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The Bride & The Bauer

115 W 18th St, Kansas City, Missouri 64108

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115 W 18th St, Kansas City, Missouri 64108

We are an incredible event space. We can’t imagine that you’ll find anything like us anywhere else in Kansas City! We are rustic, vintage and charming, with a lot of 'oldî and a good dose of 'new.î We are nestled in a beautiful, historic building in the Crossroads Arts District ó painstakingly restored to provide modern conveniences but still retain the original charm and architectural details that make us so special. We have exposed brick, textured walls and original plaster. (One person called it our 'patinaî and we love that!) We have a Bridal Room made all cute and cozy just for you and your girls and a Groom’s Room made all handsome and dapper for your boys. We have handmade, artisan furniture, gorgeous hardwood floors and window seats made from century-old reclaimed fir. We have Italian-glass string bulbs draped from the ceiling. (Yes, the round ones that make you feel like you’re in a romantic alley in, well, Italy). And we have an extra little space adjacent to the main event room called The Parlour ó ooh la la!Wait, did we mention our view? We have a view from our event space that is absolutely marvelous! From our third floor you can see ALL of the gorgeous Kansas City skyline glowing at dusk or twinkling at night, the new performing arts center glimmering to the west and the restored TWA rocket ship ready for take-off. And our unique block of West 18th Street is peppered by an eclectic mix of boutiques, restaurants, galleries and shops. On top of it all, we LOVE having events here. We love that we’re able to share with you a space that is totally unique and charming and beautiful on a day that you are so ready to make unique and charming and beautiful.


Kansas City, Missouri

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