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Food is the focal point of our function and in the highest part of our creativity. Not only regarding the technique, but also as far as the quality is concerned. Meat, fish, sea-food, vegetables, risotto, pasta, desserts, cakes, miniatures, ice-creams, traditional and modern tastes, fusion Greek cuisine, cosmopolitan French cuisine. We have a wide gastronomy variety satisfying even the most demanding customer.

Though, above all, we care about the quality, something that sets the need for continual research from our part. This is why we see our work in a unique way. Dipnosofistirion Catering is not only one of the top companies in the gastronomy and catering industries, but also a lab researching for rare ingredients. Our staff searches every corner of this country and, with the collaboration of independent producers, find little treasures, unusual foods and pure local products.


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