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Amaranth is headed by Sheila Griffin, (that's me). I'm a New England native who moved to Brooklyn in 1999. I earned my BFA in sculpture and painting from The School of Visual Arts, then went on to study documentary photography at the International Center of Photography. At ICP, I met Becky Holladay, and we discovered our mutual love of dreamy, square, film photos. We began Amaranth in 2009 after photographing weddings for friends and realizing that weddings offered so many of the same things that drew us to documentary photography. Each wedding presents us with a new opportunity to be let into the inner circle of someone's life, to tell their story of a momentous yet very personal occasion. It is a day full of joy and hope, reflection and celebration, and we always feel privileged to be a part of it. Amaranth is a small and personalized operation. This is by design, for our boutique size gives us the freedom to tailor our talents to the unique spirit of each wedding. We are honored to have the job of capturing those spontaneous emotional moments that turn into family heirlooms. We use a mix of medium format film cameras and the latest digital cameras. This combination allows us to shoot in a style that is unobtrusive yet fully engaged, respectfully detached yet profoundly intimate. Our clients are particularly drawn to our work with film because it has a special kind of warmth to it, a depth and a romance. With film, we can slow down a bit and visualize the resulting photo-object, be it a book or framed print. We believe not only that you should see the memories of your wedding, but feel them as well, hold them in your hands and hang them in your home. We are proud to give you not just "wedding photos", but ART made on your wedding day.


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