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Fort Lauderdale Wedding Venues:

Everything You Need to Know

If you and your partner are planning to marry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you can expect to find beautiful beach wedding venues and sunny skies during most of the year. This part of Florida is known for its tropical breezes and offers plenty of options for beach weddings in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area.

Whether you have your heart set on an island wedding or are planning a Ft. Lauderdale wedding in a church or hotel, Carats & Cake can provide the best and most practical help for you and your partner. This guide will outline the types of vendors and venues available in this area, the typical costs of Fort Lauderdale weddings, and some of the key attractions and activities in this beautiful part of the world.

At Carats & Cake, we make it easy to find the inspiration you need to create an unforgettable Ft. Lauderdale wedding celebration. Our photo gallery of real weddings is designed to help you find venues, vendors and ideas to create a truly inspired celebration of the unique love you and your partner share.

What’s the best time of year for a Fort Lauderdale wedding?

Finding the right time for your Fort Lauderdale wedding is a key element that will determine its overall success. Because Fort Lauderdale is a popular destination for winter getaways, you can expect to see most tourism during the period between December and April. These months are also the most popular time for bookings of Fort Lauderdale wedding venues. Hot and humid temperatures are common during the summer months, which can make outdoor Fort Lauderdale wedding venues less in-demand during this part of the year.

One consideration to keep in mind when planning weddings in Fort Lauderdale (including other parts of the state, like the Florida Keys) is hurricane season, which runs from June to November each year. These major storms can have a big impact on your wedding plans and the ability of your guests to make it to your Ft. Lauderdale wedding. By avoiding this time of the year when planning your wedding celebration, you can reduce the risk of inclement weather putting a damper on your big day.

What are the different types of Fort Lauderdale wedding venues?

Deciding between elegant indoor venues or rustic outdoor weddings in Florida is probably the first step in your wedding planning process. The size of your wedding and the theme you have chosen will also play a role in determining which Fort Lauderdale wedding venues are right for you. Some of the most popular types include hotel, museum, and beach wedding venues. Learn more information about each below:

  • Hotels: Hotels and resorts offer elegant and serene surroundings that include all of the amenities you need. These Fort Lauderdale wedding venues make it easy to manage accommodations and all other elements of your wedding in style, and there might be easy ways to establish a room block for your out-of-town guests too.
  • Country clubs and golf courses: Choosing a golf course or country club as your Fort Lauderdale wedding venue can allow you to access the facilities and amenities at these venues while enjoying a tranquil setting for your wedding day. Plus, any golf lovers can hit the links before or after your festivities for extra entertainment during the wedding weekend.
  • Beach wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale: As one of the most popular choices for Ft. Lauderdale wedding venues, the beaches and waterfront properties in our area are often booked well in advance. For couples who are planning beach weddings in Fort Lauderdale, making sure that these locations have access to bathrooms, running water, and nearby transportation and parking can make a big difference in the overall experience for you and your guests. Many beach wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale will require significant rental equipment to provide the right services for your wedding, so prepare to ask about all of these aspects during your venue scouting.
  • Museums: When looking for large or small wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale, libraries and museums can often provide an elegant backdrop for wedding photos and ceremonies. The event spaces used for museum weddings may have restrictions associated with food and drink or floral arrangements. It is generally worthwhile to touch base with the coordinator for these Fort Lauderdale wedding venues to make sure your plans are in line with their requirements.
  • Gardens: Botanical gardens and other garden wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale can provide flowers and foliage to make decorating easier for you and your partner. These elegant options for Fort Lauderdale wedding venues can provide the right backdrop for ceremonies and receptions alike, and the existing plants there can inform your future design decisions.
  • Restaurants: Combining catering with venue options is easy when selecting restaurants with dedicated event spaces for your Fort Lauderdale wedding venues. This can streamline your planning process and can allow you to enjoy greater flexibility when making plans (and absolutely delicious food) for your Fort Lauderdale wedding venue.
  • Chapels, synagogues, and churches: Religious buildings have context and history for many couples. When selecting your Fort Lauderdale wedding venue, check in with the officiants and the venue coordinators at the church, synagogue, or other religious institution you are considering to find out if they have any requirements for those who choose to marry in these venues. This might include taking premarital courses or having some sort of existing membership.

Some venues may offer Fort Lauderdale wedding packages with all inclusive options that will allow you to manage your venue, your catering, and many other aspects of your wedding in a simpler, more efficient way. By looking for the right Fort Lauderdale wedding packages all inclusive of catering and other wedding necessities, you can streamline planning for your celebration of love.

What are the various areas of Fort Lauderdale?

Doing a little due diligence can help you to learn more about the various areas of this city and locate the best venues for your Ft. Lauderdale wedding. Whether you are looking for large or small wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale, you can find a variety of options in practically all areas of the city. Larger Fort Lauderdale wedding venues are usually available through hotels or on one of the many beaches that characterize this part of the state of Florida. Here are six of the most important areas of the city to consider when planning Fort Lauderdale weddings:

  • Downtown: Museums, restaurants, and performing arts centers are among the most prominent landmarks in the downtown area. Located close to some of the top Fort Lauderdale wedding venues, this is a great place to explore and to see the sights of this vibrant coastal city.
  • Central Beach: Many of the most popular beach wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale are located in the Central Beach neighborhood. When planning a Fort Lauderdale beach wedding, it is vitally important to determine what amenities are available in the area. Some venues for beach weddings in Fort Lauderdale have bathrooms and easy access for your vendors. Others may lack electricity and water, which could add significantly to the cost of wedding arrangements for you and your partner. Popular attractions in Central Beach are the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park and Bonnet House Museum and Gardens.
  • Las Olas Isles: The area most people know in this neighborhood is the Millionaires Row. When choosing wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale, however, most couples will only be able to view this chain of islands by boat because access is strictly limited in this neighborhood.
  • Hollywood and Dania Beach: Located to the south of Fort Lauderdale, both Hollywood and Dania Beach offer plenty of dining and entertainment options within easy reach of many top Ft. Lauderdale wedding venues. When selecting your Ft. Lauderdale wedding venue, these smaller cities could provide more affordable options for you and your partner.
  • Pompano Beach: North of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach is famed for its seafood and fishing festivals. Plus, Its proximity to the city makes it a favored option for sightseeing near some of the most popular Fort Lauderdale wedding venues.
  • Weston: For those willing to venture a little further west to find nearby Fort Lauderdale wedding venues, Weston is located close to the Everglades and offers plenty of outdoor activities to you and your guests will absolutely love. If you are looking for a Ft. Lauderdale wedding venue in a park, however, be aware that there are significant restrictions on activities in the Everglades to protect this delicate ecosystem.

How much does a wedding cost in Fort Lauderdale?

Most couples pay an average of $33,401 for Fort Lauderdale weddings (and this figure includes Miami and Palm Beach too). This is considerably higher than the average price paid for weddings throughout Florida. You can often find ways to reduce the cost of your Ft. Lauderdale wedding venue and other necessities by considering less expensive venues or limiting the number of people you invite to share your celebration.

Your Fort Lauderdale wedding venue will often take up the largest percentage of your budget. When planning a Fort Lauderdale beach wedding, you will also need to factor in the cost of any necessary rentals and decor. Many beach wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale may need a generator for electricity and portable bathrooms, which can add up to significant expenses for you and your partner.

For added convenience and savings, you can sometimes opt for venues that offer Fort Lauderdale wedding packages with all inclusive options, which can provide you with a clear idea of how much you will pay for all elements of your wedding. These packages may include the services of a Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer, catering options, and a wedding coordinator.

How do you find the best Fort Lauderdale wedding vendors?

Once you’ve selected your choice among the many Fort Lauderdale wedding venues, it’s time to build your vendor team—and this is one of the most significant parts of planning your wedding. Check with your Ft. Lauderdale wedding venue to make sure the vendors you are considering will work with the location you have chosen. From an experienced Fort Lauderdale wedding planner to photographers whose style you absolutely love, you can trust your vendors to deliver the right options for you and your partner. Here are some of the most important vendors couples will need at Ft. Lauderdale wedding venues:

  • Fort Lauderdale wedding planners: Choosing the right Fort Lauderdale wedding planners can make every other aspect of wedding arrangements much easier. Your Fort Lauderdale wedding planner can recommend the best options for vendors and venues, which can streamline the process for you and your partner. By working with reputable and knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale wedding planners, you can get all of the guidance you need for your upcoming celebration.
  • Fort Lauderdale wedding florists: Your wedding flowers can be the focal point for beautiful shots by your Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer. In some cases, the staff members at your venue or your Fort Lauderdale wedding planner can provide recommendations for the top florists that you can connect with.
  • Fort Lauderdale wedding photographers: The right Fort Lauderdale wedding photographers can capture all the best moments of your wedding reception and ceremony to create lasting memories for you and your partner. In many cases, Fort Lauderdale wedding photographers can also recommend videographers to create video records of your wedding celebration. Choosing the best Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer can allow you to create a visual record of your wedding that will provide years of happiness for you and your new spouse.
  • Fort Lauderdale wedding caterers: Selecting the right caterers and arrangements for your Fort Lauderdale wedding venue can be challenging. Some Ft. Lauderdale wedding venues may have restrictions on the catering companies you can use for your celebration. Additionally, access to your Fort Lauderdale beach wedding could be an issue if it’s in a more remote location. If you are planning a Fort Lauderdale beach wedding or looking at outdoor venues for your celebration, food trucks could serve as a fun, personalized touch for a late-night snack too.
  • Fort Lauderdale wedding DJs and bands: Musicians, bands, or DJs can create the right mood for your celebration at your chosen Ft. Lauderdale wedding venue. If possible, it’s great to opt for a DJ or musical group who has already performed at your favorite Ft. Lauderdale wedding venues. This can ensure that they can produce the best sound for large and small wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale, and come prepared with all of the necessary equipment for that particular space.
  • Fort Lauderdale wedding cakes: Scheduling tasting parties with a variety of bakers can allow you to find the right wedding cake for your special day. You can prioritize your favorite flavors, and you could even ask your cake baker to use your choice of Fort Lauderdale wedding venues as the source of design inspiration. 
  • Fort Lauderdale wedding dresses: The right Fort Lauderdale wedding dresses will vary depending on the venue you choose. For example, dresses for beach weddings in Fort Lauderdale will typically welcome more breezy, flowing gowns. That being said, you will also want to choose appropriate footwear (or even go barefoot!) for your Fort Lauderdale beach wedding. By contrast, indoor wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale can accommodate more traditional attire suited for ballrooms or other elegant settings. Making sure the consultant at your fittings for Fort Lauderdale wedding dresses knows about the venue you have chosen, so you can narrow down your options as quickly adn efficiently as possible.

Thinking about how your decor and attire will mesh with the Ft. Lauderdale wedding venue you have chosen will often allow you to create the best atmosphere for your wedding. Conversely, thinking about your theme and planned decor will allow you to choose the best wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale for your upcoming celebration.

What are some things for guests to do in Fort Lauderdale?

Your wedding website is a great place to provide added information for your guests about things to do in this city and near the best Fort Lauderdale wedding venues. By including a list of attractions close to your wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale, you can make the trip even more special for everyone on your guest list. Here are some places to start when creating a list of activities and must-see attractions close to your Ft. Lauderdale wedding venues:

  • Museums and gardens: Both the Bonnet House and the Museum of Discovery and Science are popular attractions that are located within easy reach of some of the top Fort Lauderdale wedding venues and that can provide hours of entertainment for guests to your wedding celebration.
  • Exploring nature: From the ever-popular Flamingo Gardens in the Everglades to the numerous nature trails and beaches in the area, your guests can find plenty of places to explore nature within a few miles of your Fort Lauderdale wedding venues.
  • Fun in the sun: No exploration of the entertainment options available in this area would be complete without mentioning the beautiful Fort Lauderdale beaches that attract millions of tourists every year. Whether you choose a beach for your Fort Lauderdale wedding venue or just want to get away from it all before your celebration, letting your guests know about the local beaches close to your venue will help everyone to have the best possible time when attending your wedding.

Creating an elegant and functional wedding website is an easy way to create open lines of communication with your guests as they prepare their trip to your Fort Lauderdale wedding venue. This can allow you to let your invited guests know about changes to your Fort Lauderdale wedding venues, times, and other information they can use to plan their trip efficiently. Including a list of top attractions close to your Ft. Lauderdale wedding venue will help your guests to have a great time on their trip to attend your celebration.

How do you get to Fort Lauderdale?

Letting your guests know how to get to your Ft. Lauderdale wedding venues could include information on the local airports. Here are three popular options for air travel into the Fort Lauderdale area:

How can you start searching for Fort Lauderdale wedding venues?

At Carats & Cake, we can help you find the best Ft. Lauderdale wedding venues and vendors to create the wedding of your dreams. For inspiration or information, visit our website and start looking at the many Ft. Lauderdale wedding venues out there and check out photos from real weddings hosted there. If there are certain weddings you’re drawn to, take note of the vendor team who brought these couples’ visions to life and reach out as soon as possible.