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Detroit Wedding Venues:

Everything You Need to Know

We know that planning your wedding in Detroit can sometimes be challenging, but we’re here to take the guesswork out of your planning process. Finding the right Detroit wedding venues, vendors, and anything else needed for your celebration will help you to create an unforgettable wedding in this vibrant and modern city. Whether you are looking for unique Detroit wedding venues that will impress your guests or are looking for vendors familiar with your wedding theme, our directory is a helpful resource for you and your partner.

This guide can provide you with inspiration and information on the best wedding venues in Detroit and the surrounding areas. We will also look at climate concerns for outdoor wedding venues in Detroit and discuss the best things to do and different ways to reach the city. 

The resources available on our site can really help you and your partner find unique Detroit wedding venues that suit your style and your budget, and you can connect with top vendors in the area too. We offer photos from real weddings that can help you discover key elements you’ll want for your own special day. Below, we’ll break down everything couples need to know about wedding venues in Detroit, Michigan:

What's the best time of year for a Detroit wedding?

Finding the best time to plan a wedding in Detroit typically requires you to think about both the predominant weather patterns and the amount of tourism that Detroit receives during various seasons of the year. These factors can play a role in both the cost and availability of some Detroit wedding venues. Additionally, outdoor wedding venues in Detroit may be more comfortable and beautiful during certain times of the year.

When planning a Detroit wedding, summer and early autumn are among the most popular times thanks to the weather in this part of Michigan. But for those selecting outdoor wedding venues in Detroit and the surrounding areas, it is important to have a back-up plan for inclement weather. This is especially true if you are planning a winter wedding at one of the many beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Detroit, which will typically require some sort of tent or other additions to keep you and your guests warm.

Booking a venue for your ceremony or wedding reception early or during the off-season for tourism can sometimes save you money and can allow you to explore some unique Detroit wedding venues. Summer and early fall, once again, are favorite times for tourists. This can sometimes pose added difficulties for you and your partner in scheduling your celebration at some of the best wedding venues in Detroit during these high-traffic times of the year.

What are the different types of Detroit wedding venues?

When making your pick among the many Detroit wedding venues, you can find a variety of options for your upcoming celebration. Selecting the best venue for your Detroit wedding can allow you to make a positive impression on guests and can create the best possible  atmosphere for your upcoming celebration. Here are some of the most popular types of Detroit wedding venues from which you can choose:

  • Hotels and ballrooms: Finding elegant and affordable hotel wedding venues in Detroit Michigan can allow you and your partner to avoid worries about the availability of amenities or facilities when planning your upcoming celebration. Plus, you’ll have all of the luxuries of an indoor space (aka no worries about weather!) and there might be an opportunity for super-convenient hotel blocks.
  • Museums: Event spaces located inside museums and libraries can provide unique Detroit wedding venues that will reflect your own personal aesthetic. These Detroit wedding venues work for art aficionados and history buffs alike.
  • Gardens: Selecting from among the garden wedding venues in Detroit can often inform your design decisions. The green foliage and other natural elements in these areas can serve as the ideal backdrop for your Detroit wedding celebration, especially in the summer or early fall months.
  • Restaurants: Some of the most popular wedding venues in Detroit, Michigan are the event spaces located inside restaurants. These small wedding venues in Detroit can provide you with an intimate space for exchanging vows and hosting your wedding reception in our area. You could even host your wedding at the restaurant where you had your first date, got engaged, or had any other momentous occasion.
  • Renovated factories and theaters: If you are considering downtown Detroit wedding venues, some of the most interesting options can be found in renovated lofts, theaters, and factory spaces. These unique Detroit wedding venues typically feature the basics like bathroom accommodations, electricity, and running water. The decor for these unconventional wedding venues in Detroit, however, may be entirely up to you and your partner.
  • Farms and ranches: If you are looking for rustic wedding venues in Detroit, you can find elegant and affordable options just outside the city limits. By opting for these outdoor wedding venues in Detroit and the surrounding areas, you may be able to balance affordability and expansive spaces to accommodate a larger wedding guest list.
  • Country clubs, golf clubs, and private clubs: Some of the best wedding venues in Detroit can be found at the private clubs and country clubs that are located across the city. These Detroit wedding venues are an excellent choice for larger weddings and offer all of the amenities you want for your celebration.
  • Wineries and breweries: Wine and beer lovers, rejoice! If you are looking for the most unique Detroit wedding venues, the wineries and breweries in our area can be just what you need to create the wedding of your dreams.
  • Churches and places of worship: For traditional ceremonies, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship can serve as unique Detroit wedding venues that reflect your own personal beliefs. When looking for the best wedding venues in Detroit, be sure to consider these options if you and your partner are religiously inclined.

Whether you are interested in downtown Detroit wedding venues or are considering some of the unusual options for weddings in the city, our directory is a great place to find inspiration and help in selecting your perfect ceremony and reception spots. We can provide photos of some of the best small wedding venues in Detroit as well as larger venues suitable for more expansive guest lists and celebrations.

What are the various areas in Detroit?

Knowing more about the neighborhoods in this city can give you a better idea of how you’ll plan your Detroit wedding. Choosing Detroit wedding venues in or near these areas can allow you to tailor your celebration to your own personal style and tastes:

  • Downtown Detroit: When exploring downtown Detroit wedding venues, you can select from parks, art galleries, and renovated spaces that can make your wedding something truly special. This area is best for those who want a more upscale, big-city vibe.
  • Midtown Detroit: Some of the key features of Midtown include the Detroit Historical Museum, Wayne State University, and the Cultural Center. Midtown Detroit wedding venues may be located in lofts or restaurants in this area.
  • New Center: Situated about three miles north of the numerous Downtown Detroit wedding venues and bordered by three major roadways, New Center is the home of the Fisher Theatre and of many top restaurants in Detroit.
  • North End: Comprising areas that include Detroit Golf Club, Palmer Park, and Sherwood Forest, North End Detroit offers several restaurants and parks that can serve as small wedding venues in Detroit.
  • East Side: This part of Detroit was originally settled by Irish and German immigrants. Its proximity to Belle Isle makes it a popular option for planning a Detroit wedding celebration too. 
  • West Side: Like the East Side, the West Side of Detroit comprises the Upper, Central, and Lower West Side neighborhoods, and each has its own unique style. If you are looking for wedding venues in Detroit, Michigan, the West Side is often a great place to start.
  • Southwest and Near West: Located close to the Canadian border, Southwest and Near West Detroit are popular options for wedding venues in this area. Historic buildings and newer architecture combine to create a unique look for this part of the city.

Whether you are interested in downtown Detroit wedding venues or are considering one of the smaller options farther from the city center, Detroit's neighborhoods offer plenty of choices when selecting the best venues for your upcoming wedding celebration. Selecting the best Detroit wedding venues can create the atmosphere you want for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day.

How much does a wedding cost in Detroit?

According to financial experts, the average cost of a wedding in Detroit is $23,726. The bulk of this amount is usually spent on catering and wedding venues in Detroit. Finding ways to save money on your wedding can help you manage the financial aspects of your celebration more easily.

Downsizing your guest list is a popular cost-cutting measure that can allow you to book smaller Detroit wedding venues and to cut the cost of catering. This can, in turn, make budgeting much easier for your upcoming nuptial celebration.

When checking out wedding venues in Detroit, it is also important to consider how much you will need to invest in decor and flowers for these venues. Decorating these spaces and bringing in rentals or other fun additions can create added expenses for you and your partner.

How do you find Detroit wedding vendors?

When planning a wedding, finding the best Detroit wedding venues and vendors is essential to ensure the success of your celebration. Detroit wedding planners are especially helpful in providing information about the best wedding venues in Detroit and other important vendors for your big day. Here are some of the key players who can help to make your Detroit wedding happen:

  • Detroit wedding planners: Selecting one of the many talented Detroit wedding planners out there will provide you with local expertise that can translate into better decisions on venues and other vendors. Your wedding planner can point you in the direction of top Detroit wedding videographers, wedding cake bakeries, musicians, and more to make your day even more special for you and your partner.
  • Detroit wedding photographers: Choosing the best Detroit wedding photographer can make a big difference in the quality of photos of your wedding celebration, which you’ll look back on for years to come. Detroit wedding photographers work hard to capture each magical moment to provide you with lasting memories from your wedding day.
  • Detroit wedding videographers: Along with your Detroit wedding photographer, the videographers you choose are responsible for creating visual memories of your wedding that you will cherish for years to come. The best Detroit wedding videographers will work with your photographer to provide full coverage for your wedding. Your wedding planner may be able to recommend a Detroit wedding videographer with experience at your venues or who has worked successfully with your Detroit wedding photographer at previous weddings.
  • Detroit wedding florists: Flowers are a key part of your wedding and will likely be captured as part of the decor by your Detroit wedding videographer and photographer. Whether you have booked small wedding venues in Detroit or are planning a large and festive wedding, your flowers will make a real statement that can enhance the beauty of your ceremony and reception and tie all of your decor together.
  • Detroit wedding caterers: Finding the most delicious catering options for your Detroit wedding venues will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Some wedding venues in Detroit may have a list of preferred catering companies. This can often make your decision about your Detroit wedding catering much simpler but could restrict your access to particular food options you might want.
  • Detroit wedding cakes: Bakers who specialize in Detroit wedding cakes often provide samples at tasting parties, which can help you to pick out your favorites. You and your partner can schedule a tasting and you can enjoy deciding on your Detroit wedding by sampling the most popular flavors.
  • Detroit wedding bands: Music is a big part of your wedding festivities. Detroit wedding bands and DJs can provide the right tunes for dancing the night away at your venue.

Whether you are looking for the best Detroit wedding bands, photographers, or other vendors, it’s important that you do your research. Look through photos and watch video samples to see these vendors and venues in action. And from there, you’ll have a better idea of your preferences while selecting the best wedding venues in Detroit and the vendors who can bring it all together.

What are some things for guests to do in Detroit?

For guests who will be arriving in town to attend your wedding, providing a list of things to do in Detroit can make the trip even more worthwhile and enjoyable. Checking out attractions that are close to your Detroit wedding venues can allow you to make a list tailored to your specific celebration. Some of the most popular attractions close to top wedding venues in Detroit are listed here:

  • Art museums: The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is a world-renowned center. Also close to many top wedding venues in Detroit, DIA is a great place to see some of the best art ever created in a quiet and serene setting.
  • Science and history museums: The Henry Ford Museum is a local monument to innovation. Located just a short drive from many top wedding venues in Detroit, this museum offers a look back at the automotive and aeronautic achievements of the recent past.
  • Theaters and concerts: The Fox Theatre Detroit hosts some of the top artists in the music business each year. For a look back at the music business in Detroit, you can also check out the Motown Museum, which is dedicated to the music that put Detroit on the map.
  • Parks and outdoor activities: The Detroit Riverfront is a popular option for sightseeing in this area. Your guests can also take a stroll through Belle Isle Park, which offers about 1,000 acres of green space for kayaking, canoeing, hiking, or biking close to many of the top Detroit wedding venues.

For added fun, your guests can take in a Detroit Tigers baseball game at Comerica Park or watch the Lions play football at Ford Field. Including information about these options on your wedding website is a great way to help your guests have a great time at your wedding.

How do you get to Detroit?

Along with detailed driving directions to the city, your wedding website can also provide guidance on airports close to your wedding venues in Detroit. Here are two of the airports located close to some of the best Detroit wedding venues:

  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) is a hub for Delta Air Lines and a primary base for Spirit Airlines. This Detroit airport serves about 23.6 million passengers a year, which makes it a popular choice for those attending weddings and other events in the Detroit area.
  • Coleman A. Young International Airport (DET) is located just six miles to the northeast of downtown Detroit and is conveniently located close to some of the most popular Detroit wedding venues. Operated by the city of Detroit, the airport spans 53,000 square feet of territory and is conveniently located close to many of the city's main attractions.

How can you start planning your Detroit wedding?

Whether you are looking for the most appealing wedding venues in Detroit or are in the process of selecting vendors for your celebration, Carats & Cake can help you with planning the wedding of your dreams. To learn more about Detroit wedding venues or to find the right vendors, visit our website and start compiling your list of must-haves for your super-special day.