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1915 Whitehall Rd, Annapolis, Maryland 21409

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1915 Whitehall Rd, Annapolis, Maryland 21409

Whitehall stands proudly along the banks of Meredith Creek, Whitehall Creek and Whitehall Bay. The grounds consist of 135 acres of sprawling lawns and fields with a mile and a half of shoreline. This beautifully and lovingly restored National Historic Landmark offers an unparalleled backdrop for your one-of-a- kind meetings, weddings, corporate receptions and private celebrations. The house stands as the finest example of Palladian architecture in the country and was the first National Historic Landmark to be designated in the state of Maryland. Whitehall's grounds will be made available for weddings and other events, though the parties will have to be held outside to minimize wear and tear on the historic home.


Baltimore, Maryland

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