Brooklyn Wedding Venues

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Brooklyn Wedding Venues: 

Everything You Need to Know

Planning your wedding in Brooklyn should be a joyous experience shared by you and your partner, and there are so many different Brooklyn wedding venues to choose from. With our directory, you can look through unique Brooklyn wedding venues that suit any taste or budget. Taking a look at these real weddings and checking out how different couples transformed these venues can help shape your vision for your upcoming ceremony and reception.

You and your partner can browse through hundreds of Brooklyn wedding venues and vendors to help you make the most practical choices for your big day. Our directories can also help you find venues in New York City and more specifically, in Brooklyn. If you are planning a playful Coney Island wedding or more classic affair at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, we can provide you with insights into the best Brooklyn wedding venues and vendors for your ceremony, reception, and other events associated with your upcoming wedding.

You can choose from the best Brooklyn wedding venues, including Coney Island wedding and Brooklyn Bridge wedding options, by touching base with your preferred venues and reserving them early. Since more than 2.7 million people live in the borough, competition for Brooklyn wedding venues can be fierce. Making sure that you have your Brooklyn wedding venue lined up well in advance of the big day can assist you in planning your wedding and marking off all the items on your wedding planning checklist.

This guide will introduce you to some of the most popular Brooklyn wedding venue options and will help you decide which venue is best suited to your needs. Whether you are considering Williamsburg Brooklyn wedding venues or have your heart set on a ceremony and reception at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, our directory of real weddings can help you decide on the right wedding venues in Brooklyn to suit your preferences perfectly.

What should you know about Brooklyn wedding venues?

Brooklyn is a diverse and vibrant borough of New York City that offers plenty to see and do. Whether you are planning a Brooklyn botanical garden wedding or considering waterfront wedding venues in Brooklyn, there’s no shortage of creativity. Whichever style you and your partner decide on, it’s easy to find unique Brooklyn wedding venues that will match your personal style.

Many couples decide to get married in Brooklyn because they or their families live in the area (or nearby boroughs like Manhattan or Queens). Others may be drawn by a particular Brooklyn wedding venue or looking for the excitement and glamor of New York City for their once-in-a-lifetime wedding. Whether you are a longtime resident of the area or just popping into town for your wedding day, Brooklyn wedding venues are as diverse and beautiful as the neighborhoods that make up this New York City borough.

If you are looking for a Brooklyn wedding venue, most experts recommend researching these spots as soon as you get engaged. This can help you book your dream venue easily and efficiently, which is a key part of the overall planning process. 

What’s the best time of year for a Brooklyn wedding?

The thing is, an off-season or “shoulder season” doesn’t really apply to Brooklyn and the greater New York City area as a whole. A major destination for both domestic and international tourism, you can expect crowds (and higher costs) with Brooklyn weddings any time of year. But definitely consider the overall climate conditions too, as those could affect the cost and experience of your upcoming wedding celebration.

  • Autumn in New York: Fall is widely regarded as the most favorable time for planning major events in Brooklyn in terms of weather. As a rule, temperatures generally aren’t too hot or too cold during the autumn months, which ensures that you and your guests will be as comfortable as possible. Rain is also rare during fall in Brooklyn, which makes outdoor weddings a more realistic possibility for you and your guests on your special day. This makes autumn the perfect time for outdoor ceremonies and receptions at wedding venues in Brooklyn.
  • Spring in Brooklyn: While the months of March, April, and May lack the brilliant fall colors and the excellent autumn weather, spring offers blooming flowers and somewhat mild weather. If you are considering a Brooklyn boathouse wedding or Brooklyn wedding venues on the water, however, you may want to wait until closer to summer to schedule your wedding. Chilly or rainy weather could put a damper on your celebration and could make some Brooklyn wedding dresses and attire less practical for your upcoming ceremony and reception.
  • Summer weddings must compete with some of the biggest crowds during the high season for travel and tourism in Brooklyn. Summer weather is typically hot and humid during the day with cooler nights. If you are planning a Brooklyn Bridge wedding or a ceremony and reception at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, you will need to book your date months or even years in advance for a June wedding at these in-demand wedding venues in Brooklyn. (We all remember the movie Bride Wars, right?). Most Brooklyn wedding venues on the water will also fill up quickly all summer (June, July, and August).
  • Winter weddings usually limit the types of Brooklyn wedding venues available for your ceremony and reception. For example, Brooklyn wedding venues on the water or Brooklyn Bridge wedding venues may not be practical on cold, sometimes snowy winter days. If you are committed to a winter wedding, however, many wedding venues in Brooklyn offer gorgeous indoor or indoor-outdoor options that can provide a place to warm up and a refuge from unexpected winter storms in our area. Winter snow can often serve as a dramatic contrast for wedding dresses and other attire, which can create the most memorable wedding photos for you and your partner.

If you have your heart set on a specific time of year for your wedding, you can often find unique Brooklyn wedding venues that are specifically designed for these seasonal events. Whether you are looking for Brooklyn wedding venues with a view, a Brooklyn botanical garden wedding, or an elegant garden wedding, you can find the perfect date and venue for your special day.

What are the different areas of Brooklyn?

When deciding on wedding venues in Brooklyn, you can select from among a wide range of neighborhoods. Each of these areas has its own unique atmosphere and can provide an unforgettable backdrop for your wedding day. Whether you are looking for a DUMBO wedding venue, a Brooklyn botanical garden wedding, or one of the many Williamsburg wedding venue options, our directory of real weddings can show you events held in the specific areas you and your partner are interested in.

  • Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, better known by the acronym DUMBO, is a popular spot for weddings in Brooklyn. DUMBO Brooklyn wedding venues can offer fantastic views and easy access to major attractions in and around Brooklyn. DUMBO wedding venues may include lofts, restaurants, and event halls (among others). Your wedding planner may be able to provide recommendations for DUMBO Brooklyn wedding venues. Whichever popular DUMBO wedding venue you decide on, the area should guarantee that you’ll be able to take breathtaking photos with views of Manhattan and the nearby Manhattan Bridge.
  • Brooklyn Bridge wedding venues offer a chance to marry in the shadow of this iconic New York City landmark. If you are planning a Brooklyn Bridge wedding, be sure to ask about photo opportunities to commemorate your wedding day.
  • Central Brooklyn is the home of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (located right by Prospect Park) and offers many of the most popular wedding venues in Brooklyn for couples interested in tying the knot in more natural, flower- and plant-filled areas.
  • Williamsburg Brooklyn wedding venues include can’t-miss, award-winning restaurants, lofts, and other dedicated event spaces. Your Williamsburg wedding venue will set the stage for an elegant wedding you and your guests will remember fondly for many years to come. Some of the most popular Williamsburg Brooklyn wedding venues are located in hotels and feature elegant ballroom wedding venues that are reminiscent of the most popular wedding films. When looking for the perfect Williamsburg wedding venue, don't forget to consider churches, synagogues, and other places of worship. These Williamsburg Brooklyn wedding venues are often more affordable and more special for more religious couples.
  • Coney Island wedding options are ideally suited for those looking for a whimsical approach to their weddings. This popular vacation destination can create unforgettable memories (and photos!) for you and your guests.

Whether you are looking for the perfect Williamsburg wedding venues or checking out DUMBO Brooklyn wedding venues, finding the perfect location for your upcoming wedding can make a big difference in the experience for you and your guests. The right Brooklyn wedding venues can help you create the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and reception.

What are the different types of Brooklyn wedding venues?

Choosing the theme for your wedding can sometimes be influenced by the Brooklyn wedding venue you choose. Here are some of the most popular options for venues in the Brooklyn area.

Brooklyn Private Home Wedding Venues:

Private homes can provide the setting for a rustic backyard Brooklyn wedding or for avant-garde stoop ceremonies in Brooklyn. If you are planning an intimate Brooklyn wedding, a private home could be the perfect Brooklyn wedding venue for you and your partner.

Brooklyn Winery Wedding Venues:

Wineries are another solid choice for your upcoming wedding reception and ceremony. If you are concerned about Brooklyn wedding winery costs, checking in advance for lower-cost times and available dates can help you to manage your wedding budget much more effectively.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding Venues:

Brooklyn Botanic Garden weddings can allow you to enjoy the beautiful flowers and foliage that are everywhere in this Brooklyn attraction. Your Brooklyn botanical garden wedding will take place on 52 acres of gardens located right in the heart of the borough. Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding venues are incredibly popular and you can generally make them as big or small as you’d like. This iconic Brooklyn botanical garden wedding location can be the perfect solution for couples seeking Brooklyn wedding venues with a view too. You can hold your Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding in a variety of places within the property, which features a variety of flowers and other plants. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden maintains a relationship with a culinary partner who offers catering packages that include some wedding cost surprises, like the cake and open bars. This all-in-one offering can help you plan your Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding more easily.

Brooklyn Wedding Venues on the Water:

Brooklyn weddings in boathouse venues are a popular choice during the warmer seasons of the year. Most of these wedding venues in Brooklyn offer indoor-outdoor flexibility to ensure that your wedding goes smoothly, regardless of the weather.

Brooklyn Rooftop Wedding Venues:

Brooklyn weddings on rooftops are available throughout the borough and can allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city in a more serene setting. Because of its epic views of Manhattan, Williamsburg wedding venues with rooftop options are ideally suited for any Brooklyn wedding. Additionally, some DUMBO wedding venue options offer rooftop ceremonies and receptions to create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.

Brooklyn Religious Wedding Venues:

Churches and synagogues are great resources, especially for those who live in Brooklyn and attend these places of worship. Whether you are looking for a church for your DUMBO wedding venue or interested in making your local synagogue your Williamsburg wedding venue, these places can help you be as authentic as possible and you can even save money along the way.

Historic Brooklyn Wedding Venues: 

These types of wedding venues can be found throughout the borough. For many couples, Williamsburg Brooklyn wedding venues offer a link to the neighborhood's history while ensuring the most memorable experience for you and your guests. DUMBO wedding venues can also provide a sense of history for your upcoming wedding.

Brooklyn Wedding Venues with a Twist:

Vegas-style wedding chapels are a relatively new addition to the lineup of wedding venues in Brooklyn. These chapels are designed for elopements and very small weddings and typically offer all-inclusive packages for you and your partner.

Whether you choose a DUMBO wedding venue, a Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding, or one of the many Williamsburg wedding venues, looking through these real weddings can help you find the perfect location for your upcoming ceremony and reception. Our directory provides access to real couples at Williamsburg wedding venues, DUMBO wedding venues, and all the other areas within the vibrant borough of Brooklyn.

How do you find Brooklyn wedding vendors?

The vendors you choose can be just as important to the success of your wedding as your venue. Some Brooklyn wedding venues do offer services designed specifically for wedding parties, which can streamline the planning process for you and your partner. For instance, a wine tasting party may be included in your Brooklyn wedding winery cost or the Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding venue could provide wedding décor to limit the prep work needed for your wedding.

Once you have decided on the best Brooklyn wedding venues for your event, you can check for available dates and reserve your venue. This will provide the right foundation for choosing vendors who will provide support for your wedding from start to finish.

Brooklyn Wedding Planners: 

Your wedding planner is often the first vendor you will enlist in helping you plan your ceremony and reception. Wedding planners can often provide helpful hints and tips for planning your wedding that can streamline the preparation process for you and your partner.

Brooklyn Wedding Caterers: 

Catering services can offer inclusive packages that include the wedding cake, along with bar services and entrees for your guests. It is important to make sure that your catering company can provide services at your DUMBO wedding venue, your Williamsburg wedding venue, or any other Brooklyn wedding venues you are considering. This can help you to avoid issues with catering that could affect your perfect day.

Brooklyn Wedding Dresses:

Finding the perfect Brooklyn wedding dresses can be a challenge. Your wedding planner can often provide you with insights into the latest wedding dress trends to help you find Brooklyn wedding dresses ideally suited to you.

Brooklyn Wedding Stationers:

Vendors who offer wedding invitations and save the dates should be near the top of your wedding checklist. These companies can also provide wedding website templates to give even more information to your guests.

Brooklyn Wedding Musicians: 

Bands and DJs that specialize in wedding music can make your Williamsburg wedding venue or other wedding venues in Brooklyn even more special. In some cases, your DUMBO wedding venue may have suggestions on bands who are familiar with the space and perform well in the area.

Whether you are considering a Williamsburg wedding venue, a Coney Island wedding or a quiet ceremony at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the right vendors (don't forget about your photographer and videographer too!) will help you enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

How much do Brooklyn wedding venues cost?

You can expect to pay a premium price for weddings in New York City. While the average cost of a wedding across the United States was just $20,300 in 2020, most sources place the average cost at $34,315 in the state of New York. In Brooklyn, venues and vendors can cost much more than experts in other states and cities. Competition for available Brooklyn wedding venues has also significantly increased because of pandemic wedding delays that have prevented many couples from marrying over the past few years.

Along with catering costs, wedding venues in Brooklyn will typically make up the lion's share of expenses associated with your wedding. Many couples ask, "How much are Brooklyn wedding venues?" The answer to this question will depend on the time of year, the type of venue, and the amenities offered by wedding venues in Brooklyn. For example, a Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding venue will typically cost more than one that is scheduled at a public park or private home. For that fee, however, you gain access to spectacular views and elegant surroundings as well as indoor-outdoor convenience for your wedding plans. That being said, most Brooklyn wedding venues with a view will be relatively expensive. Brooklyn Bridge wedding venues are also quite costly because of high demand for weddings in this iconic area.

Booking your Brooklyn wedding venue during certain seasons can sometimes reduce the price you will pay for unique Brooklyn wedding venues. Additionally, costs can vary widely among neighborhoods and wedding venues within those neighborhoods. For instance, a Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding might cost significantly more than the average Brooklyn wedding winery cost. By contrast, many smaller wedding venues can offer less expensive options for couples on a budget. Experts are now predicting that inflation will boost the costs of many Brooklyn wedding necessities in the upcoming year as well. This could affect the amount you pay for wedding venues in Brooklyn and across the United States.

So, how much are Brooklyn wedding venues? There is no simple answer to this question. The best way to determine costs for your Brooklyn wedding venue is to contact them directly. This will ensure the most accurate information on Brooklyn wedding winery cost, fees for Williamsburg wedding venues, and other costs associated with your big day.

How do you get to Brooklyn?

For those who need to travel by air to Brooklyn for your wedding, providing detailed instructions can often assist in ensuring that your guests arrive at your Williamsburg wedding venue or other location on time. LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, and John F. Kennedy International Airport are all located within convenient driving or ride-sharing distance of Brooklyn. Some even offer shuttles to mass transit systems to make this process even easier for your guests.

With our directory, it’s easy to find the inspiration you need and the vendors and venues you want for your upcoming Brooklyn wedding. Take a peek at all the real-life weddings that have happened there, and start your planning process as soon as possible.