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I value each wedding as if it were my own. Sounds cheesy, I know, but it's true. Long before your wedding day, I am planning and collecting information that will help me get the best photographs to tell your story. My interest in photography began when I was still in high school at around the age of 16 or 17. I spent countless hours losing myself working in wet labs, developing and rolling my own film, and dodging and burning the old fashioned way. Once I graduated I was able to really start exploring that interest even more and by 2006 I had begun to establish myself as a wedding photographer. Throughout these years I traveled and moved around quite a bit, and actually ended up meeting my husband on a connecting flight ( I know- total movie moment). I LOVE photographing weddings!. . . I love working with people, I love the buzz of the day, the energy that is going around, and all the happiness and tears. I love when I can see what the bride and groom saw as the vision for their day, and really help make that happen. I love capturing unique moments as they unfold throughout the day. Genuine emotion just can not be faked or recreated. . . no matter how much you try, you must get it right the first time and be able to anticipate those moments before they happen. Being really fluid with your equipment and experienced with wedding days is where this really pays off. Send me an email, call, text, or flag me down on Facebook. I would love to meet and hear your story of love!


Baltimore, Maryland
Washington DC

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