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Big Island, Hawaii
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Aloha, I'm Edmar and I am a Professional Photographer in Honolulu, Hawaii!

I don't just take photos; I capture memories and evoke emotions. As a Photographer, my job goes far beyond snapping pictures. I am the storyteller, the silent observer who documents every fleeting moment of love, joy, and celebration. From the nervous anticipation before the ceremony to the exhilarating dance floor moments later in the night, I am there to freeze these precious instants in time.

But being a Photographer is not just about technical expertise and artistic vision. It's about connection. Every couple has their unique story and personality, and it's my job to truly understand them. In conclusion, my role as a wedding photographer goes beyond simply taking photos; it involves connecting with couples on a deep level to tell their unique stories authentically. Capturing raw emotions in every image requires not only technical skill but also empathy and understanding of human relationships. 


Big Island, Hawaii
Maui, Hawaii
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