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Punti di Bianco provides full and professional photo services for weddings. Thanks to our well-trained eye and our reportage photo technique, we capture your special events and communicate real emotions. The wedding day becomes a story of spontaneous, authentic and joyful images filled with emotions, while all the guests and the newlyweds are free to move around and truly enjoy this special day. This technique allows to capture the natural beauty of the most significant moments of the day.

Florence is where we were born and where we went back after living away for a while: Tommaso lived in Rome and Silvia in Milan. Florence is where we met and where we are raising our daughter. We like to be with people, learn about their stories and tell them through our photos: the love between a couple, the smile of child, the complicity between a couple of friends. Both in life and at work, we complete each other: Tommaso is the patient and thoughtful one while Silvia is more impulsive and dynamic.
Working together allows us to tell stories with our favorite style – the reportage. We love to capture those small details that make any event or wedding a unique experience.


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