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Maui Wedding Venue:

Everything You Need to Know

Selecting your Maui wedding venue is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding day! Many wedding venues in Maui offer sweeping views and a variety of amenities, so you have plenty of options. Wedding venues in Maui will serve as the picturesque backdrop for the day that you celebrate your commitment to your soulmate, so you want to be sure to select the right one. Of course, while you may be spoiled for choice, choosing the best Maui wedding venue can still be tricky. 

Luckily, browsing our library of real Maui weddings for inspiration may help you narrow down your Maui wedding venue search. Take time to peruse pictures of weddings at each property to get an idea of which Maui wedding venues would best suit your theme, aesthetic, and color palette. Planning your Maui wedding day is suddenly so much easier. 

What should you know about Maui wedding venues? 

Many couples dream of a Hawaii wedding, which is one reason why Maui is such a popular destination wedding location, due to its idyllic environment and bounty of luxury resorts. As a result, there is no shortage of gorgeous Maui wedding venues. Getting inspiration from couples who married in Maui is a great way to begin planning your own nuptials. Our library of real weddings allows you an inside look at the Maui wedding venues you’re considering for your big day.

Hawaii is world-renowned for its welcoming culture, scenic locales, and unforgettable cuisine. The combination of these things makes the Valley Isle a feast for your senses—and the ideal location for Hawaii weddings. Tourists routinely revisit their favorite spots, some of which might become your Maui wedding venue of choice. Others, such as the rainforest, appeal to the modern explorer in search of the Maui parrotbill.

There are several towns that attract the attention of travelers. Examples include Pa’ia, Wailua, and Kaupo. Whether you are seeking a Maui wedding venue that would be suitable for a large bash or you’re looking for an intimate seaside elopement for your Hawaii wedding, there are gorgeous Maui wedding venues that fit the bill. It’s no wonder that nearly 10,000 couples opted for Hawaii weddings in 2020 alone! 

What is the best month for getting married in Maui?

A few factors determine the ideal time for your Maui wedding. First, how willing are you to rub elbows with tourists during your Maui wedding? Second, how much do you have allocated to spend on your Maui wedding venue and vendors? The Maui wedding cost will significantly increase during the island’s busy “high season,” which runs from December to April. Some couples choose to book their Hawaii weddings during the off-season, which includes the months of May, June, September, October, and November. This could mean increased availability at the Maui wedding venues you’re considering, fewer tourists, and a lower overall Maui wedding cost.

The weather at your Maui wedding venue will be warm, no matter when you go. However, keep in mind that the island has a rainy season from November to March. If you have an outdoor Maui wedding venue in mind, the dry season between April and October is a better choice. With the date cleared, remember that you need to apply for a Maui marriage license at an office designated by the Department of Health. If you’re not local to the area, you can ask your Maui wedding planner what your next steps would be. 

What are the options for your Maui Wedding venue?

Are you dreaming of a massive Maui wedding bash with 500 guests and a party that lasts all night long? Or, is a seaside elopement more your style? It is interesting to note that there are ideal Maui wedding venues for intimate ceremonies and elopements as well as for large 500-person receptions. Because the island is at the top of the list of popular Hawaii wedding venues, advanced planning is critical for larger events. For in-demand, luxury Maui reception venues, prepare to reserve your spot up to a year in advance—or even longer if you’re booking your Maui wedding venue during peak tourist season. 

Some venues offer you the help of Maui wedding planners, Maui wedding caterers, Maui wedding florists, or even Maui wedding design services as part of a package. Others will require you to source your own team of Maui wedding vendors. Many Maui beachfront hotels offer wedding packages, or can recommend talented vendors if you aren’t that familiar with the area. When working with a private Maui wedding venue that is strictly an event space, you may have to do much of the legwork to curate your Hawaii wedding vendor team yourself. 

When deciding between an indoor vs. outdoor Maui wedding venue, keep the weather in mind. A Maui wedding on the beach is typically not a good idea during the rainy season. Alternatively, you could consider Maui beach wedding packages at large hotels, and have an indoor backup plan in case the big day gets rained out. 

Need more suggestions for Maui wedding reception venues? You can try golf courses that frequently offer Maui event venues. If Maui beach weddings and Maui wedding venues on private estates aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, there are other wedding-specific Maui event venues on the island. So, what are the popular types of venues in Maui?

Maui Resort & Hotel Weddings:

Resorts and hotels make excellent Maui wedding reception venues. Not only do plenty of resorts offer Maui Resort wedding packages, but they also offer your guests the ability to stay right where the events will take place. Maui beachfront hotels are a popular option, since they’re on the water, but often offer a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Maui Beach Weddings:

Before tying the knot on one of Maui’s 80 beaches, you will need a Maui beach wedding permit. This is a necessary document in addition to the marriage license. If you’re getting married at one of the Maui beachfront hotels, you can ask if they provide it, or if you will need to source it on your own. 

Maui Estate Weddings:

Maui wedding venues on private estates are another favorite of couples planning a Hawaii wedding. Sometimes, Maui weddings on private estates that don’t provide additional services, like catering, may have recommendations for other wedding vendors. Maui weddings on private estates are popular because they offer couples a sense of elegance and intimacy on their big day. 

Maui Country Club Weddings: 

Country clubs are excellent wedding venues in Hawaii because they are often beautiful spaces that offer a variety of wedding services to make planning your day easier. Country Clubs can have some of the most attractive wedding packages on Maui. Similar to Maui resort wedding packages, Maui weddings at country clubs can have the convenience of including catering, a day-of coordinator, furniture rentals… Even flowers are part of some Maui wedding packages at country clubs. 

Maui Ranch Weddings: 

These Maui wedding venues are in upcountry, around Haleakala National Park. Ranches could be the way to go if you are looking for a Maui wedding venue that is private and unique.

Maui Garden Weddings: 

Gardens make excellent wedding venues in Hawaii, and some Maui hotels even have several tropical garden spots. Some of these gardens are large, which makes them suitable for wedding bashes with a lot of attendees. If you are curious to learn more about hotels that include gardens in their Maui wedding hotel packages, inquire with the hotels you are considering to host your Maui wedding. 

Maui Ballroom Weddings: 

If you are considering saying “I do” during the rainy season, these are some of the Hawaii wedding venues of choice for many couples. There are plenty of luxury hotels on the islands that will provide you with the opportunity to host your Maui wedding in a ballroom. If you do select a ballroom wedding at a hotel, you can ask about the potential for Maui hotel wedding packages. 

Maui Church Weddings: 

Maui is home to a variety of churches, temples, and mosques that make for a beautiful religious Maui wedding venue for your ceremony. However, a favorite insider tip is the historic Palapala Ho'omau Church where the grave of Charles Lindbergh is located.

Maui Restaurant Weddings: 

Restaurants with private spaces are good options for low-stress Maui reception venues. Some may also offer wedding packages on Maui. Not to mention you can be sure that your Maui wedding food will be delicious. 

What are the different areas of Maui?

Getting to know the island of Maui is an important first step in considering wedding venues. In addition to its 80 beaches, the island is broken down into districts. South Maui is famous for its resort communities. The resort area offers some of the most popular wedding venues in Maui. When couples refer to Hawaii weddings, they are likely discussing Wailea weddings. This is an area renowned for its luxurious surroundings and amenities. If you are willing to look beyond the advantages of scheduling Wailea weddings, check out Kihei.

Kihei is a good option for weddings in Maui, Hawaii that would like to stay within a certain price range. Mind you, these are still luxurious, but because properties are a little older, they tend to be less expensive. Other great choices are Makena weddings. Check out the Makena Surf for your Makena weddings or head over to Polo Beach. 

For the couple considering wedding reception venues in Maui that are more on the western end of the island, there is a broad range of price points to consider. Some are Maui wedding venues that appeal to adventure travelers and backpackers. There are plenty of popular Maui event venues in that area, so take your time browsing images of real Maui weddings. If you want a cozy spot, there are also Maui wedding venue options that include cottages in that area that offer stunning views.

In contrast, Kapalua is home to some of the most palatial wedding venues in Hawaii. This is where you plan luxurious, all-inclusive Maui beach weddings. You can also check out Kaanapali. You’ll find that Kaanapali venues are a bit older, but less costly. 

East Mauiand the Hana area are home to plantations, arts districts, and some of the best wedding reception venues in Maui. Some places, such as the town of Haiku, are a ten-minute walk from the beach. Small and mid-sized wedding parties will love these areas.

The Central Maui area is famous for its resort-style Maui beachfront hotels that cater to the destination wedding clientele. These are the perfect Maui event venues in Wailuku on the lower end of the cost spectrum and the convenient town of Kahului’s Hawaii wedding venues that are near the airport.

Some of the best Maui wedding venues are actually just off the island. There is the exclusive island of Lanai, which is reachable by boat from Maui or private charter from Oahu. There are several Maui wedding photographers who specialize in capturing the beauty of the Maui wedding venues and ceremonies there.

How much does a Maui wedding cost? 

In 2020, the average Maui wedding cost was above national standards. While the average cost of a wedding in the US was $20,300 that year, a Maui wedding cost an average of $25,226. About 42.3% of the budget goes towards Maui wedding venues, catering, and rentals.

One way to stay within your allocated price range is to select one of the Maui wedding packages. This will help you create Maui weddings that are splendid and stunning, and might have a slightly lower all-in cost. In addition, this makes weddings in Maui Hawaii easier to plan. 

There are also unexpected costs that are part of Hawaii weddings. Last-minute menu changes or guest additions will inflate your Maui wedding cost. Couples who opt for a smaller-scale romantic Maui wedding and choose to elope will of course end up spending less.

How do you find Maui Wedding Vendors?

Unless you will do all of the planning, calling, and negotiating yourself, you need to work with Maui wedding planners who know the best Maui wedding venues, have an in with excellent photographers, and can get you on the schedule with live entertainment. Not surprisingly, many of the luxurious wedding venues in Maui have a planner on staff. However, in-house coordinators and planners will typically only help with parts of the wedding that have to do with the venue itself, but will not assist with things like invitations, booking wedding dress appointments, assembling welcome bags, etc.

Therefore it can be helpful to enlist the services of independent Maui wedding planners. If you are coming in from out-of-state, interview Maui wedding planners over the phone or a video call before you get there. Who are the other vendors you most likely cannot do without?

Maui Wedding Florist: 

Maui weddings taking place indoors (or out!) greatly benefit from a variety of floral decorations. If you are outdoors, a Maui wedding florist will offer you some input on possibilities to liven up your Maui wedding venue without distracting from the view. 

Maui Wedding Photographers:

Some Maui wedding venues prefer to work with a specific photographer. That said, finding an independent Maui wedding photographer lets you find someone whose unique style you love. Many Maui wedding photographers specialize in specific ceremony types. For example, did you know that you could find a Maui elopement photographer? If you are looking to elope in Maui, a Maui elopement photographer will capture the essence of your wedding day so you can share it with your loved ones when you get home—and for years to come. 

Maui Wedding Caterers:

Maui weddings at resorts have the advantage of working with in-house  caterers. Of course, you might always select your own Maui wedding caterers to cook up tasty cuisine for your Maui wedding day. 

Maui Wedding DJ or Band:

Your Maui wedding musicians will know exactly how to add a bit of musical flair to your big day. They range from the typical Maui wedding DJ to the band that specializes in traditional Hawaiian- music.

Maui Wedding Cake Bakery: 

What’s sweeter than a Maui wedding cake? You can opt to work with your Maui wedding venue on your wedding cake (if they have a wedding cake baker on staff as part of their Maui wedding hotel packages). Alternatively, you can source your own Maui wedding cake baker.  

Remember that many resorts or hotel Maui wedding packages will include some or all of these vendors. Get inspiration from real weddings that took place at actual wedding venues in Maui by checking out our gallery, and see exactly which Maui wedding vendors helped bring the day to life.

How do you get to Maui?

Getting to Hawaii for Maui weddings will require traveling by plane, and the Kahului Airport is Maui’s primary airport. Airlines there include Air Canada, Alaska, American, Delta, Hawaiian, Mokulele Express, United, Virgin America, US Airways, and WestJet. The broad range of airlines makes it convenient for guests to reach your Hawaii wedding venues. Inter-island flights make getting married in Maui a snap, even if you or your guests flew into another airport.

Because you do not want guests to cut it too close to your Maui wedding ceremony start time, remind guests arriving at the airport that the major resort areas, Lahaina and Kaanapali, are between 25 and 29 miles away. Kihei is about 10 miles away. You can also ask your Maui wedding venue about a shuttle to fetch your guests from the airport. 

Looking to book your Maui wedding venue and your Maui wedding vendors today? Our library includes real couples’ Maui wedding pictures so you can find the vendor team that will best fit your big day.