather celebration.

Restaurant Weddings: An outdoor reception set-up with long white tables and chairs at the Presidio Social Club.

Presidio Social Club

San Francisco, California

Originally built as military barracks, this casual San Francisco-based spot serves up a modern, locally sourced take on classic American fare.

Top Venues for Restaurant Weddings in the Southwest

From Southern California to Colorado and beyond, this region is full of must-see (or rather, must-eat) places for restaurant weddings that’d serve as ideal backdrops to your big day. 

Restaurant Weddings: Two brides slow dancing at the Inn of the Seventh Ray.

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Topanga Canyon, California

For an ultra-romantic vibe, consider this gorgeous restaurant wedding venue that looks straight out of a fairy tale. You’re sure to feel love in the air surrounded by waterfalls, string lights, and old sycamore trees—and all your beloved guests, of course!

Restaurant Weddings: A bride being walked down the aisle at Madera Kitchen while guests look at her.

Madera Kitchen

Los Angeles, California

Love the appeal of a restaurant wedding but don’t want to cut down on your guest list in order for everyone to fit? Enter: Madera Kitchen, which seats up to 200 guests and offers a rustic boho feel with full turn-key hospitality. (Plus, if you’re looking for restaurant wedding venues, Los Angeles is a culinary destination that makes it easy.)

Restaurant Weddings: A reception dinner set-up with white tables next to a bar in Redbird's main dining room.


Los Angeles, California 

Redbird is an easy “yes” for a restaurant wedding thanks to its inviting atmosphere, innovative food, and a slew of reservable spaces to choose from: the main dining room and lounge, an olive tree-lined garden, and five (yes, five!) other spaces on upper levels. Vibiana, the restaurant’s sister space, is adjacent to Redbird and great for larger events too.

Restaurant Weddings: The dining room at Republique.
Holly Liss Jammet


Los Angeles, California

This chic space (which was originally erected in 1929 by Charlie Chaplin, by the way), hosts thoughtful architectural features and serves up French-inspired fare that looks as good as it tastes. There are six different private and semi-private dining options to choose from.

Restaurant Weddings: An outdoor reception set-up with white tables and chairs at Old Venice Restaurant.

Old Venice Restaurant

San Diego, California

Old Venice offers an elegant, semi-traditional vibe, making it an ideal restaurant for a super-special wedding dinner. It’s no wonder their doors have been open for more than 40 years.

Restaurant Weddings: A bar and cocktail tables set up on a lawn at Gannon's Restaurant.

Gannon’s Restaurant

Wailea, Hawaii

If an Instagram-worthy landscape is just as important as a delicious meal for your big day, look to Gannon’s, which offers epic views of the Pacific Ocean and the mountainside of Haleakalā. And if you’re a golf lover, you’ll also appreciate that it’s located on the Wailea Gold and Emerald Golf Course.

Restaurant Weddings: A couple holding hands during their ceremony in front of a circular archway near the ocean at The Beach House.

The Beach House

Koloa, Hawaii

This full-service restaurant wedding venue is open every day of the year, and blends together all-star hospitality with delicious cuisine and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Restaurant Weddings: A reception set-up at the Switchback Grille. There are brown chairs tucked into a wooden table.

Switchback Grille

Springdale, Utah

Located right outside of the entrance to Zion National Park, this grill offers a contemporary focus on premium cuts of steak and fresh seafood. (Plus, think of the epic photos you could take in the park before or after your restaurant wedding reception!)

Restaurant Weddings: A bride and groom holding hands in front of their guests at a reception at La Caille.

La Caille

Sandy, Utah

It’s no surprise that La Caille’s castle-inspired exterior perfectly coordinates with its inviting, memorable interior. Sprawling across 22 acres near the Little Cottonwood Canyon, this event space can accommodate events ranging anywhere from 50 to 500 guests, making it an ideal solution for those seeking out restaurant venues that work for small weddings and big celebrations alike.

Restaurant Weddings: A reception set-up at El Chorro.

El Chorro

Paradise Valley, Arizona

For a historic dining—and wedding!—experience in the heart of Paradise Valley with jaw-dropping views of the Camelback Mountains, look no further than El Chorro. While some locales may be too small to hold both a ceremony and reception, this one has a manicured event lawn and herb garden that’d make especially excellent places to exchange vows.

Restaurant Weddings: A dreamy reception set-up at Beano's Cabin with greenery hanging down from the wooden beams.

Beano’s Cabin at Beaver Creek Mountain

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Picturing a mountain wedding surrounded by nature, but craving the delicious food of a restaurant wedding? Beano’s Cabin combines the best of both worlds. Tucked away in mountain meadow in Beaver Creek’s aspen groves, this log cabin offers traditional Colorado fare while showcasing the showstopping views of Mother Nature.

Restaurant Weddings: A greenery-lined entrance shot of the Caribou Club, with a red rug near the entranceway that has two Cs on it.

Caribou Club

Aspen, Colorado

Stepping into Caribou Club feels like you’re walking into your coolest friend’s cabin—there isn’t even a name on the door. This elegant space makes for the perfect cozy-yet-dramatically gorgeous setting for your celebration.

Top Venues for Restaurant Weddings in the Northeast

From culinary hotspots in the Big Apple to dreamy farms and vineyards with bucolic landscapes, the Northeast is jam-packed with popular places for restaurant weddings to celebrate your new marriage over a meal with all your loved ones. 

Restaurant Weddings: Two brides mid-ceremony wiping happy tears.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Known for its innovative seasonal fare, Alma is an excellent—and flat-out picturesque—space for a wedding for up to 96 guests. Even better, Alma is also a boutique hotel with seven unique rooms, meaning some (or all, depending on your guest list!) of your invitees can stay there too.

Restaurant Weddings: Outdoor, modern ceremony set-up on the roof of The J. Parker.

The J. Parker

Chicago, Illinois

If you’re on the hunt for restaurant wedding venues in Chicago, the Windy City offers an abundance of options. One of our go-to spots is The J. Parker, a rooftop which touts unobstructed views of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago. There’s room for up to 225 guests, and the space has a fully retractable glass roof to save the day when there’s inclement weather.

Restaurant Weddings: A black-and-white themed reception set-up at Bacco Ristorante.

Bacco Ristorante

Detroit, Michigan 

With a classic and sophisticated vibe, Bacco offers three private dining spaces for up to 16, 24, and 30 guests, respectively—or combine them all for a party of 70 or less.

Restaurant Weddings: A white reception table set up in front of a fireplace.

The Overlook 1923

Kent, Ohio

Conveniently located less than an hour away from Cleveland, The Overlook 1923 is known for its customer service (key when planning an event as big as a wedding!), manicured lawns, mansion setting, lake views, and yummy meals.

Restaurant Weddings: Two grooms dancing while loved ones cheer them on.

Grove at Briar Barn Inn

Rowley, Massachusetts

This bucolic farmhouse restaurant on the East Coast has an irreplaceable rustic charm that sets the tone for a beautiful wedding any time of year, ideally for 80 to 100 guests. Its all-star catering team serves up locally sourced dishes from a menu that changes frequently, but is always delicious.

Restaurant Weddings: Hors d'oeuvres being passed on a wooden serving tray.

The Beach Plum Inn & Restaurant

Menemsha, Massachusetts

This beautiful inn and restaurant located on Martha’s Vineyard provides a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere for your big day. In addition to the flavorful food, there’s plenty of lodging options for your guests at The Beach Plum, from rooms to private bungalows. 

Restaurant Weddings: A grand reception set-up at City Winery Hudson Valley with many tables and string lights hanging from the ceiling.

City Winery Hudson Valley

Montgomery, New York

In the heart of the Hudson Valley, City Winery offers unforgettable meals, picturesque outdoor spaces, top-notch live music capabilities, and, of course, an award-winning wine selection.

Restaurant Weddings: A warm reception set-up with fresh foods laid in the middle of white tables at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Tarrytown, New York

At the acclaimed Blue Hill at Stone Barns, farm-fresh food is the focus. With fare gathered directly from the property’s on-site farm, your big day’s meal won’t be forgotten at this restaurant wedding venue, which is just a 90-minute drive from New York City and accommodates up to 260 guests. 

Restaurant Weddings: A bride and groom kissing in front of their outdoor tented reception set-up at Tavern on the Green.

Tavern on the Green

New York, New York

Located in the forever-iconic Central Park, this landmark eatery serves up local, rustic fare in a sophisticated, romantic atmosphere. The venue has a rich history of planning weddings in its space, so you know you’re in good hands when coordinating your bash here.

Restaurant Weddings: The Pool set up for a dark, moody-vibe reception.

The Pool

New York, New York

Built in 1959 and recently restored in 2016, this venue is an institution in its own right. With irreplicable details including Richard Lippold’s ceiling sculpture, astonishing chain curtains on the perimeter, and, as its name suggests, an artistic pool in the middle of the space, The Pool is a great place for couples planning a modern celebration.

Restaurant Weddings: The Rainbow Room set up for a wedding reception.

Rainbow Room

New York, New York

Whether you’re a huge Saturday Night Live fan or just want to get married at a New York institution, the Rainbow Room (located on the 65th floor of famed 30 Rockefeller Plaza) sets the scene for an elegant affair while offering unforgettable skyline views and delectable dishes.

Restaurant Weddings: A bride and groom smiling and holding hands while standing in front of Eleven Madison Park.

Eleven Madison Park

New York, New York

If you want to go all out with your restaurant wedding, consider Eleven Madison Park, an iconic culinary institution with a rare three-out-of-three prized Michelin stars. Couples can select from one of three private dining spaces, which accommodate up to 18, 34, and 50 seated guests, respectively. Or, reserve all three for a bigger bash with up to 55 invitees.

Restaurant Weddings: A bride and groom sitting and smiling at a table with New York City in the background.


New York, New York

Before the noshing even begins, jaws will be on the floor when your guests arrive at Manhatta. This ritzy rooftop restaurant in Manhattan’s Financial District is lined with windows that allow guests to marvel at the city below from 60 floors up, all while celebrating your love—a total win-win.

Restaurant Weddings: A full reception table at Rule of Thirds.

Rule of Thirds

Brooklyn, New York

Couples seeking a modern, industrial vibe for their fête can count on Rule of Thirds, a venue with several event spaces that tout exposed brick, cool concrete floors, and floor-to-ceiling windows. You can pick which room (or rooms!) in the venue is best for your celebration; anywhere from eight to 300 guests will fit.

Restaurant Weddings: A bride and groom cheers-ing drinks in Brooklyn Winery.

Brooklyn Winery

Brooklyn, New York

A short walk from the Williamsburg waterfront is Brooklyn Winery, a sophisticated and fully functioning winery—and a vino-loving venue perfect for celebrating your big day. While this space is undoubtedly known for its wine, a menu filled with market-fresh ingredients will delight your taste buds too.

Restaurant Weddings: Smiling newlyweds walking back down the aisle together at Sunday in Brooklyn.

Sunday in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York

While Sunday in Brooklyn might be most well-known for its delectable brunch and aesthetically pleasing vibe, it’s an equally great space for Brooklyn restaurant weddings. Bring anywhere from nine to 150 guests to celebrate at this delightful venue in the hip Williamsburg neighborhood.

Restaurant Weddings: Meat hors d'oeuvres being passed on a white serving tray.

The River Café

Brooklyn, New York

Planning a Brooklyn restaurant wedding? The River Café is one of the first places that may come to mind, and for good reason. Situated right on the East River in the borough’s trendy Dumbo neighborhood and nestled under the Brooklyn Bridge, this Michelin-starred hotspot provides a super-romantic environment, incredible meals, and astounding views of the Manhattan skyline on your big day.

Restaurant Weddings: Outdoor ceremony set-up with the New York City skyline in the background.

Liberty House

Jersey City, New Jersey

The great views continue at Liberty House in Jersey City, where you can appreciate the iconic sights of the New York City skyline, Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, and more. Newlyweds-to-be can choose from two unique event spaces. Also appreciated: the private entrances, distinct cocktail rooms, plenty of space for a ceremony, and patio and garden spaces.

Restaurant Weddings: A close-up tablescape shot of a reception dinner.


Washington, D.C.

Creative couples planning D.C.-based restaurant weddings will approve of Sequoia, which features an extraordinary installation in the main dining room and picture-perfect views of Belgian artist Arne Quinze’s sculpture in the garden.

Restaurant Weddings: A table set up for a wedding reception at District Winery.

District Winery

Washington, D.C.

With waterfront views of the Anacostia River and room for up to 200 guests, this urban winery in the nation’s capitol offers tons of amenities: floor-to-ceiling windows, an outdoor rooftop, a full-service events team, and, of course, wine made on site. Couples hosting smaller celebrations can book the private Portrait Room, which fits up to 40 invitees.

Top Venues for Restaurant Weddings in the Southeast

From the Lone Star state to NOLA, there’s no shortage of iconic locales to pick from for a restaurant wedding in the southeastern region of the U.S. 

Restaurant Weddings: Outdoor reception set up under white gazebo structure with greenery wrapped around it.

Goodstone Inn & Restaurant

Middleburg, Virginia

Get hitched in the heart of Virginia at this premier, tranquil countryside resort, positioned on 265 acres of rolling hills. Offering fine dining farm-to-table cuisine, this is a top-notch place to eat, drink, and be merry.

Restaurant Weddings: Outdoor four-person table set up at Four Eleven York Street

Four Eleven York Street

Norfolk, Virginia

Four Eleven York Street is an ideal spot for an intimate celebration, whether you’re looking for a restaurant for your wedding dinner, a ceremony, a rehearsal, or all of the above. With room for up to 50 guests, couples can select from a range of spaces, from a charming outdoor courtyard to the in-house restaurant. Best of all, it’s also a boutique inn, meaning guests can spend the whole weekend without needing to leave the property.

Restaurant Weddings: Tomato, mozzarella, and balsamic skewer hors d'oeuvres being passed on a white plate.

Angus Barn

Raleigh, North Carolina

Devoted foodies may already know Angus Barn, as it’s where Iron Chef America winner Walter Royal serves as executive chef. But beyond the delicious food this upscale steakhouse is known for, you’ll love celebrating in this barn-inspired space with up to 100 invited guests.

Restaurant Weddings: Two brides slow-dancing on the outdoor courtyard of Cannon Green.

Cannon Green

Charleston, South Carolina

This premier venue may draw you in with its delicious food, but the sprawling space will make you never want to leave. With a focus on fresh, seasonal, and local food, this extraordinary spot provides a vibrant backdrop for your soirée. Top it off with a seasoned events team that’ll make the planning process painless, and you’ve got a 10-out-of-10 restaurant wedding venue.

Restaurant Weddings: A dinner set-up at Church & Union with red flowers, high-top tables with black seats and a big church window.

Church & Union Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina

Church and Union Charleston’s name gives you a hint at what you’ll find when you get there: it’s located in a repurposed 105-year-old church! The original stained glass windows juxtapose perfectly with the space’s chic design and A+ food. Couples can invite up to 150 guests for their celebration, or keep it more intimate with a smaller gathering.

Restaurant Weddings: A classic reception set-up indoors at Garibaldi. There is a long table in front of a wall with a giant mirror and plants.


Savannah, Georgia

Located in a former firehouse, Garibaldi is a landmark locale for couples seeking a classic wedding-day vibe. And with refined Italian dishes served, your day is sure to look and taste divine.

Restaurant Weddings: Two newlyweds laughing together at their reception at Capulet.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Another NOLA hotspot, Capulet is inviting yet hip, modern yet historic, innovative yet classic—an array of antonyms that work together to create a truly memorable space. Housed in a restored warehouse from the 1800s, this airy, ultra-chic industrial space is an easy choice for couples dreaming of restaurant weddings.

Restaurant Weddings: The interior of Brennan's set up for a wedding with green walls, artwork, pink chairs, and white tablecloths.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Brennan’s iconic interior offers the perfect backdrop for a New Orleans bash, with intricate artwork, splashy green walls and banquettes, and—of course—innovative cuisine. There are tons of other rooms to choose from for your big day in this revered institution as well.

Restaurant Weddings: A romantic reception set-up at the outdoor courtyard at Broussard's.


New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re looking for restaurants for a wedding dinner in the Big Easy with a historic vibe, turn to Broussard’s. It’s been open for more than a century (102 whole years!) and serves up delightful French-Creole surrounded by French Quarter architecture in a space that seats anywhere from 30 to 650 guests.

Restaurant Weddings: Tablescape shot of a reception dinner at The Grove.

The Grove

Houston, Texas

This suave spot is the definition of versatile, meaning you can feel confident that your wedding vibe, whether that’s rustic, classic, or anything else, will work at The Grove. What’s more, the venue’s events team can curate a bespoke experience for groups anywhere from 15 to a whopping 1,500 people, inside or outside.

Restaurant weddings: Colorful furniture on a rug in a covered outdoor space at Mattie's.


Austin, Texas

Located in a 19th-century farmhouse, Mattie’s is an excellent choice for small and large celebrations alike. You can opt for the property’s 2,300-square-foot hall for events up to 160 guests, or select the lounge room or table royale for parties up to 32 and 16 guests, respectively. Bonus points for the private getting-ready suite and host area in the downstairs bar space!

Restaurant Weddings: A groom kissing a smiling bride on the cheek as they stand on an outdoor dock.

Abel's On the Lake

Austin, Texas

A friendly atmosphere combined with lakeside views and a double deck to fit all your guests equals a winning spot for restaurant weddings. Abel’s is an especially great pick for beer-lovers too, since there are more than 60 beers on tap to choose from.

Restaurant Weddings: A long table set up for a reception at Marie Gabrielle in the garden with string lights overhead and trees lining the space.

Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens

Dallas, Texas

You’ll feel nothing short of enchanted at this iconic Dallas restaurant wedding venue, set in a lush 1.5-acre garden. Great for indoor and outdoor events alike, you can transform this space into whatever fits your big-day vision.

Top Venues for Restaurant Weddings All Over the World

Take your great taste beyond the U.S. with a celebration at one of these noteworthy international restaurant wedding venues.

Restaurant Weddings: A cozy, intimate reception set-up at The Lake House with candles lit in the background.

The Lake House

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This innovative eatery can provide you, your partner, and up to 248 of your favorite people lavish lake views, rustic touches, and creative culinary delights.

Restaurant Weddings: A couple looking at their outdoor reception set-up at ACRE.


San José Del Barco, Mexico

Having your first dance in the middle of a dreamy mango orchard, eating unforgettable cuisine creations, and marveling at the space around you is all possible at ACRE. Invite anywhere from 20 to 500 loved ones to celebrate at this idyllic, daydream-worthy space.

Restaurant Weddings: Outdoor table set-up at Jazamango.


Todos Santos, Mexico

Renowned chef Javier Plascencia leads this sensational farm-to-table restaurant. With locally sourced dishes and an airy, inviting space, Jazamango is a superb contender for restaurant weddings.

Restaurant Weddings: An airy, boho reception set-up at Pangas Beach Club.

Pangas Beach Club

Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Pangas Beach Club offers a delightful menu (it prides itself on having some of the area’s freshest seafood), a laid-back vibe, and beachfront views. Yes, yes, and yes!

Restaurant Weddings: A long table reception set-up in Dopolavoro La Foce.

Dopolavoro La Foce

Pienza, Italy

At any given moment, we’re daydreaming of this beautiful farm-to-table restaurant that’s known for its traditional Tuscan dishes and looks straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie.

Restaurant Weddings: Rupert On Rupert set up for a wedding reception with a colorful pink flower installation hanging from the ceiling.

Rupert On Rupert

Collingwood, Australia

How uniquely perfect is Rupert On Rupert? Opened in 2015, this converted warehouse restaurant is filled with vintage furniture, an indoor garden, and industrial features at every corner. The thoughtful design matched with its inviting environment makes for the most memorable restaurant wedding experience.

Food works wonders at bringing people together and creating lasting memories. Whether that’s a meal for 10 at your dining room table table or an event for 200 at spaciouseatery you love, a restaurant wedding is an excellent way to celebrate your marriage with the people who mean the most to you and your partner. Now that you know the ins and outs of what to look for in a restaurant wedding venue (plus all of our top spots to consider!), it’s time to narrow down on which space is calling your name—and your taste buds. 

Bon appétit!