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Hi, I am Rob and I photograph weddings and portraits, but what I REALLY do, is I dig deep into your emotions to pull out the true you, reliving moments, & evoke tears of joy. I work with clients who value spending quality time with their families, cooking and traveling the world. I DON'T work with clients who not understanding creativity, pushy bargain hunters and that are indecisive. When people don't hire me, they miss out on friendships, advice, and expertise. But when they DO hire me, these people get not ONLY beautiful photographs but the true value of happiness every time they walk into a room and see their family picture on the wall, not only a photography but a friend and being able to pass on family heirloom albums for generations to come. I believe in the value I'm giving them, because of the priceless value I place on the photographs of my own family. The photograph I hold the highest value on is my mom and my son when he was 2yrs old because looking back when he was in her arms, that images bring me right back to that moment and it brings me the feeling of joy. And I know, that if that image was taken away from suddenly, I could not put a dollar value on it to get it back. The photographs I create for my clients have that same value. In exchange for creating something so valuable and priceless for my clients, I book an average of 1 client per month so I can focus on details of the value I give them. I am a photographer because I create joy and happiness in their lives, love to create art to receive praise and to support my family.


Brooklyn, New York
New York City, New York
Long Island, New York

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